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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. This mod edits the lunge behavior of zombies, which is the part where most of them stretch out their arms and run towards you. Instead of heading directly towards the player, zombies now try to predict a player's future position to intercept them instead of constantly lagging behind them. Please try it out and tell me what you think of it. Now redone in Lua! Currently singleplayer only, I can not access IsoZombie.target through Lua for some reason, so currently the first player is always used instead. Steam Workshop version update 1: Fixed TargetVelocity. Lunging zombies only anticipate when then are near you, should prevent slow shamblers from attempting to out manouver you while being 10 meters away... While trying to run past zombies, the zombies should move more towards you instead of only cutting off your route Known issues: Singleplayer only. anticipating zombies.zip
  2. Instead of making and maintaining new threads for all of tiny little mods I make I'll just put them in this thread from now on. If it's here than it should be compatible with the latest version of PZ. Check out my Littering mod too! And please only post comments\suggestions for the mods here, if you want to say something about Littering go to it's own forum thread. Also, I am currently the caretaker of NecroForge, if you have a problem or a question that pertains to it either shoot a PM my way or post on it's forum thread. The Download links for latest versions are on the bottom of this post. All of my mods are also currently available on the Steam Workshop, the awesome posters that you see there were made by Onkeen Description in the Spoiler -- All mods are Free For All -- Have Fun! Disclaimer: You can take apart any mod that I made, learn from it, change it and upload it wherever. Credit is appreciated. I made this stuff for people to use, whether it be by just playing with it or learning from it and making it better. (NecroForge is not my mod tho, ask ZedHead for permission if you want to mess with it and upload it somewhere) Weapon Nerf Mod: Build 34 - Build 37 More Zombie Loot: Build 34 - Build 37 Additional Hair Colors: Build 34 - Build 37 Trait ReActivator: Build 34 - Build 37 Cheaterman:Build 34 - Build 37 More Edibles: Build 33 [Build 34 IF you don't use Nutrition - Pending Update] Hiking Bags Sprite Recolors: Build 34 - Build 37 Molotov Classic Recipe: Build 34 Quick Containers: Build 37+ Gunman Trait: Build 34 GunNut Trait: Build 34\35 Undying Zombies: Build 37\38 Resources/Tutorials/Whatevers - Things I have posted in Resources for other modders/players. Item Lists - For Hydrocraft, ORGM and Vanilla PZ [Currently Out of Date] Item/Recipe Script Variables - For those who want to make an item and need the possible variables that can be used. Basic Trait/Profession Template Mod - What it says on the tin. Spiffo Icons for Windows - Spiffo in .ico format for your desktop.
  3. Lewd Literature Mod Renames all skill books and magazines with sexual innuendos and double entendres. I thought that the descriptions like "Fishing for Beginners" and "Intermediate Electricity" were very boring. So I renamed all the book titles to something more... interesting. This mod renames every skill book and skill magazine with a suggestive title, as well as renaming the newspaper, magazine, and comic book. All of the skill books, as well as the newspaper, magazine, and comic book have a mouseover text (tooltip) added as well (but not to skill magazines). Obvious warning for sexual content. Also objectification (of males and females, that's fine, right?) Please let me know if you find any mistakes, if you have suggestions for alternative titles / tooltip text, or if my mod becomes out of date with the latest version of Zomboid. If you have a mod that adds skill-books, I would also be happy to work with you to create a version of this mod that works with yours / incorporate this into your mod. (This is my first mod submitted here! Let me know if I've done things the right way) ---------------- Download Directly: LewdLiteratureMod.zip Download on PZ-Mods: Lewd Literature Link EDIT: New logo (this or something similar will probably be used as the logo in later versions of the mod):
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