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Found 130 results

  1. I'm pretty sure this has been mentioned before and I know some others have been looking for a way to disable Water and Electricity shutoff's. The better way of implementing this would be via a mod to the main sandbox options. ( I thought ) as you know you already have the options for Instant, then time rand range from 0-x But it would be nice to have an option in there stating Never. I've got this working(I think) but for some reason afterwards when selecting to use one of the random's it crashes, sure it has some thing to do with those two lines. SandboxVars.WaterShutModifier = getSandboxOptions():randomWaterShut(self.water.selected);SandboxVars.ElecShutModifier = getSandboxOptions():randomElectricityShut(self.elec.selected); The options obviously look like this. self.water = self:addCombo(self.splitpoint, 60, 280, 20, "WATER SHUTOFF: ", {"Instant", "none", "0-30 days", "0-2 months", "0-6 months", "0-1 year", "0-5 years"}, 3, self, nil);self.elec = self:addCombo(self.splitpoint, 60, 280, 20, "ELECTRICITY SHUTOFF: ", {"Instant", "None", "0-30 days", "0-2 months", "0-6 months", "0-1 year", "0-5 years"}, 3, self, nil);Wasn't to sure if one should just create a new function for that with if or it was something easy as a one liner to just add to the existing. Help would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. Hi, I lost my character on MP, and it had some pretty good stats, and an incredible inventory. Lost him due to a corruption error. Computer shut off during mid game, and now everytime I load the character on the server, it goes under an infinite with "delay processing XX packet" where XX stands for a series of repeated numbers. Is it possible to edit any of the map.bin files and restore my character? Is there any modding tools that could allow me to add skills and XP to a new character? That is all, thank you.
  3. Adds more food!! By itself all this mod does is spawn jars, new water bottles and food. Everything else needs to be spawned by another foods mod. Includes spices that do not spawn and require foods mods to be built off of this mod that spawn their required spices so that only needed spices are spawned... If you want to make a food recipes mod using my Spices mod, and need a little help making it work, look at my little tutorial HERE. Spice spawning will now be up to specific foods mods which use those spices. Some stuff still uses vanilla sprites, will make sprites soon. See this for sprites: Food: (Spawned by default, can be added to by modders foods mods) Frozen Brussel Sprouts Canned Beets Canned Chicken Canned Sardines Celery Stalk Cucumbers Chunky Peanut Butter Green Papaya Green Tomato Herring Honey Leeks Maple Syrup Molasses Papaya Fish Sauce Frozen Pot Pie Frozen Scallions Frozen Shrimp Raisins Red Chili Peppers Robomango Fruit (named for RoboMat ) Soy Sauce Frozen Sugar Snap Peas Tobascant Sauce Tamarind Teriyaki Sauce Tomatillo Warcestershire Sauce Water Bottles (the new bottles and jars can be filled with water) White Chocolate Other Items: (Spawned by default, can be added to by modders foods mods) Mason Jars Medical Salve (Think Neosporin) Spice Bags (only added to spawn list so you can carry stuff in them ) Spice Related Items: (These do not spawn and require foods mods to be made that spawn them.) Brown Sugar Fish Oil Kibbled Nori (made from Nori Sheets) Kosher Salt Nori Sheet Mortar and Pestle (To grind up spices and other stuff) Cooking Oils (Canola, Olive and Vegetable) Petrolatum Jelly Powdered Sugar Spice Jars for Spices (Spice list coming soon) Spices (for baking, cooking, bbqing, and other styles) Vinegars (Balsamic, Cider, Distilled, Malt, Rice Wine, Red Wine and White Wine) (Spice list coming soon, for modders, check the source-code to see the spices you can spawn) Download: Main (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (My Dropbox) Foods Mods That Use This Mod For Spices: (Links to other foods mods that use this mod will go here.) Items and Recipes Tutorials For Foods and Spices Mod kinyoshi (Spice up TV Dinners with some Black Pepper) Zombie Body Part Alchemy Mod kinyoshi (Grind up zombie parts to make a partial cure) Salted Meats Mod kinyoshi (Salt meats to make them last longer)
  4. Hello! After several hours of banging my head against the screen and general mod-writing stress, I bring you: The Juice Mod! No, it's not really that amazing. This was just a project for me to try and learn the basics of modding PZ. However, since it works I thought I would upload it so people can tell me what they think. You never know, you might even think it's useful! Or better than the other one! Anyway, here's the link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18741755/juicemod.zip Recipes etc are in the readme. One thing I'm not sure of is this line in the distribution file: JuiceMod = {}I have no idea what it does or why it is needed, but the file does not work without it. Anyone who knows,please tell me! I worked it out! One other thing, I was thinking of making a drying rack that you actually had to place and use rather like a campfire. I was going to poke around in the game files to try and find a way of doing it, but if anyone has any ideas of an easy way (or telling me it's incredibly difficult), it would be appreciated. Any feedback would be welcomed!
  5. I am trying to make a juice mod (Don't know if there's already one out there, it is more of a way of learning than making something new), but some of the icon textures in the inventory will not show up. This one works: item juicer{Weight = 0.5,Type = Normal,DisplayName = Hand Juicer,Icon = juicer.png,} But this one doesn't: item orangeJuice{HungerChange = -10,ThirstChange = -40,Weight = 1.0,Type = Food,DisplayName = Orange Juice,DaysFresh = 12,DaysTotallyRotten = 15,ReplaceOnUse = MuglIcon = orangejuice.png,} Does anyone have any ideas on what may be going wrong? I've tried everything I can think of. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. THE LEGENDS GAMING COMMUNITY -------------------------------GAME SERVER INFO------------------------------- BUILD : 25B IP ADDRESS : THELGD.NO-IP.ORG SIZE : 1,000 PORT :16261 ---------------------------TEAMSPEAK INFO--------------------------- 512 SLOT VOICE SERVER IP ADDRESS : ------------------------------Server Settings------------------------------ Zombies: Normal Zombie Distribution: Urban Foxcused Survivors: None Day Length: 12 Hours Start Month: July Start Time: 9:00am Water Shut-Off: 0-2 Months Electricity Shut-Off: 0-2 Months Loot Rarity: Abundant Temperature: Normal Rain: Dry ------------------------------Zombie Settings------------------------------ Speed: Shamblers Strength: Weak Toughness: Normal Transmission: Blood+Saliva Infection Mortality: 0-12 Hours Reaninmate Time: 0-30 Seconds Cognition: Basic Navigation Memory: Short Decomposition: Slows+Weakens Sight: Poor Hearing: Poor Smell: Poor -----------------------------------NOTE------------------------------------ This is a SURVIVAL server not PVP or PVE based. Just fight to stay alive. ------------------------------------RULES------------------------------------ 1: Don't Spam Chat. 2: Don't Hack. 3: Don't Be THAT!!! Guy.
  7. Hi community, Random map generator for Project zomboid is only thing (with NPC's) that i would love to see added in game. It gets a little boring when you know whole map and you lose great experience when you first start a game and a first time you play on map. I would love option n singleplayer that you will be able to choose if you want to play known map or play a different map every playthrough. i love exploring so i would love that option. Few days ago i also tweet to developers with question about randomly generated maps in game. They tweet me back that they probably won't add this but modding community perhaps can made this for people like me. So i'm aksing you community . Is it even possible to make something like this? And if it is, will ever be out? First for singleplayer because i'm sure that it'll be very hard to make this work for multiplayer. Thank you all for answers
  8. I would love to see a high score mod that you can see how many zombies you have killed as well as the longest you have lived, favorite food (most food) you ate, most mood were in, favorite weapon, ect. I am not sure if this has already been suggested but I think this would really add to the replayability to the game.
  9. New thread to keep the buildings organized Last Updated: 09/02/2014 Yippee-Ki-Yay! [Hotel: The Key added (stores #4-7). Project Chernarus Plaza finished] The next buildings are free, you can use, change, share or whatever you want to do whit them. Just remember to add me in the credits and a link to this post. Thanks you! Bloody Restaurant Spoiler Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/96fp3s8u81xygas/Bloody_Restaurant.rar House #1 Spoiler Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wxm6rcpii8ofjl0/House_1.rar Chernarus Bar - Store 1 Spoiler Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y4rlugcyk8coq3l/Chernarus_Bar.rar Stores 2-3 (the numbers are for the project, if you follow the buildings and want to put them in order) Spoiler This pack has a Book Store, a Laundry, the Spiffo's Bar up stairs and a bathroom, warehouse for the bar and an office. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yrubgji3ocjzurf/Stores_2-3.rar Chernarus School Spoiler Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qmzwhn1cq4hrbcc/Misc_School.rar Industrial Warehouse 1 Spoiler Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gn4155gd122cz60/Industrial_warehouse_1.rar Industrial Office 1 Spoiler Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xl2x60tj0q8c6tt/Industrial_office_1.rar Hotel: The Key - The missing tiles at the left bottom are because this building was made for the project "chernarus plaza". The empty space it's exactly for the "Chernarus Bar" at the left, bottom corner, and the "Stores #2-3" goes in the next place, after the bar. Spoiler Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqje4i4vnd3f3gx/Hotel_plaza.rar If do you want to place all the buildings in the correct order, see this picture: You need the following buildings: Hotel: The key + Clothes Store + Hair Dresser place + Public Bathrooms + Plaza + Stores #2-3 + Chernarus Bar I made a pack for you. You just need to download this pack, and you will get all the buildings listed above. Place them in your map and have fun! The size of the whole pack together: 62x35 tiles Download the pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8y17wds2jpgwjfh/Chernarus_pack_1.rar I'm working in making buildings for the Chernarus Map Project of grivcin. Check it! http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5122-project-cherno-wip-updated-with-new-images/ If you are working in a map or another project and you need buildings, you can tell me and we will see what we can do For everyone but mostly spanish people: Un usuario de Youtube (ditoseadio) está haciendo una serie sobre el mapa Bedford Falls en modo Hardcore y con voz en Castellano. Si quieres ver el mapa hecho por la comunidad, entre ellos mis edificios y una entretenida serie con zombies y muchos analgésicos de por medio te animo a que te pases por su canal y eches un ojo a sus videos https://www.youtube.com/user/ditoseadio
  10. The use delta is the amount of uses that Drainable items have. The formula is 1 divided by delta number = Number of uses. Thank you 7Roses . I will make a complete and better chart at some point. Unless someone else wants to use a calculator or their head to make it for us. 1=1 .1 = 9 .2 = 5 .3 = .4 = .5 = .6 = .7 = .8 = .9 =.01 = .02 = ALOT .03 = 33 .04 = 24 .05 = 19 .06 = 16 .07 = 14 .08 = 12 .09 = 11 .10 = .11 = .12 = .13 = .14 = .15 = 6 .16 = .17 = .18 = .19 = .20 = 5 .21 = .22 = .23 = .24 = .25 = 4 .26 = .27 = .28 = .29 = .30 = .31 = .32 = .33 = .34 = .35 = .36 = .37 = .38 = .39 = .40 = .41 = .42 = .43 = .44 = .45 = .46 = .47 = .48 = .49 = .50 = .51 = .52 = .53 = .54 = .55 = .56 = .57 = .58 = .59 = .60 = .001 = .002 = .003 = .004 = .005 = .006 = .007 = .008 = .009 = .010 = .011 = .012 = .013 = .014 = .015 = .016 = .017 = .018 = .019 = .020 = .021 = .022 = .023 = .024 = .025 = .026 = .027 = .028 = .029 = .030 = .031 = .032 = .033 = .034 = .035 = .036 = .037 = .038 = .039 = .040 = .041 = .042 = .043 = .044 = .045 = .046 = .047 = .048 = .049 = .050 = .051 = .052 = .053 = .054 = .055 = .056 = .057 = .058 = .059 = .060 =
  11. Alright, so I figure I will start of with HI! I am the new guy on the block. I would have brought you a fruit basket or something but those pesky zombies ate the fruit... and the basket Then they ate lead from my shotgun :cool: I would also like to apologize in advance if there is already a thread on this topic, I did have a look for one but I came up with nothing. Now, down to business. I am attempting to write LUA mods/addons for PZ. so far I have just followed these two tutorials on how to do this: http://pz-mods.net/guide/your-first-pz-lua-script/ http://pz-mods.net/guide/robomats-mod-tutorials/#toc4 (only the I Love turtles script so far) I have experience programming in C++, VB, and Python. I am fairly confident in my ability to program but for the life on me I cannot figure out how to get the scripts I have written to run in game. I am simply looking for suggestions for the mistake(s) I am making and or what it is I am messing up. Thank you in advance for your help for the convience of all I have attached the two LUA Files I wrote as .txt files hastalavista.txt Iliketurtles.txt
  12. okamixxx

    Make Shift Mod

    Please leave recommendations as what else to add/ change it will help me balance the mod also I am looking for a better artist my stuff is ok but I want this to be a high quality mod just noticed a new version of project zomboid came out I will make an updated version compatible with the newest version tomarrow Planned chisel: will be used to craft items stone: will be used to make tools stone Axe head: recipe = chisel + stone handle: Recipe = stick+ kichen knife stone axe recipe: handle, stoneAxe head,SheetRope, nails spade: will give the ablity to dig dirt Dirt-Bag: will have same use as sandbag will be crafted using 3x sheets 5x dirt hobo Stick: 1x sturdy stick,1x sheet exact stats to be determined but it will be better than plasitc bag syringe: will give you the ablity to see if you are infected or not. improvied weapons: they will be put under planned features when I think of a name for them more will be added as I think of more emplemented stone axeneeds balanced current recipe's stone axe place holder recipe = 1x plank ,1x sheet rope , hammer, Current Version 0.1 MakeShiftMod ver 0.1.zip
  13. So ive got a decent idea for a mod. Im pretty much a novice at proggraming but veeerrrryy extremely interested in learning so if there are any devs that are looking or interested in this let me know because you can have full credit for this i dont care i just wanna see it working. Also Lua doesnt look too difficult so i might pick up of the books on it that i have, but anyways back on topic. I want to make a reaper sprite, with a sythe and most likely infinite health (Maybe not though for the civies you fight) and basically what you do is look for survivors and try to kill them. You can command the undead, say as your going to your target you can recruit undead that is nearby and they will follow you and also once you reach your target you can do things like release a horde. You are just death and that is what you are looking for. This will be awesome for the people who are looking for a zombie game that is only about murder, murder, murder. The great thing about this too is that there can be alot of personal additions too this too. Imagine if your a reaper you can do almost anyting so teleportation is there, raising the dead, etc, etc. Im gonna try and make a reaper sprite on my own so for any experienced proggrammers out there any help is appreciated and hopefully i can get this up and running, because i wouldnt know where to start with proggraming the reaper. Hopefully this catches the eye of someone though because i feel like this could be a great addition to the PZ family
  14. I'm calling it the White Office Im going to need a ZWAT team ready to mobilize, street-level maps covering all of Kentucky, a pot of coffee, twelve Spiffo cookies and a fez. But seriously... I want a fez. I've been reading what I can about the game development but I've not seen hats? Are they coming? Can someone please mod me a fez for my character if they aren't!
  15. Hi there! Is there possible to mod survivor behavior? I haven't seen references to NPC. I'm familiar with Java code, and lua scripts does look understandably to me.
  16. Cuchulainn

    Creating Class

    So I was just wondering if anyone would be so kind as to give me some advice as to how to create a class. I have seen some mods that inolve custom classes and would love to make one or two of my own! Very new at this but got the drive for it so any help would be greatly appreciated!! Slainte!
  17. Hello everyone On Steam now for free: No More Room in Hell. It's a free mod built with the source engine featuring (slow) zombies and coop. It's free so I tried it yesterday. Apparently it has been in development for 7 years and in beta for two and just got released for real on the 31st of October 2013. http://store.steampowered.com/app/224260 The first thing I noticed was that there is no HUD and no ammo counter, that's something new. To check your ammo you have to hold the reload button to count your ammo. The zombies (the slow kind, like PZ shamblers) look okay. I played for about half an hour and noticed some very annoying things like the unresponsiveness of the controls. Between left clicking and the character swinging his axe (only male characters so far, seriously?) there was a delay of about 0.5-0.75 seconds. Another problem is the unintuitive inventory management where it's difficult to see how much items you can pick up and how much inventory space an item takes. The graphics were fine though, but the unresponsiveness was a game-breaker for me. What's your opinion? (sorry for my poor English)
  18. Getting the ability to cut off flesh underneath bites or scratches. This would decrease the chances of becoming infected by half or more, at the cost of 5% of max health or so. Must need a kitchen knife and maybe even a blade skill of lvl(?). It would have to be done within so much time after the bite/scratch takes place or its noneffective. The wound from the knife would cause a lot of damage/bleeding and major pain. Hope one of you clever modders would give it try. Thanks hope you like it
  19. I would love to see an iPod or an mp3 player in game that could play music from your own music. Maybe it could give you decrease and also increase in some moddles. It could be charged off of a portable charger that takes batteries. I hope one of you brilliant modders will take this idea into consideration, thanks. :cool:
  20. I made these for my own mod posters and decided to share it with others in case they want to make a mod poster similar to mine. My Mod Poster I made for my Carbonized Swedish Fork Knife Mod. (to show as example) (thumbnail below shrunk to save bandwidth) (PZ Logo copyright The Indie Stone...) The images that I made to use for my mod posters (thumbnails below shrunk to save bandwidth, download zip for the right sizes) (PZ Logo copyright The Indie Stone...) To make a mod poster, just make out the "notes" to fit your mod, resize as needed and copy/paste them onto the corkboard. The finished corkboard png (650x810) is your mod poster . DOWNLOAD Kinyoshi's Mod Poster Kit (888 KB): Main (Mediafire) || Mirror (My Dropbox)
  21. UPDATE: I have started working on a mod so I will no longer be taking request until I am finished with it. I recommend a moderator removing this post:
  22. I need a little help with my sewing kit mod, if you cut up a bag with stuff in it, you lose the stuff . How do I make it dump out to your inventory when you cut it up? I just lost a bag of food, I'm so angry
  23. I'm not sure what order I want to update my mods. Limited time per day and only a few days off to actually spend any time on them. From time updating the scripting and spriting as best I can and making new mods from my own and suggested ideas. I don't know what to prioritize. So I wanted you ask what you guys want updated first. Or should I just continue randomly updating and making new stuff like I am now. Personally, I first would like to completely rewrite the Spices mod to make it and the mods that use it 10000% better... but this would take a while, and my other mods won't get updated or created. I would make a poll, but I'm at work on my phone.. Thank you using my mods .
  24. Can someone make lua for me that will only run when my recipe in the pistol whip mod that changes the gun to blunt weapon? This lua will need to run when the crafting recipe is started and will empty the gun of it's bullets, shells and/or magazine placing them in your inventory. So user clicks crafting recipe, lua keeps ammo, starts crafting recipe. And add disable recipe if durability is depleted. Edit: Ya know, Tumblr is going to lose a-lot of bandwidth because of us.
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