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  1. Alright, so since this is my first time even dabbling with mods in PZ, your response didn't help too much, so I downloaded a mod off the forums to check to see what exactly makes up a PZ-Mod, where files are stored and the such. I'll spend some more time familiarizing myself before coming back to ask more questions. Sorry for the rushed enthusiasm.
  2. So I'm just getting started with trying to mod this game, but it's not my first time being exposed to LUA (Thanks minecraft ComputerCraft mod!) I cannot for the life of me figure out how to distinguish between a rotten pot of soup (the recipe version) and a fresh/unrotten/uncooked one. Pretty much the idea is: Take rotten pot of soup, boil again, get unrotten (but not fresh) pot of soup that's edible. Is there no way for recipes to require an item that's in a certain "State" of degradation?
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