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  1. when would we be able to download m8?
  2. "torrents are currently offline" i have bit torrent too
  3. yes but it says torrents are not available
  4. Great job on the map but when can we download it for offline viewing?
  5. it would be a big difference as your finding metal an such in late game. A sheet of metal could make maybe around 5 cans with lids... idk. Also thanks kim jon un, anyway i can move this to the suggestions section?
  6. Hey i just wanted to say that with the introduction of metal and metal working, would the Devs eventually put in canning your own food? It seems like a simple process... I even found a video about it xD There can be canning machines found, (rarely) through out the urban areas, they require electricity so with the addition of the generators and gas it would make a great addition to the game. You would have to start farming early on and then you can make your own food storage for late game. Also i'd also love to see a way to create a makeshift fishing rod from nothing but what you find in the wilderness. That brings up a new way of making string or rope, from vines or just from zombie's clothes. Anyway i'm sure these ideas have been posted before but i'm just bringing it back up.
  7. That sounds awesome really. Just imagining moving into the warehouse to get some supplies and as soon as i knock that door over BOOM. Mass of zeds raping my character. And the idea of looting/exploring by day and rushing to get home before the hordes come out is pretty cool. Overall i'd give this a thumbs up.
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