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  1. Conditions: Moveable sprite needs to have canbreak property. (You can check that if you select pick up that object) Moveable sprite needs at less two tiles long. (SpriteGridPos properties) Player needs to have a less level skill to pick up that moveable (Can break if you try to pick up) If all conditions are checked you can rotate the moveable and the system sometimes thinks moveable breaks spawning materials from scraps properties. But moveable not breaking when rotate... so, you can spawn a unlimited amount of materials only rotating a object. Video showing the bug:
  2. Snakeman

    Stashes in Custom maps

    Map: Military Complex Hey Devs i have to report something about stashes in custom maps, the addContainer function seems not work. require "StashDescriptions/StashUtil"; -- guns local stashMap1 = StashUtil.newStash("McStashMap1", "Map", "Base.MilitaryComplexMap", "Stash_AnnotedMap"); stashMap1.buildingX = 5439; stashMap1.buildingY = 9213; stashMap1.spawnTable = "GunCache1"; stashMap1:addContainer("GunBox",nil,"Base.Duffelbag",nil,5440,9214,0); stashMap1:addStamp("media/ui/LootableMaps/map_x.png",nil,241,588,0,0,0); stashMap1:addStamp(nil,"Stash_McMap1_Text1",221,630,0,0,0); Stamps works good Another Test: I modify the construction coords and the container spawn coords to a vanilla construction and works. Now i know the code works only in vanilla construction and coords. It's a Bug!!! (Please Fix that to make awesome things with this system in custom maps)
  3. Snakeman

    Custom texture vanished

    I think it's the way you pack the custom tiles. How you pack textures?
  4. Snakeman

    Primary Hand UI Cage Trap Display Bug (40.36)

    Same happen when you equip a car seat in your secondary hand and then insert to vehicle.
  5. Snakeman

    getText() doesn't work

    I think the problem is the generation of item inside of worldobject inventory in MP. When you transfer that item to your inventory, system thinks its non valid item (dupe or like that) but if you transfer that item to floor first maybe system not check that... I think it's the same code that adds ReplaceOnCooked.. because when you set this string and item finish to cooked... generate a new item inside of stove (Non player inventory)
  6. Snakeman

    getText() doesn't work

    need to search... because when i detected that issue changed the code to add item on the floor. like this: self.character:getCurrentSquare():AddWorldInventoryItem(TheItem, self.character:getX() - math.floor(self.character:getX()), self.character:getY() - math.floor(self.character:getY()), self.character:getZ() - math.floor(self.character:getZ())); i think not working code in MP: self.object:getInventory():additem() or additemonserver() (I can't remember very well)
  7. Snakeman

    getText() doesn't work

    This happen also when add a item inside of objectcontainer in lua (MP)... when you transfer the item to your inventory banishes... you need to transfer item to floor first.
  8. Snakeman

    getText() doesn't work

  9. Snakeman

    getText() doesn't work

    I think Maris set ReplaceOnCooked in scripts. Some modders have a issue with ReplaceOnCooked string in scripts, works good in SP but MP sometimes item banish when transfer to inventory. (Spawn in inventory and a second after doing that... banish)... If the server owner stops the server and restart, items banished spawns inside the stove inventory.
  10. well, the image speaks
  11. This is weird, sometimes sound playing and sometimes not... it's a cooldown feature or bug? i remember builds ago sound playing ever when select another itemcontainer. This happen on SP, not tested in MP.
  12. in build 40.36 trunk condition 100% and have only 20? Bug?? Some small cars have 40 at 100%
  13. I found two missed strings. Furnitures: location_shop_generic_01_53 & location_shop_generic_01_54 Strings for OverlayMap will be. overlayMap["location_shop_generic_01_53"] = {other = {"clothing_01_14", "clothing_01_22"}} overlayMap["location_shop_generic_01_54"] = {other = {"clothing_01_15", "clothing_01_23"}} With this code we can view clothing when container is filled.
  14. Snakeman

    IWBUMS Beta: Version 40.35 Patch

    I tested new builds (After add more chances to get rain climate) i think rain chances it's too high, Thunderstorm chances it's good (Sometimes happen) but rainy days it's to much. Played all september and october month with this changes: Total of 5 days aprox not rain (Not consecutive). Note: Can fix that issue? I really appreciate if can do that because i need to patch my mod all times when the game updating ISBuildMenu.lua
  15. Snakeman

    40.31 (Truckbed vehicle repairment)

    i think the issue it's not the drop... because 82% of 39 = 31 76% of 39 will be 29 and we have 37... Calculation of repairment are wrong i think < 82... item SmallGasTank1 { Weight = 11.0, Type = Normal, DisplayName = Small Gas Tank, Icon = CarGastank, VehicleType = 1, MaxCapacity = 39, ConditionAffectsCapacity = true, ConditionMax = 100, ChanceToSpawnDamaged = 60, }