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  1. My black belt in karate, earned through many years of training. How is your current relationship going? OR How did your last relationship end?
  2. For all you confused people out there saying "BUT CHOCOLATE IS CANDY." For these purposes: Candy = Lollipops, Gummi Bears, Jawbreakers, Nerds, Skittles, etc. Chocolate = Chocolate (Of course)
  3. I was just wondering if you guys were planning to make it so when food items became rotten their icons would change. This way I wouldn't need to mouse over my items to see if they are rotten, and can I just look at it! Iunno how hard it would be to do this, but to me it seems really simple (sorry if it's not) and makes the game more user-friendly in a reasonable and realistic way. PS: Sorry if this has been requested/suggested already. I used the search engine and couldn't find anything. Hopefully I'm not just blind I added tags to my post, so hopefully noone will repeat it in the future. .?
  4. Oh my god! Did you (Rikashey) draw this? Make more please! And not to be picky but there's a subforum for fanart: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/forum/33-pz-fan-art/ Again, please make more! lol
  5. Don't know why, but I really like using non-conventional items as weapons. not even crafted weapons, but things you find around the house/outside. For that reason I think I'd go with stuff like wrenches, branches, etc.
  6. The only "drawback" (for lack of a better word), I see is that people who are regulars, and contribute the most on the TIS forums would probably have the game already.There may be some out there who do not have the game, but I'm just saying. Well appreciated nonetheless! Clyde 4 you!
  7. Pezi


    Don't worry bout it buddy! Glad to see more people on the forums, keep the suggestions coming! And please reference the anti suggestion thread from now on lol
  8. Pezi


    IIRC this has been brought up somewhere before. Edit: There we go : Original Amputation Thread TL;DR Most likely will not be in the game due to it being too unrealistic, and too much work for what it is. Sorry to burst your bubble .
  9. You're a "Newbie"! Aww, so cute. . . Welcome to the forums! Oh, and nice photoshopped Spiffo!
  10. Also agreeing with the backpack slot! It's nice to know what's "on" you. Since (I think) it's similar, could we also have an indicator for the different clothes we have on?
  11. I feel like I want the cotton bubble set. . . Just because it doesn't sound like armour lol.
  12. . . . So awesome that they create a . . .
  13. Why are there all these cake votes?! Pie is so good. . . [|> Om-nom-nom
  14. I like these non 90 degree roads you're talking about. Will there be any massive changes to the look of Muldraugh because of this?
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