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  1. thank you. You should update your youtube channel. I finished off a bottle of wine and got bit playing PZ and rage quit. I wanted to watch a "lets play" and looked at your channel but you only had like one video of PZ. you should make more. play like nobody is watching. you'll attract viewers and it'll snowball into something before you know what even happened.
  2. dammit im mad. (palindrome) what version am i supposed to play? I just want to play the latest version as buggy as it might be. I know vehicles have finally been merged with the game. but im confused as to what beta i need to keep up with. help me It's friday and I had some wine. I just want to play some zomboid and find some in game wine too and play the most current version with a character thats as buzzed as me.
  3. Yea I died once already and almost died again last night. Arrow symbols on the road itself would be even better.
  4. since someone mentioned trapping a few posts ago, would it be possible to add berries to the list of things that can be used as bait? i mean all the trappable animals in thegame eat berries in real life so it would make sense. Plus once you've harvested your crops there isnt much of a point in wasting them as bait.
  5. I have balance issue to throw your way RJ. If you choose the claustrophobic trait, boredom can instantly be removed just by running in and out of a small room. just some food for thought.
  6. replace the "a" with "some" otherwise your comment kind of sounds like you're saying "I only pray for a skate or a poop to go very fast around the map. I'm not trying to be a dick, just giving some advice for future reference.
  7. yea. Not happy that this was taken out. traveling to new denver was a pain in the ass already with the pointless stretch of forest that the creator decided to add. travel just takes too long between the different towns in general. it would be fine if there was more stuff in between different areas of the map. As far as the vehicle mod goes, I've never used it but I saw a video of it on the mod page and the driving mechanics just seemed too clunky and out of place. I've never wanted cars in PZ. Bikes would be great. I know I'm not a very patient person, but this is a real bummer man
  8. I have a suggestion that needs to be implemented before build 35 goes live. upon death, when taking on a large horde, or whatever other shenanigans we tend to get into playing PZ this song needs to start playing.
  9. i want to expand on this a little. could we also change the category some items are labeled with in addition to adding new ones? just to give a few examples. yeast, vinegar and flour are categorized as "items" i think they should be in the "food" category. currently medical supplies are just labeled as "items" could a "first aid" or "medical" category be added? i could give more examples i just wanted to put the general idea out there
  10. i know. you're right . if only we could all be civilized human beings. I really don't understand why everyone gets so upset at the pace of development. maybe it's because i play the iwbums version but there have been a lot of cool things added. Honestly i could care less about new animations or vehicles. i don't even want drivable cars in the game. they'd be nice for aesthetics and to get loot from, but I'd rather they just add bicycles to the game to make getting from place to place easier/faster. NPCs have potential i guess. what I really want is revamped zombie mechanics. things like migrating hordes that spawn at random and traverse the map like in my shitty MS paint pic. once you get just a little bit outside of the city you can just farm and never deal with zombies for the rest of the game. exploring is fun. but i think we need more threats/danger and larger in scope to make the game more challenging and interesting after you've established a base. when i'm chilling at my base i never worry. I want to be on edge at all times regardless of where I am.
  11. would it be possible to at least get a glimpse of the suggestions you guys are at least considering. i dont care if they get implemented or not, im just curious as to what the future could be. knowing what suggestions from this thread are actually being looked at seriously could also help us improve the suggestions we make. i think it would just help us know what is within the realm of possibility and give better insight into what the dev team thinks is even noteworthy. Also I just wanna see the list
  12. Is the true? I wasn't aware. I thought it was just random
  13. im hoping we'll get more of this stuff when the anims update comes out.
  14. yea. I've accidentally used rope to build a log wall. It sucks. the build recipe using rope i think should be removed completely. I mean who is really gonna use rope vs ripped sheets? also I think sheet rope should be a viable way to create stacks of logs. 4-8 sheet ropes should be the requirement to build the wall itself. I just dont see how 4 ripped up pieces of a shirt can hold up basically the strongest wall you can build in the game.(haven't messed around with metal walls so i dont know their strength) to expand further it would be more realistic if building a log wall required a sledge hammer, or shovel or something. logs wont just stand up on their own. or you could implement a "log wall frame" out of sturdy sticks. i dunno probably should have put this in the build 35 suggestions.
  15. this is in response to not being able to hop over 2nd story ledges with the "e" key or whatever key it is is there a way this could be put back in the game but with a different key assignment. I want to be able to jump out a window quickly and risk a busted leg if I'm in a room that a horde of zombies just busted the door down into
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