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  1. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    The mall is a laggy chunk. It always has been. Best thing I can say would be to get as far away from the mall as possible and restart the game. Mall + Zombies = This is how you died. Though even on a toaster like mine, I've lured them away and cleared the mall. It's still pretty choppy.
  2. Can one build bridge?

    I added those in my custom map for the docks. I thought they were more appropriate than some of the other support beams. You sadly cannot build them in-game though. If for someone reason your fort burns down or even if it doesn't take a screenshot and show us!
  3. Can one build bridge?

    If you turn firespread off in sandbox options then no. Not sure otherwise, but it might be fun to try lol!
  4. Can one build bridge?

    No problem. When I was learning to map for PZ I tried to do stuff that I've never seen done. Bunkers, ships, rockets, docks. Each one has it's own issues with the game that make it a pain or difficult graphically. But it can be done. I'm not sure if it will let you make floor tiles right over the water tiles. But you can make a staircase, then build anything you want over the water on a 2nd story. You could then destroy the staircase and make a sheet-rope to land. I've done it and seen others do it in Multiplayer Servers. But to get it right against the water like the bridge from WP to Valley Station you would need to make it in TileZed (the PZ map editor). But if you can build tiles over the water without the editor yes, zombies can't walk on water...... unless they are Zombie Jesus of course!
  5. Can one build bridge?

    Yes and no. There is a bridge that goes over from WP to Valley Station. I believe the way they do that is just by simulating the idea (powered by imagination) that there is water underneath. When in fact It's all on the same level. Also docks are possible but there are issues: If you want the line of sight beyond railings to the water then you have to make them be jump-able. This can cause zombies to jump over using their pathfinding behavior, causing them to jump on water tiles and get stuck. But it the bonus is you now how a zombie shooting range. (Jump-Able/Non-Fog of War) If you make railings non-jump-able. Then the water is shadowed in a fog of war. But it keeps Zombies from falling into the water. (Non-Jump-Able/Fog of War: Best pic I could find to show you the shadows I meant though I have more somewhere) So it's a trade off. I'm sure someone with some modding skills could modify the tile behavior to change that, but I never found someone willing to do that for me. Bridges would have similar issues if done in this manner. Though it is possible. You can build out as far as you can lug wood and nails pretty much to answer your question!
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    So I've held off trying Vehicles because well....... Toaster PC with integrated Intel Card. If you have one, don't try. It will not work. Freezes at the main menu. If you can click beyond the main menu like Solo/Options - It will then hang/freeze or just exit itself. I guess I'm glad I backed up the last stable version because it sounds like it will be this computers last playable version.
  7. Copy and paste?

    Yeah. sorry I forgot to mention that. Ever since I learned that, I avoided using the draw room tool. You can still use it to designate rooms but just put walls to none.
  8. Copy and paste?

    So as you see above in the red circle on the toolbar, click the the select tool. Then you can select what objects/walls you want to copy by holding CTRL. Drag and Magic! Hope this helps!
  9. Is PZ Ever going to get finished?

    True. I guess now all I have to worry about is the new weather system eh? Bonus. Thanks for pointing that out. MP is still prolly going to be no go. Who knows maybe I'll try it out later so I can have a good cry.
  10. Map Project Update?

    This is all I got from Hunt for the Wilderdoid Thursdoid. But it should at least give you a good start.
  11. Is PZ Ever going to get finished?

    Hah EG you know I have had my share of moments in the past being frustrated at certain issues regarding this game. Some of which could have been handled better on my part, some of which could have been handled better on TIS's part. Though now days I like to think my relationship with you and others has evolved to a far more pleasant relationship. One of of patience and understanding. So I understand both sides. It for both is equally frustrating. Though I do think people's departures sometimes are related to the passage of time. For me and a few others I know it's more of just being worn out, waiting for key features or in the case of MP a lack of players.(Yes seasonal blah blah yahta yahta yahta) So for now I have reverted to being a lurker in the background just wondering if I should back up the last build before vehicles hit so I have something to play on my toaster. I've yet to switch to Vehicle branch but I can only assume with the game getting more demanding it will probably make it unplayable till I get a new computer (which won't be soon). All in all I'm not disappointed or upset with the progress. It's more of a "You should say I love you more often" type of situation in regards to the status of things like NPC's. Good Work on the other stuff. Hope to hear I love you soon!
  12. Is PZ Ever going to get finished?

    I am one of those people waiting for NPC's. I am also looking forward to when they might have more time to do things like make Custom Scenarios/Challenge maps possible for map makers (Currently it would require modding which not all map makers have, like myself). You said a lot about NPC's, which I think might not help matters. Everyone puts NPC's on a pedestal. People keep saying it's taking forever because they want to get it right and not to rush it. Okay cool. But from what I know from my experience following PZ over the years, Map Making and chats with people like Nolan - It's not an easy task. I think NPC's will be great. But I also think the reason why they are so coveted in regards to development updates are because they are the one thing they really can't screw up and they know that people's expectations are high. For years we've had updates about many upcoming features or at least what's going on in the background - even if it's without an ETA (which is fine!). But you'll notice there is ZERO talk about NPC's. I think if we lower our expectations of NPC's it would really reduce the stress of the dev team. Hell, they might be more open to even mention whether or not they've even started working on it at all recently. I think if Vehicles took this long and NPC's are dependent on stuff like Animations and other updates - they probably haven't made much headway in regards to NPC development yet. So I've restrained myself over the past couple years in even talking about it. I think NPC's will be good, but not like what you expect. I think NPC's need Animations done before they even start developing it (doubt they have done much lately). I think NPC's are easily 2 years away. I think NPC's will create a lot of overhead performance wise that will create more issues than anyone assumes. It's a touchy subject for good reason. But I'd really like to give the devs more breathing rooms and space to hopefully come to us and say hey "No new teases but yes we are doing what we can to facilitate NPC development for when Animations complete. We're constantly taking into account how zombies, vehicles and even Nolan's survivors mod functions to look at future performance hurdles. We'd like to release more information but we don't want to tease the community. Though we can say that NPC capabilities will be A,B,C and beyond without saying more to not commit or limit ourselves to what we can do." Now that would be something I'd love to read once in awhile or hear more about.
  13. Fence / Fencing in Building Editor

    That's because your trying to add them the proper way which can be a pain sometimes. Your better off just clicking the image and then placing it as is instead of setting it up as you are to use in ISO mode. You are going about it right though, but I wouldn't set it up as Furniture and you have to make sure you have a the directions correct too. If I wasn't so tired I'd try to walk you through it so maybe tomorrow.
  14. Fence / Fencing in Building Editor

    Yeah, best way is to go under Tile View - Then select fencing_01 in the Menu - Then select your fence - Right Click to get the popup menu - Select Wall Overlay or Similar - Then Place your fence. You can also use fixtures_railings and set it up the same way as well. I hope it helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Keep up the mapping! It does take forever but is really rewarding once you get even a small location/town going.
  15. Test Track

    Don't worry I'm sure they know better after the whole red cross BS. And even before.