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  1. About the Clips, I need a little help with a gun i was trying to made. These are the data for the clip issue: And this is what is in the LUA file name ModReload For easing things I am trying to do it with the same clip as the default pistol. But it has infinite ammo and does not run the reloading util. I was wondering if the problem could be in the bold letters parameter. I would thank a lot a little help. Can I use the default clip for a weapon and what do I have to do to get it work properly?
  2. Here it is I hope it can help in next versions.
  3. Ok, I found a way to circumvent some issues of the bleach. We will make a bleach solution and we will need a dosifier. When we have this items we can use them to purify the water containers in this way It is not the most elegant way to do it, but it works. Here are the icons, the empty cologne bottle I think comes from the littering mod by Svarog or something like that. The PT has been modified, it comes from HC, I did not like the way the white cross seemed and I put a water drop instead.
  4. Soooo... when will Build 33 become the official and stable release?
  5. I tryed it some days ago http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/14127-looking-for-artists-for-hydrocraft-mod/page-34#entry212833 But I found this problem http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/17164-pleazeeed-help-with-this-infinite-ammo-bug/
  6. The first time I took one of the red hot pots I figured I could get burnt. I some way was disappointing, but I prefer that way. But we could get other uses for the hot or cold states. Would be nice if you could get warmed with hot soup, or if you could fill up a bottle with hot water and carry it with you as warmer. In the other hand, drinking cold beberages should cool you in the summer and ice-pack could be used as thermal pain killer. Can somebody mod it?
  7. Some guy asked by MP for the clip. Well, is suposed to be the original pistol with a silencer, so, the same clip should be enough. Anyway, for my personal use I modificated the original (rotation and adding stripes). I tryed to make a silenced pistol but could'nt make it work propperly: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/17164-pleazeeed-help-with-this-infinite-ammo-bug/
  8. Hello Hydromaniacs. I remade some stuff for the things I am crafting, so, here you are: - Pistol supressor - Silenced pistol - First Aid Book Use as you wish.
  9. Hi, I am very noob with all this coding thing and Lua files. I tried to do some things for adding to the game, some of them asked before in Suggestion forum. The thing is I managed to do some of them, but find a BIG BUG when I made a Ranged Weapon. At first couldnt shoot with it. Then I thought I fixed some things but instead the weapon became endless ammo. It shoots, it does what was supossed to do in the rest of things, but the ammo don't decrease. Then I messed all up in the ReloadUtil file and ... well, I am a bit lost. At first I tried to make the weapon use the same pistol clip as the default gun, but couldnt do it to reload, so I made a new item, SBerettaclip (it is almost the same as default but with a change in name and I get it from Necroforge spawning by this moment). Here are the Items as part of WeaponsGuns txt file in the folder scripts: And here is the CompilationReloadUtil lua file put in the folder lua/shared/Reloading: Can somebody pleazeeeeed help me with this mess?
  10. Thanks, I solved the necroforge problem. I will try the Spanish translation, I put it in a folder named SP
  11. Ok, it is totally new and I don't know where to find in a Mod or the way it could be done. Cold pack used as... cold pack. It could calm pain for a while. A lot of calm, but for a short period of time. I don't know how refrigeration and the blue cooling indicator works, but could be nice to know for modding it.
  12. Also, when my game is loading with this mod installed gives me an error telling me that couln't found necroforge. Do I need to install NF to use lockpicking?
  13. Ok, I see a good amount of my Wish List is already done in some Mods. As a reminder for me and a guide for others I will put here what I have found: - Crowbar, RoboMat made a good job with it and lockpicking here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/33-lockpicking-mod-180/ The lockpicking is not as complet as in Guy's Mod http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/GuysMod/ but this last one is not compatible with it and they cannot operate together. - Bleach, I saw a previous version in Dry Towels that say it can clean water with bleach, but seems the modder took it away in latest versions. Would be nice if some coding-skilled member could give us the clue to make it. http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/dryTowels/ I see in Hydrocraft that are purifying tablets, I will have a look on it because I havent find it yet. - Berries and other herbs are now in the Build 33, so I wont say anymore till I see them. In Hydrocraft also are teas and something like that. - Clothing, again Hydrocraft's Mod give us some more items and some more features. I still miss some more features in some clothes, like hardened clothes against attacks, but I will wait before complaining. The climbing harness is the unique thing I have'nt seen. - No rotten food at the moment, but there is a compost bin in, again, Hydrocraft. I have not tried it yet. - Toys, the same, Hydrocraft. - Traps, there are some ideas of alarm traps in the forum, but nobody who make it. Since I saw other mods inside, I realize it could be more difficult for modders. No punji, no log stakes wall, no real use for the barbed wire for the momment. - For the rest of items I asked I have seen a nice bunch of them in the Hydrocraft mod: katana and machete, alambic, compass and map (but with no use), bow and arrows, nail gun, etc. The supressor has a nice mod named PillowSilencer, but gives a bunch of errors when I use other hand held weapons, so I don't recomend it.
  14. Can I translate to Spanish? In the case, only add a SP folder in the shared/Translate folder with the translated words?
  15. The herbalist trait could come with a +1foraging, couldnt it?
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