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  1. Well, some errors happened when try to pour into empty bottles from waterpots. Only got errors when i try to fill empty water bottles. Line 567 of InventoryPaneContextMenu. Check the code and find this: I was tried with deleting some percentage code and this works... subMenu:addOption(item:getName(), items, ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.onTransferWater, waterContainer, item, player); Needs to be fixed (Also can add the sound when fill bottles from waterpots?) Needs to add: on ISTransferWaterAction:start() when fill bottles. Sorry about my language... I speak spanish!!!!
  2. CPU : AMD PhenomII x4 960T @ 3.01GHz GB ram : 4 gb GPU = Nvidia Geforce GT440 1GbDDR3 OS : Windows 7 Type : 64x Better performance on the last update!!!! (Critical) Still .exe stop responding when i quit the game on pause screen.
  3. Tested some more... adding recipe to favorites, have errors everytime open/navigate in CraftingUI on starting/load the game.
  4. (custom categories for me) This issue comes on 37 build, 36 works good. Also make it the IGUI_CraftCategory_xxx translation and translation works good... Not a problem with recipe: i can make it when reach to skill required. Only have these errors when navigate from the new tab to another. I think there is not a problem in base tabs because some tabs have some recipes that i can do... only spawn errors if the new tab only have recipes that i can't do. Edit: i tested some more and modify the recipe to engineer category... my character not have the engineer category on CraftingUI (Choose a character with no proffesion)... i read the magazine and engineer category appears on CraftingUI, when clicked on the recipe that i can't do, error comes.
  6. When i clicked on a water pot to fill bottles, no context for that.
  7. Confirmed on windows... this happen to me when learn a recipe from magazines and i not have the skillrequired to make it (some mods have this on sripts)... SkillRequired:Electricity=6, NeedToBeLearn:true, Category:xxxxxxxxx, i got errors when navigate on CraftingUI when a new tab (Category) appears on menu.
  8. well, the tittle says all.... like erosion, when grass is burned from a massive fire after a few weeks it will grow again... (change the burned tile to normal grass tile)
  9. *Well the entire map have exterior lights on (Street lights)... even if electricity is cut. Maybe needs to detect a generator to working good. *Now can't use a pot to fill a empty pop bottle.
  10. I set my own custom .packs with the same names of each tiles (1x and 2x) 1x works good... 2x not working. If i set on only 1xpack tiles (pack=snakemantiles1x) working (1x and 2x option settings) but in 2x seems to be adjusted to that resolution making a some pixeled tile. if i set only 2xpack (pack=snakemantiles2x) Not working (in 1x or 2x option settings).
  11. The tittle says all... toaster container capacity = 50.... i think needs to be rebalanced
  12. well, when zombies start to smash a metal sheet barricade, sounds like a wood smashing... i remember on the firsts iwbums on metal update, when zombies smash a metal sheet barricade sounds like metal.
  13. Thanks!!!
  14. Same object and room for now, i think this is the bug
  15. This bug is for IWBUMS 37.6 version.