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  1. Multiplayer - Different loot for different players?

    It's a bug that's been around for awhile. I don't know if it has anything to do with the Lucky trait, but for some reason it seems to change zombie loot. Strangely enough it also seems like the bigger the horde the better the loot sometimes. When I kill a couple of hundred I'll run around looking for axes, I notice that If I check right after they die it's some pretty basic loot. If I go back after letting it sit for a bit, it seems like extra items are added to the corpses. not sure if has to do with Lucky Trait, horde size or what.
  2. Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets

    Thanks EasyPickins and crew, that was fast. This was awesome to wake up too.
  3. The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    Is there a TileZed/Tile Definitions update from the recent build? or is the one on the link for this topic the most current? Thanks.
  4. Valley Station Military Outpost

    Was there new Tile Definitions released i'm unaware of? Cause this is all I have for options and I don't see anything for making it indestructible. Loading up my game to check out the tiles though now TY.
  5. Valley Station Military Outpost

    I could put this in a more forested area perhaps? or scrap em all together? I'm also working on an apartment building I thought of including for this map, it's only 2 stories but i'm basing it off a real building in my hometown. Maybe single home's would be more appropriate ?
  6. Valley Station Military Outpost

    So I wasn't very happy with the way my launch pad was going. I tried a few different variations and between the shadowing of tall buildings, confusing mesh walkways and my bad rocket sprite that was too tall (had to chop parts out to make it fit) I think I'm going to scrap that idea for now. So here are a couple of questions for everyone: Add more residential? Scrap the Bunker/ Leave the Bunker/ Rebuild the Bunker? Add 3rd Party sprites to make it look more of a Military outpost? (Military sprites are very limited and I prefer not to use non-pz ones). Either way let me know what you think, because I want to start on a new more serious map soon. But I don't want to leave this one all half-ass'd either. Thanks!
  7. Singleplayer Used Worlds

    Could always save world states using Nolans map tool I suppose? It would be cool, if in Dark Souls fashion though that you could share some things across SP experience.
  8. Looking for Artists for Custom Textures and Buildings!

    Bump, really no one interested? I know a ton of mappers that would use Military or even Lab related tiles/objects?
  9. After PZ, where will The Indie Stone go?

    Does a Sci-fi theme interest you in regards to playing or developing? If so did you ever play System Shock 2? This kind of reminded me of that...... but obviously more graphically intense. Great work
  10. A few ones!

    @Brefe Yeah, sorry that wasn't a criticism towards you, it was more about the need for a Pyre in game. One could only imagine that burning z's where you eat would be a health risk lol.
  11. Red squares with numbers

    I know Survivor mod has been acting funky? Do you have that currently? Not sure if it's related.
  12. A few ones!

    Who burns bodies where they cook anyways? We need a pyre that's a bigger object than campfires to burn bodies. Also, I think mics(voice) should attract zeds like the player yell.
  13. More Buildings and Mountains Release

    It's okay, I understand what a pain in the ass it can be, also juggling projects with real life stuff. I love the way you used the elevated bunker tiles. Even in the railyard below muldraugh they aren't utilized like that in Vanilla PZ. I noticed that on my map when I have stairs connected to stairs it seems like sometimes running up and down could get funky, but I fixed that(can't remember how). Also you can't strafe left to right normally so up and down is the only direction which generally sucks if Z's are choking you from both sides.(my experience just wondering if you noticed anything like that) It's great when people get creative with PZ and start thinking outside the box because that's when shit get's really interesting. I generally don't map things that aren't a bit of a challenge. So I commend you on doing something different because it's pretty epic. I didn't install your textures yet because I have a current map project loaded up in TileZed and it would just be one more thing I'd have floating around but later tonight or tomorrow I'm going to check out a few more buildings just to see what you did because it's really awesome. Thanks for taking the time to reply. it's always nice to pick up a thing or two from other mappers