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  1. Community Vehicle Suggestions

    1990's Buick Estate Station Wagon (RoadMaster!)
  2. Add small things to main map

    Editing the vanilla files is a total pain in the ass. But adding campsites and outposts are a lot easier. I'll link some options of how and what to do later.
  3. How do you make a map?

    I'm on my phone so bare with me. What you saw previously was called creative mode that was a in game map editor. It was put on the backburner till a later time. People currently use TileZed which is the official map editor. If you check out the link I included you will find some mapping tutorials to get started. There really isn't one tutorial that covers everything and some stuff is out of date yet still contains some useful information. I suggest checking out blackbeards video tutorials on that link. It will give you a great idea of what it takes to get started. Also there is a good group of helpful mappers on the PZ discord mapping channel. Between that and the mapping forums you should be able to find most of your questions. If you have any more questions let me know and when I get on my laptop later ill explain in more detail.
  4. Queen Glory's buildings thread!

    Hah sounds like the PD is lazy and spewed off some BS. Good luck to you and your family, I've been in similar situations and its frightening and horrible. I'll refrain from further comments just for the sake of not derailing Queen Glorys page!
  5. The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    You can change things in the editor if it's easier. Top Right Tool Bar, Select the BMP Brush, then this new window pops up, scroll down to the Asphalt(main roads) and you can paint over parts of the map. Make sure to select the correct layer on the Left side of TileZed when you do. You can also click on options and set the size of the brush (which makes doing roads easy) I have mine set for 15 (which does enough to make that 4 lane highway). You can set it to whatever you want and also choose a round shape instead of square for other purposes. This might be easier than editing the base layout files for you. Take a stab see what you think. If you haven't gotten too far you can't mess up much yet, right?
  6. Queen Glory's buildings thread!

    Exactly, she's currently in long term rehab from an injury. We just went over a couple of hours ago to water her plants and feed her mob of cats. Her place is actually better than most, it's a double wide, with a den that has a real fireplace that has a door off to deck (where there use to be hot-tub) and a plum tree that overhangs it. There's a carport up front to protect vehicles from snow and the entrance. 2 Bedrooms and a Jacuzzi bathtub in the bathroom. Roses and good landscaping all the way around the building, with a hickory tree out front. Besides the scumbags, nearly dead elderly people that have no family to help maintain their homes, mobs of cats everywhere and crappy water supply it is pretty nice lol. The property managers are total tools though and get a way with murder when it comes to the elderly residents. The property rent has gone up 10X since she bought the place outright 20 years ago. At this point she could have bought a full sized house with that money alone. Sad. Now my roomie and his sister are trying to figure out what to do with it when she dies. Selling the home is strange, because most people don't want to buy something they don't own as we both said. So it's a hard market. The resale value, even on a nice one like hers is far less than the money invested.
  7. Queen Glory's buildings thread!

    My roommates mom lives in a community like that ^^^. She constantly tells me about *deals* lol. I don't want something I don't own the property too either. Also there are elevator door sprites, but no functioning elevators in game. Silly, but true.
  8. All player made Building Archives Updated 3/29/17~

    You might be using Tile Mode, get out of it and use ISO mode for stairs. Click the Stairs Icon on the top toolbar, then Stairs on the right side menu, select the stairs you want. Then place them in the editor.
  9. The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    I don't use Mapazoid, though I have checked it out. Once you get the base files down things start to make sense, so I'm glad that worked out for you. Creative mode is currently on the backburner, so no you didn't waste any time. So far using Mapazoid is the simplest way to get started. So your not missing out on anything. <---------Some links to useful tutorials. Some are out of date, but provide useful information that does carry across most of the recent updates. As there isn't a all in one tutorial yet that covers every topic. Base Layout Colors Veg Map Colors ^^^^^^^^^ These little color key's make it easy to use a color picker and make your base/veg maps in the future. There's a lot of ways to map, you can make roads in TIleZed directly or use those base Layout colors to make roads and paths. I find TileZed gives me more of a visual representation for me to work with than using the color codes. As far as foliage goes, if your using Mapazoid that might be true. If you want to add tree's and stuff later on to detail out your map, it is possible using TileZed. Though i do highly suggest you do all your Veg mapping before you start building. It will be much easier having that out of the way and if there is any land or areas you want to change in TileZed it's totally possible afterwards. I started my first map using the horrible green to the right of the red line. The rest of the grass/trees/foliage I did in TileZed itself. If I were doing more than a 1 cell map I would (again) highly recommend doing it first using Mapazoid or using the color keys. But it's really up to you.
  10. The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    Did you make sure to do the Veg Map? Even if it's a solid green color it makes a difference. Also in Gimp you can go to Export As instead of Save As to save it as a .PNG file format. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  11. How To Have Different Exterior Walls?

    Great choice! I use to live on N. Rampart right on the edge of the french quarter. Some things aren't included under Tile View so you have to go to ISO view to find them. This gives you an example of Fences to start. As you can see I selected Tile on the Left Menu. Then the menu right next to that I selected fencing_01. I can't remember which works best, but I don't see a problem setting it to a act a Wall, so right click the Texture you want, go down the list that pops up and click Walls. Then when you place it, it will look like this. A couple other textures that might work are for the posts are: fixture_stairs_01 lighting_outdoor_01 (I like the black one which is the bottom half of a street lamp) But take a look through the textures and see what fits best, there's a lot to choose from that doesn't always show up under ISO view.
  12. Union City

    DUDE that is awesome love the blockade. Just make sure Red Cross doesn't see that on your medical building roof rofl, don't wanna get sued. But seriously nice job man!
  13. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    Nice Work! If you need help figuring anything out in TileZed feel free to stop by the Mapping chatroom on discord or send me a message, I'd be more than happy to help you get the hang of it. Also here's a list of some of the Mapping Tutorials if you wanna check it out:
  14. Waffles vs Pancakes

    Leggo my Eggo
  15. How to see the whole map

    So this is what mine looks like (like yours above, but 1 Cell instead). Then to fix it we go to Edit then Select Preferences as I did above. Now we checkmark the Display map thumbnail images in WorldView box like I did below. Now you should be able to see your cell like this. I hope this isn't too late of a response or at least it helps someone else with the same problem.