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  1. Thats fair enough, but that's not how I wish to play the game, also this was posted to mod requests and its also me asking for help to know how to change setting myself, and I know that this is an annoyance for some other players, and yeah, I don't know what to say but there is grass growing on wooden floorboards I placed. I will re-test the generators with a TV, but I tried with table lamp when I first built my base. also the changelog on build 32 https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/613958868370685611/ states " Once placed near a house, it doesn't work with player made safeh
  2. On Bedford Falls, I'm building a base in the large clearing east of the lake in the middle. With the latest build you can move lights, sinks and TV's etc, but because it isn't an existing house, the game doesn't supply power/ water to them.(yes the water and electricity are still on in game). So is there an easy way to mod the files either with the map editor or manually to make the game see those cells as having water/electricity? - I also want to do this to stop erosion from spawning grass and shrubs inside my base. I don't really expect a mod, just a quick fix until the devs implem
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