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  1. It would be nice to have an option in sanbox where the zombie infection is only possible through saliva. This would mean that scratches and lacerations would have 0% chance to mortally infect the player but bite is still fatal.
  2. Good day fellow survivors! I thought it would be a nice addition to the Temperature setting in the sandbox options to have a setting that would allow for hotter summers and colder winters at the same time. The current Very Cold to Very Hot setting is nice, but depending on which way you adjust it you are going to make the other half of the year more manageable, be it a pleasant summer on cold settings or a warm winter on Hot settings. I don't know the technical feasibility to it, but as a sandbox option or as a challenge option I think it could be an exciting setting to
  3. Sandbox_ZoneStoryChance It was added to the 41.45 translation file. But I can't found it in the game even on 41.46.
  4. When you set the start time at "5 AM", you will start at 9 AM.
  5. I was testing out the day/night activity settings in zombie options for Sandbox, so I could attempt a playthrough where zombies are active only at night. It seems to work initially, zombies are only walking. However, zombies will start sprinting within the first minute. And as soon as more than a few zombies begin to sprint, it's as if the zombie options are immediately switched to sprinters, so now every zombie is sprinting during the day.
  6. I've just about clocked my 24th hour on the current IWBUMS build, with 100+ prior plus a handful more from the Kate + Baldspot versions. I'm really enjoying the new mechanics and features so far; the following is a bunch of things I hope to see changed/added. Beyond the list of commonly suggested suggestions (Some of which I will be reiterating), I'm somewhat ignorant of currently planned features and content, so I apologise if any of this already is. Likewise I'm going to ignore developmental constraints and engine limitations for the time being and present everything as I'd like to see it. W
  7. please let us have the option to add protection (like the welder's mask) in the character design part of sandbox mode
  8. with the help of @Fenris_Wolf I've made a little mod that further customizes the way loot is spawned. I made that for the gameserver project-zomboid.de, but of course everyone can use it. Right now it's pretty much in the testing phase and I therefore could use your help. You can Download the mod from github: https://github.com/DrCox1911/CoxisLootSpawn The way this works: With the mod there ships a "CoxisDistribution.ini", where you can define loot modifiers for categories and for special items. If you don't define a loot modifier for a category the one s
  9. It would be cool if we could be able to choose how many days water and electricity will stay in solo player. We can choose it when we create our own server and if we could also choose it in SP it would be great (we could choose between a random amount of time like it is now, or a specific amount of time like on the server). And vice versa with the MP server, where we could choose to put a randomized amount of time
  10. This has probably been suggested already, but i searched and couldn't find anything on the subject. Anyway, I think it would be cool if there was an option in sandbox to choose what level you want your characters skills to be at at the start of the game. You can set the EXP multiplier really high but it affects all skills. I usually just set it to max because I hate the idea of grinding just to get certain skills up. however this makes the game too easy and id like it if i could just set my skill levels prior to start and have the rest go up as they would normally. for example I like to run ar
  11. First of all, I wasn't sure where to put this, so if an admin wants to move this to a better fitting category, that'd be great. So I, like many of you probably did, made a mistake when choosing Sandbox options for the first time for a playthrough. Maybe you didn't choose enough zombies (guilty as charged), maybe you just want to tweak a few settings. Whatever. Well, on discovering that the Save Editor mod didn't work, as it was for an older build, I was slightly disappointed. My big fort would have nothing to be tested with. So I searched around and found bits of information that allowed m
  12. I'm a bit confused why this isn't already in the game, given the point of Sandbox is to let us set things up however we like. We can set 'Instant' but not 'Never' for when water and/or electricity gets shut off right now. Would it be possible to please add a 'Never' option for water and electricity, so we could have them never shut off if we wish? Obviously this would *only* be a Sandbox option, not something for regular difficulty modes or challenges! Hopefully this would be very easy to implement and give the player more choice in setting up their Sandbox games as they wish (for rolepl
  13. Hello fellow survivors! I have made a simple program to edit the sandbox parameters of a save in Project Zomboid. Initially it just started out as a little poking around as I wanted to change when the water and electricity shut off, but I made it into a full program. Check it out if you are interested, I could do with some feedback if there are any bugs with it (please post on the issue tracker on github). https://github.com/BytesGuy/ZomboidSaveEditor To download it (or the source code), visit the link below. It will only run on Windows Vista/7/8/10, sorry no OS X or Linux supp
  14. Name: Sol-Ark Genre: «Sol-Ark» - is an indie-project focusing on 2D space faring real-time strategy/sim (RTS) with some Rogue-like and Sandbox elements. It’s an old-school hand-made flash project Short description: Sol-Ark is a 2D Space RTS with sandbox and rogue-like components. Expect gameplay mechanics designed with player choice in mind and an immense universe to make those decisions in. Missions and storylines drift from seriously somber to hilariously violent with every new area explored, and random events punctuate these encounters to create a dynamic experience that’s part procedural
  15. Currently we have these files for altering sandbox-settings (especially looking at MP): SandboxVars.luazombies.iniservertest.iniSandbox PresetsSetting this up for MP is kinda stressful, especially there are a couple of settings in more files. IMHO it would be way easier if all the sandbox settings are only set within the Sandbox Presets. With this system you could alter the settings right ingame and save the preset, copy the file to server and you´re pretty much done. Wouldn´t this be easier for the devs too? Only one place where they have to worry about the settings, one way of exporting
  16. Reverse Decomposition, or Composition if you will. Essentially add an option for zombies to get stronger over time. 3 options ideally. Time increases: Speed, up to runners. Strength, up to superhuman. Or both, up to death incarnates. We already have an option to stop decay, so why not have an ever increasing threat. And on that note, a modifier to determine how long until 'max' decomp (Or comp) effects are reached? Like 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 8 months, 1 year, etc. I'm doing something similar in sandbox and it's pretty fun. I'm using the respawn to (If I did it right) start with no
  17. Basically when you start a sandbox mode allow a check box which allows you to change aspects of the current save. Let me again say, this is for Sandbox Only. The mode made for making things exactly how you want (Even no chance for infection is already in), basically this is just expanding on how much you can change to increase the enjoyment this mode can bring. I am in no way suggesting this for the legit modes (Survival/story) of this game, because that would ruin the spirit of the game proper. would allow access to a set of 'Scenario Modifiers' which you can enable/disable before game st
  18. Long time ago I've reported it as a bug on the tracker, it never got fixed so I fixed it for myself, I decided to share this with others who might be interested. The problem is this, Canned Food is not affected by Food Rarity setting in sandbox, it's affected by Misc Rarity. I like to play with high amount of misc items, tools, clothes etc. and with Very Rare food, I never could because I always ended up with a stockpile of canned goods. With this mod Canned goods are properly treated by the game as food items (Don't worry, you can't eat the can, you still need to open it). So if you want to
  19. I would love an option that add photophobic zombies in sandbox mode. That would be awesome with the combo Sprinter + Photophobic! I am Legend - zombie like, if you saw that movie.
  20. hi i just registred to ask for assistance id like to have a sandbox mode where i can build my character freely. wich means i need a mod that puts trait points to a choosen number or even better: character creation ignores trait points. its just a guess but i think its done quite easy to make a mod like this. could anyone do this for me and my mates please? i find it quite harsh to fix a positive to a negative in a way where positives are so expensive. live doesnt treat everyone equal. some people are talented, clever and sportsman with barely any sideeffects.
  21. Hello, this is my sugesstions: ZOMBIE LORE: (new) Zombie horde mode: on/of -will sometimes attack a group of zombies, which over time will become very big Speed: Zombie mix: (10% are sprinters 70% fast Shamblers 20% shamblers) (you can also mix other features zombie creating poor sprinters And crawling Up Strong etc.) Transmission: - Only blood - Only saliva - Infected meat (see below) Infection Mortality : 2-3 days (You have a 20-30% chance to survive) 2-3 days (You can survive if 'll survive 2-3 days) 1-2 weeks (You have a 20-30% chance to survive) 1-2 weeks (You can survive if '
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ9_J-h7DbI You awaken to the dawn of a new world. It's streams are clean, the forests lush and the local wildlife is hungry. You're cold and in need of shelter as you hear other voices on the wind. You are not alone. Your Quest: Establish civilization and explore the new world. Your Quest is a casual 2D Strategy/RPG with progressive gameplay where you gather resources to construct a village, craft new weapons and armor, and try to survive the depths of a procedurally generated dungeon under the surface. Can you explore the entirety of this new world? He
  23. Simple, a Sandbox option that would make zombies immortal, as in, revive after customizable amount of hours\days unless their corpse is burned. Just like players who died from infection. With additional option of only having random zombies revive while some stay dead for additional paranoia. It would be a nice option to have. That is all.
  24. I suggest adding a [Advanced] checkbox somewhere in sandbox menus. If checked it would allow setting certain things not by presets (High, Very High etc.) but by numbers ex. Very High spawn rate is 4.0, such option would allow a player to set it to anything they want like 10,0 or 0. It would be a very nice addition to the game for those who want to customize their game to the max without hackish mods.
  25. I just thought it would be nice to have some profession specific starter kits when that option is enabled in Sandbox examples: Lumberjack: Axe Gardener: Trovel\Shovel, Random Seeds Police Officer: Pistol + Box of Ammo Doctor: First Aid Kit Chef: Kitchen Knife + Random kitchenware Park Ranger: Hunting Knife Carpenter: Hammer, Saw, Box of Nails Etc... There could be another checkbox under Starter Kit like 'Profession Specific'. It think it would be nice for both SP and possibly some RP servers.
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