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  1. Thing is, the runners kill you so quick and with my 60 something ping, I still got bit after the zombie was dead... died twice already. I've been told you must re-apply each time you make a new character, even if it is streamlined with the sprinters.. its just a lot of extra tedium that isn't needed.
  2. The humble beginnings of what I shall call GasTown lol
  3. I should note, both my in game wife and fire fighter pictured above were brutally murdered shortly after by another survivor. I killed the attacker but could not save my wife.. I shot her myself.
  4. For anyone wishing for this solution, while I haven't figured any mod out, I did figure out an excellent workaround.. just needs a little extra room in your gear.. set up the campfire first, then place the BBQ on top. You now have a double oven available and it looks like its doing just that. The BBQ is non passable so its ideal. Just wanted to share as I can now enjoy campfire talk with my idiot brigade! PS: thanks nolan, made the game so much more fun!
  5. Thank you so much. I've been trying to mod the joypad settings myself, so far all I could do was decrease the transparency of some of the menu popups, such as with the joypad to move something from inventory or just interact.. the base inventory window is somewhat transparent, for obvious reasons, but with that then on top with another see through menu with white text.. I just made those solid so I could actually read what I was doing lol Any chance of a revisit on this? Or even a variable you can set in the options. I need to see my inventory when its not dark, the see through and white get washed out and it becomes tiresome on the eyes. I know we are focusing on vehicles, sadly till I can play it, I'll help where I can with joypad stuff from the perspective of someone who wants to use it 100%
  6. Quality of life request; please allow us to hold down the d pad while in the joypad inventory. I have carpel tunnel and fibromyalga, hitting the button hundreds of times to navigate through the list.. i about quit playing before i figured out the controller. Thanks in advance!
  7. Still does it, came back after about 10 mins.. i think its the npc mod, they lag me down
  8. I updated my drivers, manually set control of pz to my nvidia card. It was, but not specifically as i wanted it. Thus far the stuttering has gone, still testing
  9. Im also getting the freeze every few seconds. Between that, its smooth. It just freezes for a couple seconds every few seconds. Makes it unplayable at the moment. Also, as the joypad interface is being looked at... could you please move the column over? It doesnt need the whole line to say Item. If you just switch the two widths, you can see all the items, how many you have and it better supports modded items, its a real pain to adjust it every time using the mouse. Please and thank you!
  10. Berdryn

    Hydrocraft Mod

    fastest fix for my issue was to change the dolly weight to -999. It then let me pick it up as it lowered my inv weight also.
  11. Here's what I'd do: Make the diabetic trait a drawback. Make the insulin a food item that will eventually rot. Make the diabetic trait slowly kill you, and you must find / make insulin or you'll eventually die. Say you have 100 health, the diabetic trait would slowly reduce this in such a way that only insulin will raise it. This way as you play and can't find any medication, you'll slowly wither. Maybe lower other stats as well as increase fatigue, etc. I don't have the coding ability but I think it would make it interesting to play.
  12. Berdryn

    Hydrocraft Mod

    @Hydromancerx How would I go about fixing this problem. I have a great start going but just realized I gimped myself, i'm way out in the woods with most of the needed materials and such to set up locked away in the problem below. I have a hand dolly weighing nearly at max (I think 200+ on the unequipped item). It is inside a large container which can support it (driving cars mod, military transport). The problem is this; How to pick up the heavy dolly, I can't put it on the ground as 50 is the max, can't access the inside of the dolly while its on the truck.. I'm considering a hack to make a bag to pull it out but is there another way? I think this is an issue with hydrocraft's various containers. The vanilla world is locked to 50 per tile so its always caused the dollys and stuff to be tricky sometimes.
  13. Syringe with insulin is for diabetics. It could be used in a custom drawback of diabetes
  14. Can you place on a campfire? Didnt think to try, did wanna try a barrel but figured it wouldnt work.
  15. Thanks, ill look into this. I figured id have to decompile one of the bodydamage.class files, cant remember the exact file but i was gonna just make fire not deal any damage Not sure i can even do it lol
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