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  1. Will Water Ever Be Animated?

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'm glad to hear that water will be getting worked on relatively soon. It really is kinda ugly and appearence plays a big part when trying to recruit new players. While we're on the topic of changes, will the metal gates be getting an appropriate sound effect soon? Right now they sound exactly like a wood door closing and it's so jarring it completely breaks the atmosphere.
  2. This was the first, and so far the only part of the game that I looked at and was REALLY disappointed with. It looks so...lazy, and hardly like water honestly. I'm sure it leaves a bad impression to first timers. Surely animating just the water tiles you see isn't too resource intensive, and much less work than what is currently being worked on.
  3. PAWS Plush Backpacks

    i laughed when i saw this cause there's a parody of jaws called PAWS where the sharks a kitten. So I thought you wanted a kitten on backpacks I thought "ok, Kals lost it finally".
  4. Planting Herbs, Plants, and Grass

    you can grab them and plant them elsewhere in vanilla? What lvl in farming do you need?
  5. Yesterday after taking a better look at Farming I started thinking it would be nice to have more options as far as landscaping goes. Somone as OCD as myself would really appriciate the option to beautify your makeshift home and shelter from the undead. Patches of flowers, rose bushes, herbs, grass, etc.
  6. Legible Street Names for Advanced Naviation

    That sounds like more work to code but could be wrong. I think if you had the signs themselves be readable it would be a bit more pleasing to the eyes but thats just me
  7. Least Appealing Occupations?

    Yes that's what I was asking for. Lots of occupations have different levels of viability based on your game settings ie difficulty, online/ offline. Immediate value is really important as well, so I'll have to consider that when determining the tiers and buffs. Personally I usually pick based on how active I have to be when leveling up the skill. Some are very passive and offer absolutely no value to specialize in them ie. fishing. the TV gives you 2 full levels in a matter of minutes so when ever spend points on it?
  8. I'm working on an in-depth analysis of the occupations to develop what I would call "the tier list". It essentially categorizes occupations by the most important factors a player would use to choose which they'll use. From there create a summary of occupations that need a "hook" to make them as relevant as something like Carpentry and a suggested buff for them ie. a lock pick perk for Burglar. My question is, which occupation do you find yourself choosing the least and why?
  9. Burglar perk

    More professions should have perks unique to them, similar to how the Ranger can move through trees faster. Some professions are rather weak, especially when they can be leveled up passively while playing under another class which can make it difficult to justify choosing them. I'd suggest buffing the burglar with a lock pick skill that lets you open locked doors without triggering alarms.
  10. It can be inconvenient to navigate by landmark, especially in cities with larger residential areas like West point.
  11. Renaming Skill Books

    Books are named in one of two ways, by skill first (cooking for beginners), or by level first (expert cooking). I'd like to suggest all books be skill first so they are sorted more conveniently in the inventory.
  12. Come play with us on Discord

    My group and I started PZ not too long ago. Two of us have roughly 250 hours into the game while the others are fairly new. We play vanilla (for now) daily and are really just looking for more people to make the experience more lively and fun. Were open to all skill levels joining. I'm a bit short on time so if you have any questions just ask. Here's the Discord link if you're interested: