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  1. The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial. It was not very comfortable, but I have some working files now, to recreate a little bit of my neighbourhood.
  2. Hydrocraft Mod

    Add a tiger as bag! Like Dogs! Pleaaaase, add a tiger!! Do it! Do it! He could damage players that move it without "Tiger Wispering" Skill!
  3. Football Mod !?

    hey man would you be so kind and upload it for us?? put it into workshop, people would download in masses, while euro cup! xD would be awesome!
  4. Football Mod !?

    This would be more fun than FIFA, believe that!
  5. Football Mod !?

    Hey any modders here, capable of making a simple mod, wich contains a usable football? Just as an Item with option to interact with, so when you press e next to it, it moves a few squares? xD Would be a funny addition to the game, since now the european cup is going on. And I would love to have a nice little kick at the muldraugh football pitch with my undead friends xD Thanks, and keep up the hustle, dear modders!!