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Found 3 results

  1. -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- -- Vorpal Weapons version 1.2.1: March 28, 2016 -- -- this is a mod for Zomboid which gives the player the chance to obtain -- unique and powerful weapons. after a certain number of kills your -- weapon will improve a property and it's name will change. properties -- that may improve include: weight, damage, knockdown, range, durability -- swing speed, etc. it's still being tested, and though it is overpowered -- by nature, i don't want to be too insanely overpowered. as i test it -- more and get feedback from people the values will be adjusted. you're -- free of course to fix things how you like, too. currently weapons will -- upgrade after 10-29 kills and then again after 30-70 kills. -- -- * Vorpal Weapons was adapted from tommysticks' Heroic Weapons mod -- * first time i've written anything of substance in Lua, maybe it works -- * thanks tommysticks, you had an awesome idea (but your code sucks) -- * seriously tho, i've had a blast with your mod, so thanks -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- -- Changelog 1.2.1 (March 28, 2016) -- fix: issue resolved where second upgrade sometimes wasn't applied -- note: currently bugged weapons will remain bugged, sorry -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- -- Changelog 1.2 (March 26, 2016) -- -- feature: multiplayer support! yay! -- fix: all weapons have been rebalanced, things should be mostly sane now -- feature: mod blacklist. Vorpal Weapons will disable conflicting mods -- feature: future nerfs/buffs will apply to any vorpal weapons created -- since this version (1.2) -- fix: weapons created by test versions of mod will be autofixed -- feature: probably a bug somewhere -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- -- Changelog 1.1.3 (March 19, 2016): -- -- fix: removed some test code which could interfere with repairs -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- -- Changelog 1.1.2 (March 19, 2016): -- -- fix: weapon stats are restored properly now -- fix: swing speed nerfed, durability nerfed, range nerfed, -- damage slightly buffed, still tuning -- feature: your character will now say something when weapon transforms -- fix: weapon weight was being lowered for every upgrade -- fix: now receive proper events with parameters -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- -- Changelog 1.0.1 (March 17, 2016): -- -- feature: added support for secondary weapons -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- -- Changelog 1.0.0 (March 17, 2016): -- -- things changed/added from Heroic Weapons: -- no more repair or equip/unequip bugs or other durability bugs -- merged it into one file and changed how everything works -- many names are changed -- most of the calculations are changed -- weapons autorepair at prefix/suffix kills for now. -- if anything is too ridiculously overpowered, please let me know... -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- -- TODO: -- tweak the values as needed -- change naming scheme to something more like ultima online -- i.e. exceedingly accurate, etc. so i can ditch some of the silly names -- maybe more exotic weapon upgrades -- -- by electroglyph/xenoglyph -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Props to tommysticks. Without his mod this wouldn't be here. I really love his idea and it inspired me to (hopefully) improve upon it. Thanks PZ community! The Workshop version will be the current & maintained version. It's provided here on the forums as a courtesy. Any and all criticism is welcome. Tested and working on 34.13 I<3BUMS http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=647041145 VorpalWeapons.7z
  2. Greetings Project Zomboid community! Here's yet another "My First Mod" thread. To those of you that haven't already closed this tab, this was my attempt to fill in a gap in the "hobby" traits. As of 33.20, players can choose to gain a small start in fishing, farming, and most of the other skills currently offered. For those of you that don't want to send your character through culinary school, this very simple mod adds a 3 point trait that gives the player one point in cooking and (hopefully) access to a few recipes. For the record, I know next to nothing about Lua, and made this pretty much solely through trial and error and copy/pasting from the game's files. It's only a few lines long, but there's a good chance that what I did will make experienced modders cringe in disgust. You have been warned! Screenshot: If anyone has any suggestions or advice, I'd love to hear it. Anyways, enjoy! CookingTrait.zip
  3. I know that this sections if for suggestions, but with the bug tracker currently locked I wanted to post this issue before I forgot about it. The sprite for a shovel is very small when it is on the ground and not equipped. I noticed this is true for some furniture as well, but below is an example for the shovel. In the first image the shovel is on the empty dirt bag. You can see how small it is. In the second photo the shovel is equipped in the character's hands and how it is noticeably significantly larger. Not entirely sure that it is a bug exactly, but it does look odd/wrong to me. http://imgur.com/a/kbS37
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