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  1. Would have never known if it is, Blasted_Taco. Also I think that muffled scream Kate is making means she wants another pillow.
  2. I almost feel guity posting this, considering how short it is. I've talked with a couple of people, and what I find always lacking is a visual indicator of stamina. I know we have moddles for that, but it'd be nice to have a little white bar pop up near the player when you run / swing your weapon, and so forth. After two or three seconds, if you aren't doing anything strenuous, the stamina bar would vanish. What do you think people? Is it doable? Who else wants this mod?
  3. No More Panic Mod Request In short, the more zombies the player has killed, the less panicked they are when encountering them. This mod means panic reduces faster over time for more experienced survivors. It also means panic is *multiplied* for less experienced survivors. Heres the gist: 0 kills: panic * 4.00 1 kill: panic * 2.00 2 kill: panic * 1.00 5 kills: panic * 0.95 10 kills: panic * 0.90 25 kills: panic * 0.85 50 kills: panic * 0.80 100 kills: panic * 0.70 250 kills: panic * 0.60 500 kills: panic * 0.50 1000 kills: panic * 0.25 Based on time to calm down: 1000 kills: panic cool down * 4.00 500 kills: panic cool down * 2.00 250 kills: panic cool down * 1.00 etc.. This makes beta blockers more valuable early on, and makes killing zombies versus avoiding / saving your weapon more of a choice. Survivors who live and fight long enough become hardened and unphased by the sight of the dead, which is as to be expected. The beautiful thing is if you are six months or a year in, you no longer have to be annoyed by the panic moodle constantly popping up for something *you should be used to be now*.
  4. Fool

    Driving Cars Mod

    Why use a car object to control acceleration / fuel usage etc, when vehicle keys and bags on the player can do that for you? Why not change or attach a sprite to the player model itself? Cars, like doors, match to keys. Put all the code on the vehicle keys. When you activate a key to get into a car, it runs a script to check proximity to a matching vehicle or car object. The vehicle key then spawns a bag object on the player called 'trunk', increases player carrying capacity accordingly, and makes the player invulnerable. Everything in the car object which is really just a container like say, a dumpster with a vehicle sprite and loot table is automatically transferred into the 'trunk' (bag) attached to the player. Finally, the individual vehicle's sprite replaces or is attached /overlaps the player, and the last of all, the original vehicle object is destroyed. Make it a timed action that cancels / is undone if the player moves at all, to prevent exploits. From here, fuel is just an object in the 'trunk' or a separate (bag) item in the inventory/equipped to the player. Acceleration / handling / fuel consumption are all controlled by code attached to the vehicle keys. When the player presses a key to 'exit' the vehicle: 1. Spawn a matching vehicle object nearby. 2. Transfer contents of 'trunk' from player to vehicle object on ground 3. Remove 'trunk' from player bags 4. Make the player vulnerable again 5. Set player walk speed to normal 6. spawn in or transfer fuel equivalent to whatever is left in inventory / in 'vehicle' 7. Change the player sprite or model back to normal / destroy vehicle sprite attached to player 8. Set player carrying capacity back to normal This mitigates having to constantly update the position of a container at all, because it has the player essentially act as the container, and all the code runs on objects in inventory. If I'm wrong, or misunderstanding something, or this wouldn't work for some reason, let me know. Maybe this could solve for problems with mp? What do you guys think?
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