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  1. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    Thanks !!!!! I can continue my mods now
  2. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    Go to options and (framerate rendering ui) change fps from 15 to 30. And another option to rendering outside of ui (change from yes to no).
  3. Tiledef issue for custom tiles (CustomName)

    yes, i will send to you a link on a pm.
  4. Tiledef issue for custom tiles (CustomName)

    I create a tiledef (38.30 works good) But in vehicles build, CustomName definition are replaced with Oven. Crafted Reloading Table (Changed to Crafted Oven) Mounted Cow Trophy changed to Mounted Oven: Please fix it, we need to make awesome things with this.
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    My custom map, but i found the problem: Problematic Tiles: industry_01_48 & industry_01_49 (TileProperties issue) i use now industry_01_56 & industry_01_57 = duplicated tiles(same a problematic tiles) with others properties and that working good.
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Maybe a definition issue? In 38.30 works good, not in this update ... This tile only renders on the floor tile, if a wall or object or player stay back to this object, well, you can see.
  7. Weird Fonts (IWBUMS 41.2)

    Not a bug, i searched in options and change: ui offscreen rendering to no, and change ui rendering FPS to 30
  8. Weird Fonts (IWBUMS 41.2)

    When i open my inventory or container inventory, if the background its white (maybe a white wall) fonts and inventory icons displays weird. (Fonts seems to be a little transparent and icons with white borders)
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    In the last vehicle build - Distributions.lua hunting table overwrite with another hunting table (hunting.metal_shelves not work) Line: 4647 hunting = { metal_shelves ={ rolls = 3, items = { "Bullets9mm", 3, "ShotgunShells", 3, "223Bullets", 3, "308Bullets", 3, "Gunpowder", 1, }, }, }, And line: 5670 hunting = { locker = { rolls = 2, items = { "HuntingRifle", 2, "VarmintRifle", 2, "Shotgun", 2, "ShotgunShellsBox", 3, "223Box", 3, "308Box", 3, "ShotgunShellsBox", 3, "223Box", 3, "308Box", 3, } }, other = { rolls = 1, items = { "Pen", 10, "BluePen", 7, "RedPen", 7, "Pencil", 10, "RubberBand", 2, } } },
  10. Broken Clothes

    As pants and other clothes that can be dirty, if add broken clothes (this not give a temperature boost, this can add some difficulty on winter). Maybe can add also a recipe using needle and thread to fix some clothes.
  11. [38.30 Dedicated Server]Generator Bug

    Thanks for the info, now works!
  12. [38.30 Dedicated Server]Generator Bug

    Yes, there are one more but "not connected" and no fuel, and not working only stays on floor, i need to move that generator to another place?
  13. [38.30 Dedicated Server]Generator Bug

    When electricity cut and connect a generator(outside), works for some hours, if i exit from rooms and go far away from my base(for some hours) then when come again i check if generator still works (have fuel and sound working) but inside of rooms electricity is cut, i need to toggle off and on to bring back electricity to my base. When a player disconnect from server and connect again, same bug, generator working but inside has no power. Need to toggle off and on again to bring back electricity. Please fix this issue for this build!!! Sorry about my language i speak spanish!
  14. Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets

    Thanks, not work because i put the file on another directory! Now Works Properly!!! Thanks Again!
  15. Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets

    @EasyPickins System to make TileDefinitions(Properties) i think needs to be updated because there are some lines that i can't set like: "CanScrap", "Material2", "Material3", "SpriteGridPos"...