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  1. ToastedFishSandwich

    How to Spawn a Zombie

    Hi all. I know this probably quite a simple problem and I have tried to find a solution on but haven't had any luck just yet. Quite a while ago I could do it like this: z = getVirtualZombieManager():createRealZombieNow(X, Y, Z); But sometime in the past few years that stopped working. What's the new method (and what's the best way to find out for myself in the future)? Edit: Okay I may have found it already myself (I could have found it sooner if Google hadn't decided to hide the majority of my search results on the topic for some reason). Testing now. For anybody trying to solve the same problem in future new code is z = createZombie(dupeX, dupeY, dupeZ, nil, 0, IsoDirections.E);
  2. ToastedFishSandwich

    Zombie Duplication Mod

    Sorry for the delay. My "soon" is about as reliable as TIS's lmao. The new version is done for singleplayer. Next I'll try to get it working with multiplayer and after that I'll try to put various options into the sandbox menu rather than different downloads.
  3. ToastedFishSandwich

    Zombie Duplication Mod

    Be warned that it may not be working well at this time, it hasn't been updated for two or three years. A new version will be arriving soon.
  4. ToastedFishSandwich

    Zombie Duplication Mod

    No problem, I still think it's a cool idea. The only reason I stopped updating it was because I took a bit of a break from the game but it's been updated quite a bit since so I think I'm going to be getting back into it. Anything in particular you'd like to see in the mod?
  5. ToastedFishSandwich

    Zombie Duplication Mod

    Hi there, I hope you've got everything working now. I never started on multiplayer support for the mod but your post has reminded me about it and I think I might have another crack at it in a few weeks with multiplayer support, more options and better functionality (quite often with this version you'll see the zombies popping in, for example).
  6. ToastedFishSandwich

    Dying of old age

    I don't think it would be much fun to play on the same world for over a year in real time only to suddenly drop dead due to factors outside of your control. It wouldn't feel much different from there being a random chance for your character to die every in-game hour.
  7. ToastedFishSandwich

    Vapor Trail Bullets?

    This is one of my biggest problems with guns right now. There definitely needs to be more feedback to the player and client-side bullet trails would be a great way to do it.
  8. ToastedFishSandwich

    More sprite granularity.

    Backpacks are in the works and should arrive in a future update. Holstered guns and weapons will probably come eventually.
  9. ToastedFishSandwich

    Smarter loot system

    Just a little checkbox to fade out the icon on the side of the inventory and prevent that container from being auto-selected would be enough.
  10. ToastedFishSandwich

    Can we get a new aiming system?

    I really think that the circle or a cone of fire would be really helpful in improving the feel of the guns. They're fairly usable at the moment if you understand the systems at play but I don't really think you should have to. It should still be based around your character's skill but there should at least be some kind of indication of the margin for error. At the moment it's not even clear if the gun is firing and missing or just bugged since nothing visible seems to come out of the end (as far as I've seen anyway). Having the bullets visible (regardless of realism) and even something as simple as a little percent chance to hit next to the mouse would do wonders for the feel of guns for new players.
  11. ToastedFishSandwich

    Better lighting system

    Personally I'd love a nice shiny new lighting system. A while ago I saw a really cool mock-up somebody did of dynamic lighting with shadows and all that nice stuff and I thought it was awesome. It also showed that such a thing could be done without messing too much with the style of the game. Edit: I found it! Obviously I can't comment on the feasibility of actually adding this but who knows what the future holds?
  12. ToastedFishSandwich

    Moveable items

    NPCs or a high strength stat.
  13. ToastedFishSandwich

    No NPC mentions policy

    That's just a couple of people. Don't worry too much about it. I know it must be hard to see past the few negative people but there's so much positivity surrounding the game too. The vast majority love it, it's only a few who can't deal with waiting (or just want to provoke a reaction) who complain like that.
  14. ToastedFishSandwich

    No NPC mentions policy

    What happened?
  15. ToastedFishSandwich

    A few uses few items

    I think it's something they added fairly recently with the electronics system (or maybe it's not been added yet and I saw it on a Mondoid).