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    The vast majority of people, from what I'm aware, will drop the planks given it slows you down and tacks up damage the longer you're holding that load of planks. There are some instances where I approve of realism, but removing top slot is not one of them, as it simply saves time while trying to build. Pockets would honestly probably only have a carry weight of mmmm... what, 6 at best? 3 for each pocket? If they lower the main inventory weight and the weight of planks/logs then maybe it would balance.
  2. Nisora


    I'll be the first to say, I honestly do not like the idea of removing the "top slot" for inventory. The game is already going to increase in difficulty enough with the animations update regarding zombies and movement, this will make it more complicated to move stuff like planks, logs, etc while you're trying to build. I'm all for being able to access pockets in clothing and use them, but I don't think we should get rid of the main "carry in your arms but not in your hands" inventory slot.
  3. Nisora

    PZ Community Zed Scenes Thinktank

    Nobody Won The Game ---- Two rival basketball teams were tearing up the court, bleachers filled with proud parents and supportive friends. The pom squad cheered, the scores were neck and neck. Until the coach got his throat torn out. Chaos ensued. Death. So much death. -- but you're ignorant of all this, survivor. You sneak into the school hoping to break into some lockers for a sweet new backpack, only to find a frenzied legion of hungry zeds! The Last Meeting at Town Hall ---- Citizens of West Point gathered to hear the mayor's plan on how to defend the city from the illness sweeping the nation. Sadly for them, it struck before they could hear the speech. Movie Night ---- Paws 3, opening night. The movie that ended well before fans got to see the credits roll. Popcorn and spilled drinks litter the theatre floor, and there's a tenacious roar when you open the double doors.
  4. Nisora

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Recipe Suggestions Breadcrumbs (cooking lvl 1) or + (keep) Cook, remove from tray crush with (keep) or + Onion Rings (cooking level 2) or + or + or + or + Breadcrumbs (see above recipe) + or + or + (keep) Grind Meat (level 1) (any kind of meat) + (keep) (Makes ground beef, pork, chicken, etc) Meatballs (level 3) Ground Meat + Breadcrumbs + or + or + Milk or Cream (having an issue finding the regular milk carton on undeniable) + or + + water + or + or + (keep) Alternatively, can be cooked in tomato sauce Melt Chocolate (level 2) or + or + (keep) Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries (level 3) Melted Chocolate + Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels (level 3) Melted Chocolate + (could also make other recipes for using melted chocolate, such as chocolate covered oranges, apples, bananas or nuts)
  5. Nisora


    God yes please give us motorcycles + bikes. ;a;
  6. Nisora

    Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    I've been checking back here every couple days because I am beyond hyped to give this map a spin.
  7. Nisora

    Haunted Mod Idea.

    That would make for a really interesting negative trait...
  8. Nisora

    Dead Pixels: OUTBREAK Build 35 Restart 12/20/2016

    I am thankful for a server that actually gives me a challenge. Nearly every other server that I've play on, they either give way too much xp, or the zombies are far too slow and squishy.
  9. Nisora

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    75 male outfits & 64 female ^ please, please please please please make as many of these outfits unisex as possible.
  10. Nisora

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    -- Denim Jackets and vests, I know someone said leather jackets which I also would be very happy to have, but denim jackets are just as important and fitting for the time. -- Parachute pants ... just because you can. -- Properly wearable fanny packs. -- Bandannas. Head and neck scarves. Shirts with skulls and american flags. Wearable sunglasses. Make it so I can put together a proper Thelma and Louise cosplay. -- Cute aprons, a couple different ones to pick from -- Fingerless gloves, as well as mittens and biker gloves. -- Emphasis on the aforementioned flannel before me. Gotta have flannel. -- Fishnet Shirt / Stockings -- Black robes with hoods, for summoning the dark lord. -- You might want to put some focus into a bit of fashion that was popular in the 80's as well. Let google be your guide for 80's style casual clothes. If possible, I'd also like to see like.. a wildman get-up. Even if you have to craft this for yourself later in game. Animal skin pants / shirts (leather or fur). Freaky headdresses made out of skulls, or antlers, or angry wolf/coyote/cougar/bear faces. That'd be radical. Stare deep into this image and feel the 90's inspiration. Just as important as clothes, I want to say I really hope to see a variety of added skin tones, perhaps a variety of additional hair colors, but also really hoping to see different body types. Let me have a lady with a flat chest, a scrawnier looking guy, or at the very least have it so overweight / obese flaws show on the sprite rather than looking exactly the same as someone built like a professional athlete.
  11. Nisora

    Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    Wow, this looks -gorgeous-!
  12. Nisora

    Union City

    This is looking SOOOOOO GOOOOD, AHHHHHHHHHHH I cannot wait to run around on this, it's so beautiful ;a;
  13. Nisora

    Union City

  14. Nisora

    Instant exhaustion foraging 'feature'

    Amen to this. It doesn't make sense that you can marathon run down the highway, but finding a pinecone leaves you barely able to walk.
  15. Nisora

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hey Hydro! I've noticed lately on multiple hydrocraft-using servers, that the binoculars and cat toy combo isn't finding kitties! D; The world has 75% less meow, and you're the only one who can save us!