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  1. DoritoS


    Good idea, will take half a decade for them to put in the game tho.
  2. DoritoS

    Improving Favorited Items

    I've made this suggestion quite a long time ago and to my knowledge hasn't been implemented yet. It would be great if I could get some feedback on the implementation of this idea from someone on the dev team. Items that have been added to your favorites should float to the top of your inventory to make management easier. Simple suggestion, probably easy to implement, but also not a priority. I don't see anyone being in disagreement with this idea.
  3. DoritoS

    Amputating + Prosthetic arm/leg and Anesthetic

    Amputation is a very good idea. Not only does it make the most frustrating part of the game more bare-able, but it adds just a bit more depth. The idea is balanced by the fact that you can really only amputate your limbs; if you get a bit on the head, well, you can't really do anything still. Saving yourself via amputation would come with massive draw backs ie. an amputated leg could mean your character could no longer run, or an amputated hand/ arm would mean your character would struggle to fight. A decrease to creating speed makes sense as well. The only thing I don't really like is limiting who can and can't amputate based on skill level. Id rather just make the moodles from a poor medical skill far more severe, kind of like how pulling glass out and stitching works. If I were part of the dev team I would make this a priority because EVERYONE hates losing the character they put 20 hours into without any options available. Something I did just think about is the players choice whether to cut off a scratched limb. You could gamble that you're fine or bite the bullet.
  4. DoritoS

    Heatmap Migration

    Sounds good as long as it's just a chance to spawn closer to that heat zone. Usually if you're building a base in the middle of no where you're kinda looking for more solitude. It would be hard to get that if it attracts hordes to you. It's kinda realistic to have the majority of zombies in urban areas too.
  5. DoritoS

    NPK Fertilizer should empty to sack

    how bout, a bag of NPK fertilizer should fertilize more than one plant? lol honestly a joke. It's bad enough they're extremely rare.
  6. DoritoS

    Wool Blanket

    good idea. I hope they use it.
  7. DoritoS

    Compass Item

    I cant spend a long time responding to this right now because I'm at work, but the compass would make giving directions to new players more simple in that all you need to do is face your character in their direction to know where they should go. It's easier to say "East 120 degrees" than it is to give a bunch of landmarks that they ask you about 4 times and still get lost. How exactly do you know you're going straight without a compass? You don't. You can think you're going straight and EASILY be off a couple degrees completely missing the cabin. I've been looking at the online map running "straight" towards a cabin with multiple people and we still missed the damn thing, it's not hard. Compasses would be a fantastic addition to Zomboid for several reasons. I'm honestly dumbfounded by the backlash. They're 1) realistic. I guarentee at least 1 person on your block owns a compass, so why wouldn't you find one as a surviver? 2) optional. Wanna use a bunch of weird half-measures like dead bodies at intersections? Go for it. 3) Helpful. As I said, they're good for new and experienced players and in time, appriciated. Especially as the map keeps growing.
  8. DoritoS

    Inventory Interface?

    Im far from a programmer, but seeing as how someone has already done the work of fixing the issue themselves, couldn't u just use the code, they've already written? Have you tried to adjust them while using a controller? It's a bit more than annoying. It's like a pixel perfect grab with the mouse. You could be sitting there for 2 minutes then it just moves back later. This is the PZ equivilant of having a misquito flying by your ear while you try to sleep. 0_0 I won't push the issue anymore, but dear god it's painful.
  9. DoritoS

    Durability wall

    that just sounds smart
  10. DoritoS

    Durability wall

    sounds like a massive waste of time. If you're in a PVP server tho, the point would be to, IDK, PVP? Not wall off like a hermit in some super castle.
  11. DoritoS

    Durability wall

    wait, it takes 1000 hits from an axe to break a wall and you want it increased? why lol
  12. DoritoS

    Inventory Interface?

    thx m8. i appreciate it.
  13. DoritoS

    Inventory Interface?

    Wow, didn't know that. Do you know if they have the intention of fixing it soon, or is it something that needs to be reported again?
  14. DoritoS

    Inventory Interface?

    This is probably one of the things that irritate me most in PZ and I'm not even sure what you call it. That little line you can drag that separates "item" and "category". Why in the name of god is the space for items so damn small while category has an ABSURD amount of useless space? Every time I need to open the game I have to re-adjust it because I can't tell how many of one item I even have. By DEFAULT please, in the name of Spiffo, move that little damn line over so item and category have at least a 30-70 space ratio. I can understand not making them 50-50 for aesthetic reasons i guess? Maybe it's to keep more of the screen visible while in inventory, but still. Please tell me everyone else want this?
  15. DoritoS

    Genetic Resistance Trait

    I like the idea of developing more immunity over time too.