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  1. Shouldn't this be indicated with some text? "left boot is too damaged and is hindering protection" or something? This can easily be glimpsed over considering the boots are in very good condition. Surely they should be at 50% condition or less if an ENTIRE boot is damaged enough to hinder any protection whatsoever?
  2. So, everyone who has played this game for over an hour surely knows of the broken glass bug in most supermarkets etc. Where, even once the broken glass is removed, the broken glass is still visibly there. How has this visual bug persisted for so long and why hasn't it been fixed yet? Seems an easy enough fix compared to the jurassic size of content the developers have added last year. Just posting it here in hopes that it'll get fixed.
  3. So I need to put up my tent in a bathroom so I can sleep in it? Complete nonsense. The player should be able to sleep anywhere as long as he's not in danger, not panicked. Tents require tarp and tent pegs to be assembled, which without mods, can only be looted and they're relatively uncommon.
  4. False, it would only enhance it. Sleeping on the floor is risky, but also makes perfect sense, especially when indoors and in relative safety, not much difference from sleeping on a bed in a room except for the fact that it'll be less comfortable. Especially if outside. But roaming zombies during the night should deter a smart player from sleeping outside in the first place unless they're away from the cities.
  5. I'm British, I think you're taking my passive-aggressive attitude the wrong way.
  6. Try doing this on 6 Months Later + Hardcore. The only way I play.
  7. So take your modded opinions elsewhere, firearms are not the preferred weapons in vanilla; just the way it is.
  8. You're being biased, imagine how much time, food/water consumed, and how many obstacles (like zombies) would come into place when needing to loot the entire map's key locations for ammo. The amount of fuel, food, and water spent would not be worth the amount of ammo you would get out of it, let alone how much ammo (if used) you'd spend actually securing the place to be able to loot it.
  9. Can I ask though, how do you get so much ammo without loot respawning? Unless you're using mods to either produce or better find ammo; ammo is a serious problem in the world of Project Zomboid. As the amount of ammo that you can loot is far lower than the amount of zombies that gunshots could attract.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on accuracy, I just thought firearms were terrible and have has nothing but bad experiences with them; thank you for the tips.
  11. A simple "bug", but more of an annoyance to my OCD. When a selecting a rag to be disinfected, it will give you numerous options; either to disinfect with a bottle of disinfectant or a bottle of whiskey for example. The tiny issue here is that the first option; to disinfect using the whiskey, is using the word "bandage", instead of "rag". This could be deceiving or confusing to some players.
  12. Allow survivors to sleep on the floor for an uncomfortable but successful nights sleep. 1. Sleeping on the floor with a pillow equipped will dampen the hard floor resulting in a better nights sleep. 2. Having the homeless occupation allows you to sleep outside on the floor with less harsh consequences. 3. Becoming far too tired, or far too drunk will result in you collapsing from exhaustion and sleeping on the ground for an appropriate amount of time. Allow survivors to sleep on the toilet. (If my survivor is able to sleep on a kid's plastic chair, I'm fairly certain a toilet would suffice; plus this would stop us from having to pick up a chair and haul it to the bathroom to sleep in the security of having an extra door between you and the zombies.) Obviously sleeping on the floor (especially outside) would have serious consequences if you were to be ambushed by roaming zombies during the night; but as of now, you can just carry a chair around with you to sleep outside on instead and face the same risks. So sleeping on the floor, especially inside, should be an enabled feature.
  13. Just found out that your character is unable to sleep on the piano stools that are found in certain houses with (you guessed it) the piano. Not so much of a bug as it is an intended feature that is looked over; worth mentioning nonetheless. (Please allow characters to sleep on floors for an uncomfortable but successful nights sleep.)
  14. I can confirm that this works in the 40.9 IWBUMS build WITHOUT any mods being enabled. Good spot on your first bug announcement!
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