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  1. Just in case anyone else has any kind of similar questions (IE: if I know c++ what should I use to get the best bang for my buck time wise (to create a 2 dimensional game), while still being streamlined enough that I'm not reinventing the wheel or recreating APIs from scratch that have been made 1000 times, while also able to get in closer to the metal to optimize and/or write extraneous functionality for "gameplay systems" [non-generic game functionality created from scratch]) The answer I have gotten through other forums almost across the board has pretty much been this: "Unreal engine 4 is free now, use that if you already have precursory knowledge of C++ (I do on what I would consider to be a low intermediate level, but I learn and practice daily) and 100% across the board I have been warned: "Don't use Monogame or any framework or even worse program your own engine from scratch via C+, to do so adds countless hours to the amount of programming necessary before you can even begin working on your game, which kills drive and passion (and stymies creativity) "Make games, not engines." (is a phrase that comes up A TON)" ...Although the response I got from the Unity forum was more along the lines of "If you chose Unity you would have to learn C#, but it is really similar to C++ and its always fun to learn a new language, plus 40$ / month is nothing, I'm sure as an indie developer bankrolling everything on your own and doing all of the work essentially without paying yourself while also paying adobe a similar monthly, paying regular-a## life bills, and helping to support your elderly and under-prepared parents you would love another monthly bill!" I much prefer the investment model of UE4, as if the code you give me for free makes me any money any more easily than I could have done so on my own I have no problem giving you a percentile (5% I think?) But to have a $1500 entry barrier or $40 monthly entry barrier is still an entry barrier, and I have minimum resources until I can get a prototype working for a kickstarter or other such investment, so I have begun pushing my research in that direction.
  2. Hello all, I know that this question has been beaten to death, but not in the context of certain questions I have and I am just trying to make sure I use my time as efficiently as possible. So my question is this: I am an intermediate level c++ programmer and a decent sprite artist (imho) I am going into game development with myself and hopefully eventually a few others. I am unsure of what path I should take to get some of the ideas I have for games off of the ground. Without getting too heftily into the details, I enjoy the camera orientation of Metroidvanias and Battletoads, I like the use of elements from rpg games, I have ideas for interesting system implementation into games (for example, a submenu from your main menu that is a bookcase that is a representation of your character's training of various skills. The book case can be replaced with various other bookcases (3 spaces instead of 2, etc..) and the books that go into the spaces each contain a few miniature skill trees pertaining to specific subsets of skills such as a lancer book, or a book with fire skills etc. that could be found as enemy drops ala' castlevania. So that the player can sort of create their own sphere grid (ff10) with some of the skills being passive changes to primary attack that can stack and effect each other (think the binding of issac if it were a metroidvania for this aspect) and the game would require some sort of p2p networking to get groups of up to 4 to load to stages similarly to the way Monster Hunter Freedom Unite or Left 4 Dead or Diablo 2 (any of those models really)) I realize this is a massive undertaking, and is not the first idea I am pursuing by a long shot (due to those and other complications) but with these ideas being my motivator, would it be better for me to use a framework like monogame and then import the libraries necessary to do the missing core functions (like box2d, etc) or use Unity and try to teach myself C#? (being that I have moderate proficiency in C++) OR just write my own engine from scratch in C++? I have heard so many conflicting viewpoints about the value of programming your own engine from scratch on monogame, as well as conflicting reports as to the limitations of Unity. Thank you for anyone who reads this massive wall of text and provides me any insight.
  3. I guess we can chock the silence up to either no they cant be done, they already exist, or these questions already exists somewhere in the database so how dare you not dig through thousands of forum posts to find said answers from 6 years ago that even though they may have been answered, it was from such a long ago build who knows if it would even work. (sorry, pet peeve)
  4. I apologize i never got to making any models for you, my life got really insane (more than usual) so I did not have any time to tool around with anything and since then I have started leading a small team of wannabe game developers on mulling around some simple-ish game ideas, because I always want to add too many systems of function, and layers of complication to games so that even the most simple concept (a runner) can be overblown into a massive mountain by my obsessive need for depth in games. (which is why I need a team of "no-men" around me, lol) So I have been brushing up on my c++, directx, libgdx and lua in preparation to take the real plunge into creating something of our own. If i ever want to play with blender to learn, or if im ever on a 3d art kick, I will definitely check back periodically on the mod to add anything I may be able to whip up. And if you ever just don't feel like doing sprite work or don't have time I may be willing to whip up something in that department, especially if you need something gruesome or with a really dark feel. Some of my iso sprite work from before the resolution increase, please note the rusty and grotesque feeling i eked out of the metal and walls. ;P But reagardless of what happens, thank you for your timeless and unpaid efforts. We who have been following PZ for a long time and arent absurd purists really owe you a lot. And hey, if any of my games ever amount to diddly squat i'll try to look you up and see if you want a spot on a team
  5. how would I go about doing that? I dont mind giving out my sprites, I am no pro. I have a long way to go to be near where i'd like to be in the realm of art, and my programming is even farther behind. I have, however, been collecting ideas for games and comics since I was a kid, but I have none of it made... I really need to get to work.
  6. Oh wow... So there is much to be done. I can see some things working for others, like wood shotgun generic can be the Ithaca 37 and the Remington 870. The Ar-15 Model and etc can work for a lot of the AR section. I'd like to redo the P90 a bit, maybe it loads wrong on my game but its blocky and has a strange light gray upper. I'm considering taking a crack at the Armsel Striker, as you don't have a good drum magazine shotgun model if I am not mistaken. Tons of the pistols are interchangeable. The large revolver looks pretty much like the python already (and makes you feel like Rick! XD ) so that being said I think that leaves us at: How many to make = x, How many to alter = y ex: pistols - x(y) (text text text) Pistols - 5 (0) (these are personal opinions and I think everything should be modeled eventually, but I am not really into doing pistols) AMT Automag V (.50 AE) - could be generic silver Beretta 92 (9x19mm) - essentially basic black Beretta Px4 Storm (9x19mm) - small basic black Bren Ten (10mm Auto) - basic silver Browning Hi-Power (9x19mm) - silver Colt Commander Super 38 (.38 Super) - silver or black Colt Delta Elite (10mm Auto) - silver or black CZ-75 (.40 S&W) - same Daisy Powerline BB Gun (BBs) - basic black FN Five-seven (5.7x28mm) - this could use its own texture Glock 17 (9x19mm) - use glock 23 model Glock 20 (10mm Auto) - use glock 23 model Glock 21 (.45 ACP) - use glock 23 model H&K MK23 (.45 ACP) - black IMI Desert Eagle (.44 Magnum) - Iconic, needs its own texture IMI Desert Eagle XIX (.50 AE) - use Deagle texture when done Kahr CT40 (.40 S&W) - could use its own model Kahr P380 (.380 ACP) - could use slightly modified p380 model Kel-Tec P-32 (.32 ACP) - use fixed p380 model when done, make all black M1911 (.45 ACP) - silver Ruger MKII (.22 LR) - needs its own texture Ruger SR9 (9x19mm) - basic black SIG P226 (.40 S&W) - black Springfield 1911 9mm (9x19mm) - use plain silver or make new generic large wood han dled pistols for use with other 1911 and several others (?) Springfield XD (.40 S&W) - black Taurus Millennium P132 (.32 ACP) Taurus PT38S (.38 Super) - use ct40 model? Walther P22 (.22 LR) - black Walther PPK (.380 ACP) - needs its own texture maybe? Revolvers - 3 (5) too much work here Colt Anaconda (.44 Magnum) - enlarge python and wooden handle Colt Python (.357 Magnum / .38 Special) - large revolver silver Colt Single Action Army (.45 Colt) - needs a texture (bonus points for engraving, lol) Ruger Alaskan (.454 Casull / .45 Colt) - tiny up the colt anaconda Ruger Blackhawk (.357 Magnum/ .38 Special) - adjust the saa Ruger GP100 (.357 Magnum / .38 Special) - adjust and blacken the alaskan Ruger Redhawk (.44 Magnum) - adjust saa Ruger Security Six (.38 Special) - shorten the barrel on the saa adjustment S&W Model 10 (.38 Special) - use security six S&W Model 19 (.357 Magnum / .38 Special) - use redhawk S&W Model 25-2 (.45 ACP) - model 19 S&W Model 29 (.44 Magnum) - enbiggen model 19 S&W Model 36 Chief's Special (.38 Special) - alaskan adjusted model S&W Model 610 (10mm) - redhawk Taurus Raging Bull 454 (.454 Casull / .45 Colt) - do it up Shotguns - 2 (3) some fun ones in here Armsel Striker (12 gauge) - I think I'm going to have a crack at this Benelli M1014 (Semi-Auto) (12 gauge) - add pistol grip to generic shotgun model + black Benelli M3 Super 90 (Pump and Semi-Auto) (12 gauge) - use m1014 Beretta Model 471 Silverhawk (12 gauge) - use wooden model (or bonus for engraving) Hawk 982 (12 gauge) - generic black Ithica Model 37 (12 gauge) - generic wood Mossberg 590 (12 gauge) - 1014 model Remington 870 (12 gauge) - black SRM Arms M1216 (12 gauge) - would do this too Stevens 320 Pump (12 gauge) - m1014 Vepr-12 (12 gauge) - alter ak model Winchester Model 1887 (12 gauge) - maybe alter big boy? Assault Rifles/LMGs - 1 (5) not too bad here AKM (Full-Auto and Semi-Auto) (7.62x39mm) - use ak model Norinco AKM (Semi-Auto only) (7.62x39mm) - use ak model Remington R25 (.308 Winchester/7.62x51mm) - alter ar15 and add camo AR-10 (Full-Auto and Semi-Auto) (7.62x51mm/.308 Winchster) - use ar 15 FSL LSR (.308 Winchester/7.62x51mm) - needs one, maybe alter the fal HK 91 (.308 Winchester/7.62x51mm) - change some textures and alter some things on the lsr HK G3 (Full-Auto and Semi-Auto) (7.62x51mm/.308 Winchester) - alter the fal L85A2 (Full-Auto and Semi-Auto) (5.56x45mm/.223 Remington) - droools* make M16 (Full-Auto and Semi-Auto) (5.56x45mm/.223 Remington) - ar model M249 (FN Minimi) (5.56x45mm/.223 Remington) - beef up ar model M4 (Full-Auto and Semi-Auto) Carbine (5.56x45mm/.223 Remington) - ar model SIG SG550 (Full-Auto and Semi-Auto) (5.56x45mm/.223 Remington) - ar model SIG SG551 (Full-Auto and Semi-Auto) (5.56x45mm/.223 Remington) - ar model Rifles - 4 (2) this might be challenging Beretta Cx4 Storm (9x19mm) - needs a tex Browning BLR (.308 Winchester/7.62x51mm) - use big boy Chiappa M1-9 (9x19mm) - slightly alter garand HK SL8 (.223 Remington/5.56x45mm) Lee-Enfield No. 4 (7.62x51mm/.308 Winchester) M1 Garand (.30-06 Springfield) - iconic, make one Marlin Model 60 (.22 LR) - use garand Mosin Nagant (7.62x54mmR) - use garand Red Ryder BB Gun (BBs) - iconic, make Remington Model 700 (.30-06 Springfield) - make as generic snipey Remington Model 788 (.30-30 Winchester) - use 700 Ruger 10-22 (.22 LR) - use 700 Winchester Model 70 (.30-06 Springfield) - use 700 Winchester Model 1894 (.30-30 Winchester) - use big boy Sniper Rifles - 0 (3) only alterations needed if the other columns have been finished AI-AW 308 (Arctic Warfare) (.308 Winchester/7.62x51mm) - alter dragunov L96 (7.62x51mm/.308 Winchester) - use al-aw, different skin color M1903 Springfield (.30-06 Springfield) - use garand M21 (7.62x51mm/.308 Winchester) - use garand SR-25 (7.62x51mm/.308 Winchester) alter ar SMGs - 4 (2) American-180 (.22 LR) - make Beretta 93R (9x19mm) - make Beretta MX4 (9x19mm) - alter cx4 storm Glock 18C (9x19mm) - basic black or alter and add "extras" stickin' out Kel-Tec PLR-16 (.223 Remington/5.56x45mm) - make M1A1 Thompson (.45 ACP) - make Mac-10 (.45 ACP) - "so i hit em with tha mac 10", iconic, alter uzi Mac-11 (.380 ACP) - use mac 10 Skorpion VZ. 61 (.32 ACP) - make So there, even if I never get one done, at least you have a running list that other modders may work on, of what is really needed! And that was a lot of work so I am eating and playing pz a bit before i start to toy around with it.
  7. passed out early yesterday and had no time to really get into it, it may take me a mo to cross reference the list of models with the list of those missing models. As to the taking other models, I meant less from other games and more from blender forums. There are a few guns I could get from there and alter slightly to get them working quickly. (at least the mp5 and p90, two guns I enjoy using in pz when the aiming skill is at or above 5 or 6) I have to do some chores involving driving some people to some places, but when I get home I am going to get into it and see if I can get something going to at least get you a few models before my life piles up on me again, lol.
  8. Alright man, I have some time and I feel like art tonight. That being said I think I am going to buckle down with some tutorials and blender and see if I can go ahead and do this thing. So is there any way I can get a list of firearms in the mod, with notations as to which ones have correct models already. And are you wanting me to make versions of each weapon with each combination of attachments as well? because I can consider doing some of that, bout would also need a list of every part and every guns compatibility. Also do you mind if some of the models are ripped from other games? I am COMPLETELY new to 3d, so don't expect miracles.
  9. I want this as well, who cares if it is similar to dying light, how to survive, terraria and many other games. Its become a trope, some of us like wallowing in tropes and recycled ideas. Let us eat cake!
  10. I was curious as to the current possibility of a few mods that I had ideas for. I do not really have any time to do a bunch of art assets (although I may eventually add some) So I am trying to do or collaborate on some value changing mods instead. So here are the things I desire: 1: Either choose a few random zombies to be set as bosses with stronger stats and some sort of icon of minimal visual indicator that they are not your average corpse, or same but with maybe just spawning a few bosses as extra things rather than altering zombies that were already to spawn. (and of course to make a small percent chance that any new zombies become bosses) OR to make it so that when the game chooses a zombie to be a leader for a group over a certain number of undead followers, it gets bonus stats based on how many. [and would it be possible to someday make them have unique models so that they look meatier or just more frightening in general] 2: Different settings for zombie physiology for daytime and nighttime. So that I can make all zombies weak and near useless during the day and terrifying at night. Or at least a mod to be able to alter zombie stats overall on the fly so I can just change it at night and daybreak manually (worst case scenario of course) [and for this art related question, could the models be slightly altered so that perhaps they have glowing eyes at night and use different zombie audio files] 3: Settings for zombie "evolution" or settings in which at a certain day, all zombies would go from stats set a to stats set b, and again a third and perhaps fourth time, so that the game can be more deadly as time marches on. [and the question would be similar to the first art question, in that could I make different pools of zombie evolution models that are set for stage 1, 2, etc.] Edit: Another Idea, how hard would it be to make a supernatural weather like black rain that makes it dark out, increases zombie damage, health, speed and maybe sound files used. And possible triple zombie spawn during said storm. And maybe like a zombie stampede weather pattern.
  11. Well, tbh im kind of a pixel whore. My favorite games have always been metroidvanias and mana style games. (I actually did all the isometric work in this game under slight protest, lol) and I have been kicking around some vague ides for games for years, so maybe ill jump into that, figure out multiplayer online coding, and either make my "Floatilla" or "Super Hero Game". I may, however do some research to see what I have to do to mod the 3d for this game, and if it isn't anything too intensive maybe ill make a few models. I would love to wield a combat shotgun that doesn't look like a hunting pump action, lol. And maybe fix up my favorite non-civilian bullpup to really look like a proper fn p90.
  12. I was afraid something like that would be the issue. And Idk if I care to put that much time into remaking some old jazz, as I have work of my own to do towards making games in my head come true.
  13. Thank you so much for this, has made the game something much better for my friends and I. If you ever need any sprite work done, I would be more than happy to give it a shot, so just ask if you ever need!
  14. I am having trouble getting the terminus map to work, when I put it in my mod folder, enable it in game, and try to spawn in Kentucky it gives me an error that says cant spawn player at x, y, z tile is null. So I assume the game is trying to spawn me off map? all of this is in Solo mode btw.
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