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  1. Margera

    Project CarZ

    It would probably be great if the fire filled the whole cage, and by chance would be large or small. But more likely - that the fire would be small, so that the fps would not break.
  2. Yes, one zombie clearly should not be a problem - I agree. However, I do not think that you should beat him for half a minute, so that he falls and you can finish him off. + There is no tension from the battle and I think this is a mess. Although now and the crowd of zombies does not strain the player. In general, I think that the battle should be a battle, not just a lot of mouse clicks.
  3. Just need to work with the stamina parameter. Customize the battle so that your character is tired after 5-10 killed zombies. Thus, the developer would avoid an imbalance in the combat system. Nevertheless, as it looks now - I'm sad. Killing a zombie does not cause any trouble, you just click on the mouse and hope that the animation will not break and you will not be bitten.
  4. Margera

    Project CarZ

    Great mondoid. I wonder if the graphic component of the combustion process will be reworked, in other words, fire. It seems he can look much nicer. It would have been even more fun to set fire to a horde)
  5. Some moments I also noticed these small "signs". However, by purposefully checking this, I made sure of my time that there is no system - there is only poking and different characteristics of zombies. Perhaps, of course, like you, I'm wrong. I also liked to reflect on this topic, but I want something more specific than the thinking of players like me and you. What is something that the developers would have confirmed, and maybe even balanced ...
  6. The forum is actively discussing the imperfection of the shooting system, but I would like to talk about a melee system. When long ago, when I started playing, the guys advised me to keep the aiming with the mouse longer, so that the blow would be stronger, but in the game I did not find this later. At the moment, close combat presents itself with monotonous clicks on the mouse so that when the zombie falls, just finish it off - which is also not very cool, but it's not about that. When I remembered that manual, I thought that maybe it would be cool not just to click on the mouse, but as if to put a blow. In theory, in fact, to strike a good clear blow, you need a couple of moments to aim. Such a system could increase the chance of a critical hit for example. More then, it could bring something new to the melee system, which would not allow the system to slide into a dull mouse-clicking. This would be a constant tension in the battle and a passionate pleasure from every next critical strike delivered right to the target ... In addition to this system, it would be possible to make some interface to understand that the chance of critical attack is increased, for example, a small circle at the time of aiming is filled with color in a few moments. Such a circle will mean that the impact will be aimed, rather than in passing. Sorry for my English Yours faithfully, the guy from cold Russia
  7. Margera


    Why do not you like the usual handcar?
  8. As far as we know, hunting in the near future will be presented in a different form, rather than now.
  9. Slightly rewind the page and you will see it. You are not the first to notice this flaw.
  10. Anyway, I defined the length of time approximately, I'm sorry if I make a mistake
  11. Watching the development of the game, a year or two years ago, I almost did not notice the changes. Was it because of my inattention or insignificance of the changes that developers make, I do not know. However, I want to note that now I see the development is in full swing. Most of the changes are really valuable and meaningful for the players, personally I'm very glad about it! Transport, voice communication technology, development of TV and radio, evolution of the editor, development of FOV players and many many other small but significant changes... These are great steps for the game.
  12. Margera

    House of Fuels

    But I'm worried about another problem. Suppose, we have an shooter on the second floor. If we are on the street below, he sees us, but we do not see him. Especially the relevance of this problem becomes if the street in the direction of the East-West. Then all the windows of buildings located in the north for us, just not visible... P.S. Honestly, I don't know how to solve this problem, but this is a big imbalance for the network game...
  13. As another guy from Russia, I agree with you.
  14. Because of this problem it is very easy to get a bullet, while not even knowing where it came from.
  15. I think all cars should have the opportunity to beep, just the police cars and ambulances, there should be a beep in the form of a siren
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