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  1. You can figure out food required for your own needs by keeping an eye on character info. Rabbit and fish have the highest calories (several thousands) among renewable foods Cabbages are neat but not enough on their own
  2. Traps can only catch something if the area is unloaded. -- check if an animal is caught (every hour) function STrapGlobalObject:checkForAnimal(square) -- you won't find an animal if a player is near the trap, so we check the trap only if it's streamed if square then -- (note turbo) if square~=nil do a check to see if theres any hoppables near the trap, this is an exploit to make traps invincible to zombie damage. -- when placing the trap it does check for hoppables, but a window frame could be placed afterwards. -- when this is the case, remove bait and animals if any. if self:checkForWallExploit(square) then self:removeAnimal(); self:removeBait() end return; end I think that areas are split into chunks so minimum range will vary with location. By placing traps closer and closer, I figured out that the unloaded range from my base in that direction is 93 tiles:
  3. I don't remember the exact amounts (maxed out a while ago), but there definitely was a huge difference with skill books. My character started with foraging level 0.
  4. Any mods? 2 and 3 work just fine in my SP run.
  5. Just looked into the code and it turns out that you're correct! It seems that the age is randomized: local randomAge = 0; if ZombRand(10) + 1 < perkLevel then randomAge = ZombRand((item:getOffAge() * 1000)) / 1000; else randomAge = ZombRand((item:getOffAgeMax() * 1000)) / 1000; end; item:setAge(randomAge);
  6. 41.65 Singleplayer No mods Steps to reproduce: Forage for Food I noticed that specifically one item from the stack (yield from the same pickup) goes stale quickly. Seems to happen with all perishables.
  7. 41.65 Singleplayer Can confirm, also noticed the same issue with the Hunter trait. Tested this in debug mode, plus added this line to ISBaseIcon:doVisionCheck to see item type and final viewDistance self:checkIsIdentified(); end; character:Say(string.format("%s %s", itemDef and itemDef.type or "???", viewDistance)) return viewDistance; end
  8. It would be nice to have either of the following: Simple: Unlock BloodSplatLifespanDays option for SP (it's only available for MP if I recall correctly) Immersive: Make blood splatter get washed away by rain and covered by snow Ideas regarding the latter option: During the rain: slowly fade away whenever puddle grows on bloody tiles (maybe rate influenced by precipitation rate and blood age?) During the snow: quickly fade away whenever snow grows on bloody tiles (including if the tile is already snow covered)
  9. 41.65 Singleplayer No mods Steps to reproduce: Try to make a salad with Boiled Eggs Presumably because Boiled Eggs count as "uncooked" (their final form is Poached Egg), they can't be added to salads.
  10. 41.65 Singleplayer No mods Steps to reproduce: Observe ground during snowy weather Whenever ground snow shrinks or grows, snow layers become semi-transparent and tile seams can be seen until transition ends. options.ini
  11. 41.65 Singleplayer No mods Steps to reproduce: Equip the Claustrophobic trait Experiment with different game speeds, pre-built rooms and survival times In this clip, panic rises only on Fast Forward x1. The character is in a 3x8 room and has survived for 5 months and 21 days.
  12. 41.65 Singleplayer No mods Steps to reproduce: Get high level carpentry (my character has level 9 in this video) Build and disassemble Shelves or Bookcase This is most noticeable with Shelves, as it requires only 1 plank but returns 2-3 when disassembled.
  13. Supposedly this has something to do with this feature below. I don't recommend disabling it though, as your world would slowly fill up with persistent headgear dropped by zeds. I think the best solution here would be for the devs to tag manually placed clothing to exclude from removal list.
  14. 41.65 Singleplayer No mods My own farm tiles appear completely fine, meanwhile these pre-built farms in Muldraugh look broken. GTX 1650 (latest driver version, 497.29) 10773x9539 10710x9404 10847x9066
  15. I don't know if this has something to do with my character having the Lucky trait, but I have absolutely no issues with matches, lighters or cigarettes on my SP Apocalypse 41.65 run (5 months in). I find plenty of these items both on zeds and in containers. But yeah, it would be nice to have more options to light cigarettes. Besides OP's suggestions, I would love to have car outlets.
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