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  1. Apezdr

    Requirement for snow?

    Wow Enigma, coming through with the touchdown. Thank you good sir.
  2. Apezdr

    Requirement for snow?

    I'm willing to throw some $ to a modder to help me get the ball rolling here. More than happy to talk $25+ please let me know if you're interested in taking me up on this or if modding support is just a hobby you enjoy I'm serious
  3. First time poster, joined the forums to ask a simple question. Is the snow determined by temperature & active rain or are there more/independent variables at play here? I'm looking to start development on a game mode similar to the winter survival map but I want to add some twists. This answer seems to be the closest I've come to it so far. But it seems he may have went another route altogether forgoing the mod idea. Thank you in advance for anyone taking the time to respond.
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