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  1. Suggestion: Check endurance to let it dig or not when endurancemoodlelevel > 3. I check the way to found worms in that action it's too easy. IsPlowAction.lua Reducing endurance when dig the floor Maybe add sandboxvars.natureabundance in the code to control ZombRand() chances to find them. With that system i think players can't farm worms too easy.
  2. [40.26]Can't light campfires and old ovens

    Not a bug sorry (I saw the system changed a little the way to light the campfire) @Pandorea
  3. I can put fuel but can't light them with matches, lighters, etc.
  4. Recipes.txt line 3009 -- Soap not found because it's a obsolete item. (There are two Wash Clothing recipes with the same required items but only difference is one needs Soap, and another Soap2) then need to make Soap not obsolete to not conflict with the actual build of the game or delete this recipe. recipe Wash Clothing { keep Vest/Shirt/Trousers/Skirt/Blouse/Underwear1/Underwear2/Shoes, Soap=1, Water=3, Result:Vest, OnTest:WashClothing_TestIsValid, Time:100.0, OnCreate:WashClothing_OnCreate, RemoveResultItem:true, }
  5. @Pandorea Not the right properties in: location_business_office_generic_01_0 location_business_office_generic_01_1 -------------------------------------------- location_business_office_generic_01_5 location_business_office_generic_01_6 -------------------------------------------- location_business_office_generic_01_8 location_business_office_generic_01_10 -------------------------------------------- location_business_office_generic_01_13 location_business_office_generic_01_14
  6. bug when harvesting [V40.25]

  7. bug when harvesting [V40.25]

    Le Gourmet Evo Plus Mod, needs to report to me! send me a pm and we found what it's your issue. Por lo que veo el juego lo tenes en español asi que asumo que hablas en español, contactate conmigo por mensaje privado en este foro o tambien podes hacerlo mediante discord.
  8. MegaTest VII: So Many Subtitles [FINISHED]

    Works really good!!! Thunderstorms are amazing!!! I detected in spanish translations some files not ANSI, (á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ... don't show as allways)
  9. [Event Ended] MegaTest VI - IWBUMS Weather, Chat][E

    Thanks!!! First have problems to enter to server. Next: The server chunk loading issue makes me run like a crazy man to escape from Zeds! Tried to reenter 2 times (To figure out if a latency problem) Not latency i think. First time i can re-enter but only loading the same chunk, second try to re-enter to the server have a bad problems to loggin again. (Password / P2P issue) Sorry about my language i speak spanish.
  10. [Event Ended] MegaTest VI - IWBUMS Weather, Chat][E

    Can't enter because a password required say the tooltip.
  11. [Build 40] Sprites/textures bug

  12. This new system maybe still some buggy... can't remove bait from traps, and can't trap anything for now, i'm far away from trap to wait to trap anything, no mods.
  13. (Build 40)Some lag with AUTO load a custom sound

    Tried that but not working with ogg and wav soundfiles locate in sound folder inside of a mod. Script works good, Appear to sound added but if you want to reproduce it the sound not working. I think maybe sound_scripts only work with sounds in .bank files
  14. Have a some lag when a custom sound is autoloaded when shoot custom firearm weapons for first time added with mods. The new sound system load custom sounds (to change volume in sound options) only when the game reproduce it for first time. There is a way to load custom sounds when the game start and not when reproduce for first time? This lag sometimes affect the player and can be scratched or bitten.
  15. Well, when i loot object containers, sometimes items spawns outside of itemcontainer. Example: Sometimes items for schoolbags spawn directly in lockers and not inside of schoolbags. This happen on build 39 and 40. (Detected when i create a mod, and checked if this bug happen with base items and itemcontainers) A few months ago, i report all items spawn outside all times, fixed but not at all (now spawn sometimes). Sorry about my language i speak spanish.