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  1. It would be nice then that the metal does not burn
  2. Oh, i have a Question! Do you know, the roof of the houses still still remains whole without the walls around? Like there was some kind of mod for this thing, but I do not know whether its developers took it into their arsenal...
  3. I think that all this is planned )
  4. Very cool idea about radio One zombie police officer with a radio can very deceive random players, it would be great! And generally speaking about animation, it is worth considering the developers' plans for animation slots for various things on the player's body. That is, it should be some kind of common slots, like things that you can wear on your belt or over your shoulder or behind your back.
  5. it's little sad
  6. Hello - It's mini topic. Guys, how about an iron doors and iron walls that could not be broken with an axe? So if you really hide your things, it's safe and without a key you would not take them? Sorry for my English Yours faithfully, the guy from cold Russia.
  7. Great idea, although now it sounds rather difficult to perform Especially like how you talk about Skyrim and Fallout, Bethesda geniuses in the stories and it's a fact! This will undoubtedly be very interesting and will add a spark to the game for many long hours, although depending of course on how much it is worked out and how many such events will happen. However, do not forget that the zomboid is a sandbox and all the same the basis of this game is its mechanics. I mean that even recurring stories should remain interesting and unexpected, to some extent. There must be a desire to try again to find such a story, that is, it must have a large number of different outcomes. Now there is such a feeling that there is no life outside the city, although it seems that the city should not go by a single continuous highway City grows gradually, some houses we should find as hermits far in the forest, and so the map should have a large number of suburban buildings and districts, which is very suitable for your idea!
  8. This is normal, people almost burned our country house so
  9. A good post, very specific, I do not even know yet what could be added to it. The only thing, it seems to me the problem with spare parts can. If on all machines they will be different, it will be very difficult to find the specific ones you need. And yes, we really need an opportunity for a zombie to turn the car over, climb over it or pull us out of it. It would also be nice to have transparent glass, but I do not know if it's possible. It's just as well probably if the models of the type of pickups will be with a closed luggage compartment, for example a tarpaulin. Or when transporting things it will be seen that there is nothing there - it will be sad... Anyway topic is very extensive, I for some reason doubt that all this will be in the game ... I understand that this is normal, but it's a pity that the gasoline ends
  10. animals

    I wonder if there is still the opportunity to add aggressive beasts? For the same wolves and bears, if they should appear as aggressive animals, it is clearly not at the beginning of the game, because they could not live near people when it all began ... I want to of course have some enemies other than a zombie... because the map is large, people can not be met often, and chances are that you will get a bullet from them faster than they do from you. Ideally, of course, it's some sort of hostile NPC, like a bandits... Although maybe it's any modifications with zombies, as in dying light? A good idea for developers is to come up with treasure maps with hidden zombies in their homes, this will somehow revitalize the game, but want as much innovation as possible to make the game more dynamic and interesting. Of course, counting your calories, collect different cars and building your house is an entertaining activity. But as for the action, it still seems boring... Zombies of course a lot, but they are still simple and boring in the battles, to deceive them is not difficult - it's more tedious. Although they often bite and it's killing your great character People, as I said, also don't meet often and hide more and more... Animals seem an alternative to entertainment, in addition to gardening, reading books and hunting for treasures. As it would be great to track moose and imperceptibly let's stumble upon a bear? Or, if one of the animals hunted you while you were hunting for someone?
  11. That's just a great idea! Yes!!! However, with motorcycles yet likely to be difficult. Because they must accelerate no worse than cars, and I already noticed that when you eat by car the map is loaded for a long time. Imagine what will happen if the card will be loaded slowly and you will fly into the house, for example, at full speed
  12. «Zoeyflower» Oh no, I did not mean any specific music tracks for which developers would have to pay a license. I was referring only to the quiet sound of radio interference with a weak voice on the background, this voice would quietly hum any motive. I think a license would not have to be paid in that case, because it would be impossible to understand what kind of song it was. I agree on the pronunciation of the music text, it's not bad. But in complete silence, personally for me, it's a bit sad Anyway in the main we do agree with you, cut most of the sound is not quite atmospheric «Damien Darkside» I think if the developers have plans on the radio, perhaps such a function will be introduced into the game. But this again has a number of difficulties. Firstly, I do not think that somehow the game will recognize the intensity and volume of the music itself that you can add from your PC. This seems to me rly difficult to implement. And secondly, if you for example listen to music with distinct human speech, it can disrupt the atmosphere of the game, because the game is in absolute speech silence and, for example, the TV in the game will clearly be deprived of a clear human speech. That is, there will be a human voice on the radio, but not on TV? But of course it is not a problem, developers can add such a function, and for the atmosphere of your game only you will be responsible or only your musical tastes Personally, I consider the absence of legible human speech - the right decision. In the end, if some kind of musical sound, in my opinion, should be added, then it is the music that the developers deem appropriate for the game and without the obvious human speech. When I say - without the obvious human speech - I mean... If someone played a fallout, maybe he will be able to understand what I mean, because in fallout you can hear light unobtrusive music, with a vague sound of a voice. In general, something like that.
  13. animals

    «Once animations are out the door they have said they will let us in on some details of the upcoming feature's, That includes animals.» It's great that the developers have plans for this! They make the game better, though not fast. The main thing of course to see all that sooner or later!
  14. animals

    Hm... On the other hand, of course, it's unlikely that bears and wolves lived so closely with a human... And always provided the danger of an attack... But nevertheless dogs, deers and many rodents could live - it's fact. The main thing is the fact that animals could be really seen in the open spaces of the game, and not only in the character's inventory.
  15. I'm glad that I got someone's attention! In fact, almost everyone can ride on the board. Although of course, in order to ride and not fall you need to learn for a while. Anyway - Yes, of course, skateboarding is just a guess. That is, I want to say - I just wanted to pay attention to modes of transport other than cars, since this sphere has great potential, and of course we need to wait for new animations! And we running sprint stumbling right into the crowd of zombies It was interesting to read your comment, thank you «FireOnAsphalt» !