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  1. Hi!

    I found this mod on the Steam workshop and I want to help on it's translation to Spanish.

    Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=498343232


    I'm now studying computer engieneer and want to focus on this type of code.

    Maybe I could add a way to use comb and razor to change the hair and beard stile after made the translation.

  2. Spawn Map-Objects Utility - Enhance your maps ! Workshop link What is this mod ? While I was working with the map editor, I got frustrated some items could not be placed using it. For instance, barricades and campfires. So we decided with a friend to solve this problem... Once done we decided to make this mod and make it as generic as possible ! This should allow any mapper to use our object-spawning system to make better maps and any modder to upgrade it with ease. I'm a player, what do I need to know or do ? Nothing. This mod should be a dependency mod for any map that uses the Spawn Map-Objects Utility. One you have this mod installed, it should work without needing you to do anything. I'm a mapper, what is this mod doing precisely and how does it works ? Tell me more about it ! This mod will allow you to place items & events within the map editor like campfire, tents, wall frames, zombies... Those placeholders will be converted into their working version inside the map once loaded. This means you will be able to place pick-up-able tents, light-able campfires, thumpables wooden and metal structures, break windows, spawn zombies at precise places and even more ! Interesting... So how do I use it ? The installation is very simple, once you have subscribed and download this mod, locate it's installation folder : \Steam_Installation_Folder\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\974718243\mods\SpawnMapObjectsUtil Once inside the mod folder, you should see a Tiles folder. Open it, and then open the 2x folder. You should see all the placeholders images you will need. Copy all these .png files to the 2x folder of your Tilezed. Now, you should be able to use the placeholders via the tilset list. I usually place those on the Furniture layer but it should work on other layers too. If you want to test the features, check out the building we are using for internal testing : https://rbfi.io/dl.php?key=/0Sol/testmap.tbx Once your map is finished and you are ready to publish it to the workshop make sure to add this mod to the dependencies of your map. So that it will be prompted to the players to install it with your map. Great, but before I install it, can you showcase some features ? Of course, here is the list of what you can do with the current version of Spawn Map-Objects Utility. Place thumpable walls of all possible quality with adjusted durability (Logs, wood, metal). Place fences adjusted durability too (Sandbags, wood, metal plates or bars). Place thumpables and working-properly barricades on windows (1,2,3 or four planks, metal sheet, metal bars) Place upgradable by player walls frames. Place weapons, literature, trash and food items on the floor. Place properly-interactable camping materials (tents, campfires and compost) Zombies-spawner at specific places (Horde inside a tower away from the city or a lone zombie in a specific room...) Add water collecting barrels already full of water Place fishing-nets on your lake or generators in a specific room Break specific windows on the map (with them still barricadable and full of dangerous shards). Break and remove glass from windows and keep it barricadeable Place sheetropes on windows. We also plan to add more to this list with upcoming updates, things like traps, sound events and such. What are those red tiles on your placeholders images ? As said earlier, we are planning to add more tiles to the placeholders. You can use the blue ones, but if you try to place a red one, it won't work. The red tiles are the not-implemented-yet features. But we kept it so that it will be easier to update once done. Please do not use the red placeholder tiles. I'm a modder, you said I could expand your utility ? Even more ! We made functions for you to easily add your own placeholders or remove the "default placeholders" shipped with the mod. Let me explain. Create your custom placeholder Once you have created the png of your custom new placeholder, you will need to code the replacement function in lua. To do it, you can write your lua file using this template : require "WorldManager/SpawnFromPlaceholder"; MyPlaceholder = {}; MyPlaceholder.replace = function(square, tileObject) -- Your code goes here -- indicate that the method has worked properly -- and the placeholder tile can be removed return true; end -- register and identify the placeholder in the system SpawnFromPlaceholder.Add({ name = "MyPlaceholder" }); Here are the explanations : First, you need to implement the method MyPlaceholder.replace(square, tileObject) which will be called for each object found in each square loaded. This method need to return a Boolean (true or false) to indicate if the method has worked. If the method return true the program will automatically delete the tile placeholder else it does nothing. The second step is to register your placeholder in the system with the method SpawnFromPlaceholder.Add(placeholderInfoObj). The parameter expect two important properties : name : the name of your object which contains at least the method replace() Remove default placeholders This mod allow you to remove unused shipped placeholders to save resources and gain performance. To remove the placeholders, you can use this snippet : require "WorldManager/SpawnFromPlaceholder"; SpawnFromPlaceholder.Remove({ "WallsPlaceholder", "ZombiePlaceholder", "..." }); The method will remove the placeholders listed in the array when the event OnGameStart is fired. Shipped placeholders list BarricadePlaceholder CampingCompostPlaceholder (campfire, tent and compost) CarpentryAndConstructedPlaceholder (sandbag, barrel, rain collector, lamp) DroppedFoodItemsPlaceholder DroppedTrashItemsPlaceholder DroppedWeaponsItemsPlaceholder GeneratorPlaceholder TrapsPlaceholder WallsPlaceholder WindowStuffPlaceholder (smash & clean window, sheet rope) ZombiePlaceholder
  3. Ok so a friend and I tryed the cars this past week and we notices a few stuff that needs balance of course. But I'm sure those are known and balance will come once the tech test is done. Though we found some issues that might interest you in terms of "tech" test : 1. Large van storage : when my friend stored things in the back of a van I could'nt see them, and then I put some items and he could not see them. Then we leaved the area and once we came back, all the loot had disapeared. 2. Word issues : We experienced wierd issues with the world, some doors were closed for me and opened for him. Also, I destroyed a wall with a sledgehammer and then he came to that zone and did'nt saw the walls I destroyed (while I could go through them he could'nt). 3. Perfomance : I dedicated 8Go to the "Host" game, I have a 1070 & i5 3Ghz. And after one hour playing we dropped at 15 FPS (even lower for my friend but this can be because of my bandwith maybe) the frame drop was even more dramatic when we were in two different areas from ech others. I hope i'm beeing clear enough to help with this experience review. Anyway we had a great time driving cars, thanks a lot that's really good work PS : We didn't found that the noise thing was such a problem like most people felt it. Maybe because the ratio risk-reward using those is pretty postitive : we managed to clean maybe 95% of north/west murglauh in half an hour with two players using 4 cars and then everything was free to loot. But then again, this is a tech test so we understand balance will comme later
  4. I just realized it's been a while, sorry about the delay, but it's here now ! Mod update compatible with build 36 ! Version 1.5 (release) - Carpentry level scaled angain to fit all crafts (new values & new crafts) - Compatible with Build 36 - Compatible with the new wall system - Compatible with the new dismantle system - Sawing dowels now makes the saw noise - New recipe ! You can now manage to craft one dowel from a treebrach - In order to make the mod more realistic, you can now use alternatives to the screwdriver to carve your dowels (Kitchen or Hunting knife
  5. Hello fellow modders, I have reworked some of my mods but I just can't manage to upload them anymore : they just don't show up in the "Create and Update" section... Any leads ? Did I missed something ? Here is a picture of what I see :
  6. Wow, that's impressive, that guy is riding a bike I didn't know blind people could do such things ! If you have tryed the mod, you can try to detect zombies or houses by holding CTRL / RMB and putting your sight away, you can see at 5-10 meters but the screen gets darker if you do so, so it forces you to focus back on your character. I use it to check around my house or anticipate zombies groups. For example, when I hear that zombies are on the north-west corner, I give furtive looks that way to anticipate the number of the threat, but playing this mod without headphones is really harsh !
  7. The problem I had was not finding a way to call OpenGL instance from lua code, anyway I'll look forward that way, thanks
  8. Yup, you're right, my shader black an white is ready but I can't manage to aply it only to player with Blind trait, so I did'nt added it yet, I need to find a way
  9. Hi all ! I am here to show you my second mod for Zomboid, this time, it's a trait mod that will allow you to play a blind character ! Soon, the game will feature 5.1 sound and much more ambiant sounds like zombies footsteps, etc... So I decided to give you the ability to play a blind character, to focus more on sounds. I think this mod will be way more interesting when the new update will hit Mod First Release 1.0 Features : - You can pick a new trait that allows you to play a blind character - The blind player has a really tiny "seeing" sight where you can see zombies even behind you - You can't de-zoom + everytime you look away the screen gets darker (keep your cursor close to your player while sneaking !) - You have excellent hearing Troubleshooting and planed features : - Doesn't work in local co-op (sorry... It's planned) - Black and White vision with shaders is also planned Changelog : Version 1.0 (release) - New Trait to play a blind character Workshop Link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=546189296 Pz-Mods Link : http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/blindtraitmod/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feedback is appreciated, Blind trait is currently a +15 Trait, but I think it's a bit tiny, I may increase it to 18, what do you think ?
  10. Soooo, after a long time testing, it appears that we can modify shaders, and that's cool... But the downside is that sharders are coded in .vert / .frag files while the rest is coded in lua code. So even if I can modify values directly and make the shader I want, I cant use a condition like player:hasTrait("colorblind") to modify the shaders under certain circumstances. So for now I don't see how I could use the special shader I have created in a mod, it's a bit sad, and if you have any ideas on how to modify the vec3 / 4 shaders values from lua code, I'm all ears. But I don't think shaders code and lua mods are compatible I hope it will be possible in a near future
  11. I found a trick by overiding the function called to save the player profession : function CharacterCreationProfession:initPlayer() -- get the trait you want and add it to the player traits table before saving it local fromFactoryTrait = TraitFactory.getTrait("EagleEyed"); local newTrait = CharacterCreationProfession.instance.listboxTraitSelected:addItem(fromFactoryTrait:getLabel(), fromFactoryTrait); newTrait.tooltip = fromFactoryTrait:getDescription(); -- The Indie Stone standard code for saving the profession MainScreen.instance.desc:setForename(MainScreen.instance.charCreationHeader.forenameEntry:getText()); MainScreen.instance.desc:setSurname(MainScreen.instance.charCreationHeader.surnameEntry:getText()); if self.listboxProf.selected > -1 then MainScreen.instance.desc:setProfession(self.listboxProf.items[self.listboxProf.selected].item:getType()); else MainScreen.instance.desc:setProfession(self.listboxProf.items[0].item:getType()); endendBUT : Now I need to do it when the player has selected the trait needed to activate this passive trait, but this means a if condition on the player traits, but I can't use .hasTraits oviously because the player is not created yet... It also seem to be that the selected traits are only accessible via an iterator in the listboxTraitSelected table, should I do a "for" on the list and check names until I find the trait, or is there an easier way to work around this problem ?
  12. Hi all, thank you for taking the time to read this I would like to enhance traits to make traits combinaison with modifyer. The Idea is to create a trait exclusive to the one he is composed and then use the "hasTrait" function to enhance it. Simple Example : In the trait code Trait "Extremely Noisy Handyman" Excusive to ("Handy","Clumsy")When the player click on "PLAY" player.addfreetraits(clumsy)player.addfreetraits(handy)When the player build something if player:hastrait(Extremely Noisy Handyman) { play a custom noise; make as much noise as a gun shot;} But I simply fail to add new traits to the player, at the end of character creation or enven during the game Any Ideas, leads on how to add these traits ? Thanks for helping
  13. I searched and I have found two ways to do it if you search for a way to do it : The two next examples are used to force full zoom on the player, the value for it is 0.5, you may find the zoom value you want with : getCore():getZoom(playerNumber)"clean" way is all about finding the zoom value you want and prevent the user from changing it by doing the exact oposite action : --Force constant zoomif (getCore():getZoom(playerNumber) > 0.5) then getCore():doZoomScroll(playerNumber, -1);endBut this technique makes a zoom in zoom out effect that could be disturbing so you could use this method (less clean because you mess up with people's settings) -- Enable ZoomgetCore():setOptionZoom(true);getCore():zoomOptionChanged();-- Zooming at maximumgetCore():doZoomScroll(0, -4);-- Disable ZoomgetCore():setOptionZoom(false);getCore():zoomOptionChanged();If you use this code and have any questions, feel free to contact me
  14. Wow great to know that it's possible to affect colors, even more if it's alredy done If EnigmaGrey still have the code, is it okay if I use it in the vision related mod I'm working on ? (with credits of course) Anyway it's a good news
  15. That's really interesting, do you thing I can use the same technique as you did to have the game in black and white ?
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