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Made it for suggestion here. I made a texture.. This is why I don't make textures.. All I did was find a picture of a bottle of soap, cropped it and shrunk it to size. Looks good enough though.


Made with (should work with through the new version)


Now you can clean that dirty dish with rotten food in it.


So you have to start a new game, sorry. (Only for the dish soap spawn, I think...)


How Do You Clean Dishes:

  1. Find some dish soap. New item spawns more commonly in kitchens.
  2. Find a dish towel (use my wring out mod to keep reusing towel).
  3. Get your rotten and/or dirty pan or bowl.
  4. Squirt some soap on them.
  5. Add water (there's a bug with the UI staying open, dupe item bug, please don't cheat. Or else)
  6. Then use dish towel on them.


P6LtkAR.jpg+ 7R8DO1j.png=






Copy the "mods" and "media" folders from the mod zip file into your Project Zomboid game directory, don't worry it won't replace anything, it will just add the mod file into your "media/lua" and "/mods/scripts" directories.


Put the texture in your root PZ directory "PZ/(HERE)".


Coming Soon:

crossmods for other food mods (unless the food mod author makes their own)



DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)

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thanks for the work, that's a really handy mod! Although i feel like the dish soap addition was a little bit of an overkill. This should be added to vanilla 

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Yop !


So Smart and natural !


I don't understand Chtonic when he said more simple, soap is minimun no ? If not there is bleach ! ;)


More your mod include dishes possibilty for remoulade and others stuff so class


Thanks !

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