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  1. Personally for me, there will be enough one sewer, and it will be very cool!
  2. I think all cars should have the opportunity to beep, just the police cars and ambulances, there should be a beep in the form of a siren
  3. I think we should give the zombie a permanent opportunity to get into your home, so that there are not such dishonest ways to save the base as closing it with cars
  4. You are telling the truth, but please don't be aggressive. In addition, the main thing is please less spoilers, I have not watched the last eight episodes
  5. Oh, I could not understand you at once, forgive me and my English. I agree with you. Zombies - this is the biggest and most widespread threat for the player. The main goal of the game should be exactly the confrontation of the zombies, so it will be, because the first zombies appeared in the game, and not the NPC. But NPCs in turn should be more dangerous, like the enemy. At least because they should be smarter than zombies. Nevertheless, NPCs will not be numerous and the NPCs themselves will also have to fight zombies and other needs in order to survive. Therefore, I agree with you, the game must have a basis to survive in the fight against zombies, hunger and other needs, and struggle and interaction with the NPC should and will be a secondary factor (as a great and pleasant addition) It is clear that NPCs are not many opportunities and most likely they will only be the shadows of real players. But these shadows will make the game a little more real, fun and unpredictable, and most importantly, they will be able to add to each game an AI element of surprise that will allow you to play again and again and again! In addition, playing only with your friends, without a public server, you don't have to just mechanically kill zombies when you want entertainment, you and your friends can compete in accuracy and teamwork with the NPC. I doubt that someone builds on the NPC of hope more than real people. I think the NPC has the sense to bring into the game more realism, diversity and atmosphere, and not to take the place of the main gaming threat in zombies. However, the NPC must be determined by the terrible and most formidable opponent in a momentary battle.
  6. This is the logical result of the zombie apocalypse and the evolution of humanity. Whether you like it or not, unfortunately, people are more dangerous than any other living or dead organisms.
  7. This building seems a little unstable in the corners, you did not think to add its supporting pillars along the edges? I mean the pillars as were in the redone version of your building from Damien Darkside
  8. For my taste this building is too complicated in architecture I have in mind Beauty in simplicity But this is only my opinion - I don't impose it
  9. A little more about the importance of sounds in the game, and in particular about the importance of radio and etc. If you feel it <3
  10. I'm very interested, but will there be more electrical sources of outdoor lighting added? Such as portable projectors, or large llamas that illuminate the area around.
  11. In fact, the candles should not be fire dangerous, at least in the game. This makes their use very difficult. I would like to see as many large electric lamps as possible that illuminate the terrain well, maybe spotlights? I imagine how they all turn in at the same time when many zombies are moving toward my house. I'm a legend - thanks that you are was
  12. Hm... Perhaps developers can make some candlesticks in which you can replace used candles and thereby prolonging your light, and candlesticks can be located on both the floor and walls etc It would be realistic and would add to the game the search for candles, as something important. However, I would still give candles a longer time to burn than in reality, or look for candles was very sad.
  13. One way or another, even if the player is incomplete, it will be his choice and yet, it is possible to make it into the game. But. I think it's more practical to see by the end of the game development, it will be like a small nice bonus to realism. In the near future personally I would like to see many other things that would bring more pleasant to all players. P.S. Maybe it seemed to me that you are aggressive, don't attach importance to it, it's doesn't matter
  14. Stairs without rails? Please dooooooooooont I like both options. I even probably left one square and one elongated. In Moscow, I often see square business centers.