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  1. Creating with a shovel an override tile (Same as vanilla natural floors) with container properties to send items inside and not displaying as worlditemicon. This will be useful to hide items on mp server, people can view and take items if found that place.
  2. There is another issue, (MP) if player disconected after a broadcast ends(Life and living tv), reconnecting causes to broadcast start again (Free xp all time disconnecting and reconnecting to the server)
  3. Multiplayer Mechanic Skill XP Bug?

    Confirmed on my server!
  4. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Finally!!! Thanks!!!!
  5. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    [MP] when i talk (T key) inside of a vehicle spacebar key activates brakes.
  6. [39.66.3 MP] Ranger Car change skin

    when i found this car, skin = ranger. (This happen on MP)
  7. Sometimes when i go far of my base (Without vehicle) and return, vehicle skin changes to fossoil. Only change skin (Ranger to fossoil, fossoil to ranger) when i go far again and return to my base.
  8. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Build 39.64.1 Modding issue: Can't add two required mods. Only works with one ModId. tried strings: ----------------------------- require= ModId; ModId2 (not working) ----------------------------- require= ModId require= ModId2 (Only works with ModId2) ---------------------------------------- ReEdit: Unsolved require= ModId, ModId2 Seems to be working in mod options, clicked buttons to activate and deactivated but when i exit mod options (reloading lua) Mod not activated.
  9. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Can't fill a emptysandbag with gravel, Code works good but needs floors_exterior_natural_01_13 on the map (not present in westpoint and muldraugh). Two solutions i think: 1- Changing the code to take gravel from another present tile on the map. 2- Some map changes to create fields of gravel (floors_exterior_natural_01_13)
  10. Where i can find gravel?

    El código funciona, el problema es que en casi todo el mapa no encontré el tile floors_exterior_natural_01_13 Por lo tanto hay dos soluciones: Modificar el mapa con sectores de este tile o modificar el código para extraer grava de otros tiles ya existentes en el mapa
  11. Where i can find gravel?

    Si, quiere decir que ese no es el tile o que el código para extraer grava no está funcionando. Tile: floors_exterior_natural_01_13
  12. i was searching all westpoint to fill a empty sandbag with gravel, nothing found. (I need a gravel bag for a mod)
  13. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    mmm i tested some vehicles, when i have low endurance moodle i can't rest (only can sleep) inside vehicle, i was thinking about that, maybe the game needs when a player is inside of vehicle can increase endurance (like resting) automatically, because when you enter to vehicles player is sitting, depending of seat type (A better seat, +Endurance regeneration).
  14. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Thank You!!!
  15. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    There are a tutorial to how can i add the template? Sorry about my language, i speak spanish. This thread needs to be updated: