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Found 11 results

  1. I tried with some codes but not working local Player = getSpecificPlayer(0); local Item = Player:getPrimaryHandItem(); if (instanceof(Item, "Food") and Item:getType() == "Bass") then if Item ~= nil and Item:IsRotten() then luautils.okModal("YES", true); else luautils.okModal("NO", true); end end --SOLVED!!!!
  2. RemoveOnRotten = {}; function RemoveOnRotten.removeItems() local player = getSpecificPlayer(0); local inv = player:getInventory(); if inv:contains("Matter - Spiritual (Rotten)") == true then inv:Remove("Matter - Spiritual (Rotten)"); end end end Event.OnPlayerUpdate.Add(RemoveOnRotten.removeItems); I'm not sure if this is even set up, kinda writing in the dark as still new to lua. I'm trying to get it so that as soon as the item rots, the script detects it and removes it from the player inventory. Thanks in advance!
  3. It would be nice that if stale items (the ones with reduced hunger and unhapiness & bordem maluses) would be marked as so in their name, in the similar fashion to Fresh and Rotten food. That would be helpful in distinguishing why the food have the maluses, especially for newer players that don't know all the food in-game yet and especially since the icon does not indicate it in any way. Would be nice to include that in Build 34, which is mostly Food focused build
  4. Yes, this is a Wish List but i think it could help to improve the game. - Crowbar only works like weapon, but its primary use should be as window or doors opener. I don't know the coding mechanichs of opening them, but crowbar could make a little improvement. I think that also could be added lock picks. There is a thieve profession already in the game, so it should not be very far from the ambient of the game. Ok, before the apocalypse you were a decent person, but in this dark days you need to learn how to get in that houses without alerting every zombi in a block around, dont you? - Bleach only seems to work us suicidal weapon, but the rain water collected turns poisoned after i while. So, it is easy to purify. Also should work for cleaning blood stains or decompose zombi rotting corpses. Returning to the water, in any survival kit you would find some purifier tablets, maybe some filters. - Berries only gives food and some of them can poison you. I was a little disappointed when I saw the didn't have any extra efect. They could work as some of the drugs you can find (betabloquers, hipnotic, pain killers), with some little boost efects. It would give the game more fun. You can prepare yourself before doing some things. They could be by simply ingestion or need some preparation, like a berry tea. Also other herbs (forraged stuff) or spices (found in the kitchens). - Clothing its too plain. I mean it gives you a temperature protection, but IMO could be a great terrain of improvement. Some examples could be shoes: running shoes with a little improve to the sprint hability, soft shoes with a little noise reduction for stealth players, hard boots with a little injury resistance to feet located attacks (especially from crawlers, you know, that creepy bastards), etc. In the same words leather jackets shouldnt be so difficult to find and could give a little armor like boots, also weather protection. Rain-coats or plastic ponchos against getting wet, etc. You can see a poor hobo making himself a rain poncho with a garbage bag with some holes. I dont mean avoid it, but delay it perhaps. There are some special working tissues that give protection against cuts for workers, and so on. Also a climbing harness would be helpfull, I hate to broke my legs when repairing the house. - Rotten food. They say the Devs are preparing farm animals. Well, they usually are feed in this way. Also, rotten food is a very good ingredient for making compost, what reminds me that we need a compost bin, could be done with recipe and carpenter and agriculture levels. That compost bin could recicle also zombis corpses too. - Toys don't have any effect. They could have a recreational use that could fight the boredom or the sadness. - Traps are too dificult to build because sometimes the recipes simply don't appear in your map. So you have a lost hability. A good posibility could be zombi traps. I have mentioned in other thread, punji traps are a classic that could give a use for that wooden spears: We could have them in holes or use stakes in the base of the walls to prevent the zombis to get them. Also could be some alarm-traps, like wired cans that alerts you when zombis cross the line, very easy to build. Other traps could be made with the mirrors that nobody uses, like zombi atractors or reverse scarecrows (something that calls zombis attention till they destroy it). - Worms. If you are not in West Point they are simply useless. Oh, well, you say you can eat them, but at what cost. Ok, lets make them useful to the compost bin said above. Or let's go beyond, what about other bugs for fishing bait. Some recreational (jar of fireflies), some useful like bees, beehive, honey and wax that could be forraged. - Spirits. The whiskey bottle has three uses, but lacks of the use as fuel. Also would be nice to have an alambic to brew alcohol. We are in Kentucky, for Brooks' sake, it may be in some backyard hut hidden. - Fishes could be breeded and farmed, in home aquariums or fishing tanks. You would need a high fishing level also, but it shouldnt be imposible to acquaculture them. I have another things in my wish list, but don't exist in the game by this momment. - Bow and arrows, Crossbow and bolts. Slingshot. Some handmade, some found. I have read they are a possible Yes. I hope it is true. It is very unrealistic that you can make stairs, furniture, primitive axes, and can not make a simple bow. Or to think that in a small town of the US surrounded by woods you won't find any hunting bows or xbows somewhere. - Nail gun. For carpentry and as a gun. Ammo would waste the precious nails. - Irrigation hose, or something like that. Come on, there are very simple leaking systems that anybody with a little agriculture knowledge could make. - Machetes. Need to say anything else? C'mon, what is a zombi apocalipse without machetes or hatchets? What to say about the iconic katana. Who does want to see the zombi apocalypse if you can not do it with a katana? There would be to types. Wall-hangers (decorative reproductions), are easy to find in teen-agers rooms, decent damage, quick attack, bad durability as a kitchen knife. In the other hand, a hard to find item would be a real sword, aka "battle ready", difficult to find from collectors, pawn shops or sports asociations, with good damage, quick attack and very good durability. - Compass and/or some kind of maps. They should not act has a minimap. Instead, it could give you the posibility of marking a place and would give a signal indicating it when you go away. - Riot gear. I can't believe you can not find some riot shields, batons or riot vest in the police office. Also light-flares or smoke-flares. Night vision device would be also in police office or in hunters houses. - I should not mention the silencer or supressor, but I think it is not so bad idea if making them requires a high gunning level and/or recipes. They would not be suitable for all weapons only for pistols maybe. And they only would reduce the sound, not making them silent. - Other things I miss from the game are the posibility of recycle for making small things, like nails. Also habilities like tannery for the future hipothetically hunted animals fur. - Aerogenerator also should be a good item, and can be made by anyone with a little electronic skill. Maybe solar pannels could be from the pre-apocalypsis. - Last words for taming animals, companions and so on. They say the Devs ... but you know, we the customers would appreciate this feature confirmed . Also, wild feral animals, to hunt and to fear. They don't need to be "zombificable". A wild animal is a risk by itself. They should have a AI that gives them the ability to escape from any noise. I have read about a lot of good features but they are other people ideas and I have commented in the respective threads. If i have good feedback from this post I have other ideas to share, but only if the community likes the previous. Thanks for the game, it is very good. I only want it to be better in the future.
  5. What? A game mechanic that acts as an additional 'sink' to the food system, thefore providing players with another means to dispose of rotten foods instead of through eating or cooking them. Why? Freedom of choice. All skills require time investments and not everyone is a cook/chef. An additional method of removing non-usable food to free up local space, specifically around bases/homes and food spawning containers (fridges). How? Once rotten food is left sitting around (on ground and possibly other instances as well) for a server-prescribed amount of time, a couple scenarios could take place: 1) Outside- rotten food on the ground can attract insects and/or fungi that will work to exhaust the remaining energy stores and then vanish. 2) Indoors- can attract insects that will again consume the rotting food but can also have a potentially negative drawback: food spawning containers can attract the insects brought indoors originally by the spoiled food and become infested (if in close enough proximity). Once this happens, all newly spawned food in said containers will be tainted by the insects,causing a chance for harmful sickness if ingested by humans. Another consequence could be that infested fridges must be cleaned with bleach/disinfectant in order to rid them of the "infested" property. Recap: In essence, this is a propsal to provide players/NPCs with an additional "space freeing" capability in regards to item management. The downsides would be the negative consequences of rotten food attracting insects/fungi that could possibly spread to fresh food, unbeknownst to the player/NPC. Attached is a simple flow chart just for funsies, chiefly.
  6. So I'm just getting started with trying to mod this game, but it's not my first time being exposed to LUA (Thanks minecraft ComputerCraft mod!) I cannot for the life of me figure out how to distinguish between a rotten pot of soup (the recipe version) and a fresh/unrotten/uncooked one. Pretty much the idea is: Take rotten pot of soup, boil again, get unrotten (but not fresh) pot of soup that's edible. Is there no way for recipes to require an item that's in a certain "State" of degradation?
  7. In a recent discussion on this thread, the topic of whether or not zombies eat only fresh human bodies came up and I made a suggestion for sandbox. I thought I'd ought to put it here to so people can discuss any aspects of it without derailing the other topic further. New sandbox setting: Pickiness! Picky - Only eats fresh human corpses Less Picky - Eats any human corpse it can find, fresh or stale. Not Picky - Eats any corpse or meat it can find, human or animal, fresh or rotten. Omnivore - Will eat any food it can find, vegetable, human, or animal, fresh or rotten. Progressive - Starts Picky, but later becomes Less Picky, then stops at Not picky. Sounds nice?
  8. I was just wondering if you guys were planning to make it so when food items became rotten their icons would change. This way I wouldn't need to mouse over my items to see if they are rotten, and can I just look at it! Iunno how hard it would be to do this, but to me it seems really simple (sorry if it's not) and makes the game more user-friendly in a reasonable and realistic way. PS: Sorry if this has been requested/suggested already. I used the search engine and couldn't find anything. Hopefully I'm not just blind I added tags to my post, so hopefully noone will repeat it in the future. .?
  9. Made it for suggestion here. I made a texture.. This is why I don't make textures.. All I did was find a picture of a bottle of soap, cropped it and shrunk it to size. Looks good enough though. Made with (should work with through the new version) Now you can clean that dirty dish with rotten food in it. So you have to start a new game, sorry. (Only for the dish soap spawn, I think...) How Do You Clean Dishes: Find some dish soap. New item spawns more commonly in kitchens. Find a dish towel (use my wring out mod to keep reusing towel). Get your rotten and/or dirty pan or bowl. Squirt some soap on them. Add water (there's a bug with the UI staying open, dupe item bug, please don't cheat. Or else) Then use dish towel on them. + = INSTALL MOD: Copy the "mods" and "media" folders from the mod zip file into your Project Zomboid game directory, don't worry it won't replace anything, it will just add the mod file into your "media/lua" and "/mods/scripts" directories. Put the texture in your root PZ directory "PZ/(HERE)". Coming Soon: crossmods for other food mods (unless the food mod author makes their own) DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  10. Problem 1: Some food does not adds "Rotten" in title when becomes rot: Apple, Leek, Onion, Orange, Tomato, Watermelon Slice, Steak and maybe others. Problem 2: "Rotten Potato Salad" does not increase unhappiness and boredom. Problem 3: 0014, Survival mode, with save\load and without em, in safe mode and in normal mode. Day 1-2th. I run to hotel, take all food and settled at top house (see screenshot). Then I run for houses below. In "red" houses I just looked in refrigerators, in "yellow" house I take food from refrigerator and put it back, and i don't even enter in any other houses in the game. Day 10th. Food in refrigerators in "red" and "yellow" houses, that I looked at 1-2th days, are ok. But food in refrigerators in other houses, which I didn't looked before (I checked about 10 of them), becomes rotten! I played another 2 games with same rules (see screenshots) and situation does not changed: after 10th day (maybe earlier) food in fridges which I looked is ok and food in fridges which I didn't look becomes rotten. Why it's happens? It seems like at start of game all refrigerators turned off and my goal for a first week is to turn on as much refrigerators as I can by looking in it. It must be like this or it's a bug? Suggections: 1. Items, which rot in real life, but not rot in the game: Ham, Butter, Cheese Sandwich, Cupcake, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Icecream. Make them rot. 2. Make an ability to pour onto ground any food from Bowl/Cup/Pot
  11. Hi, guys. I've found a way to survive in a land of rotten food. Even if refrigerators don't work anymore or your crops were left unattended for too long, you are not completely screwed! Of course, this needs some additional tests. 1. Making your own tinned soup You can preserve food by cooking pots of soup! Put all the ingredients, even rotten, into a cooking pot filled with water, then cook it. Temperature will sterilize it's contents. According to game files, pots of soup don't have a "DaysTotallyRotten" parameter. If I am right, that means you can cook and make your own tinned soup! Collect cooking pots! But beware! As soon as you open it and make 4 bowls of soup (adds a bonus to it's nutritional value and allows to eat 4 smaller portions instead of a whole pot), it will become susceptible to rotting again. Bowls of soup have a "DaysTotallyRotten" parameter. Hint: if your chicken, salmon of steak became burnt, don't eat it and don't throw it away! You can use it as a soup ingredient. Just cut the bad pieces out and leave some good meat =) Adding more ingredients (meat, peas, butter, flour, sugar, eggs) increase nutritional value even more! + + + = (salvation!) Farmers! Grow broccoli and carrot! Each can decrease hunger by 15 points, but if you combine them, make a pot of simple soup, cook it and pour into bowls, each bowl can decrease hunger by 45 points, providing additional bonus against boredom and unhappiness. If you make 4 bowls, each bowl will make you 14 points less hungry. Also, you can cook this soup in a campfire, increasing it's value even more. Growing your own cookable crops provides great sustainability! + + + = (non-perishable) + 4x = 4x (more yummy, but perishable) Very soon I will make an little mod allowing to use potatoes and tomatoes in a soup as a third ingredient, so survivors will have a reason to grow more crops and be able to make better soups. 2. Refurbishing other food So you've got a watermelon, but it's rotten? Don't eat the rotten parts! It still got some fresh parts inside! Smash it or slice it, and you will get some fresh watermelon slices (I prefer slices) or chunks. They, in turn, will rot after some time, but right after slicing it's still edible. I still have to double-check this, but it seems like rotten chicken, salmon and steak can be cooked. Temperature seems to kill bacteria =) 3. Bugs While making tinned soup and cutting the fresh pieces of food is legit, there are other ways to get some fresh food from garbage. A cheese sandwich (not grilled) does not have a "DaysTotallyRotten" parameter. I believe (haven't checked yet) it is possible to craft a fresh cheese sandwich from rotten cheese and rotten bread.
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