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  1. Nice, can we change corpse decay delay ? Not fully disappearing, but skeletons instead ?
  2. Junkid

    Sunbeds and SunZeds

    Sorry I meant it was new water
  3. Junkid

    Sunbeds and SunZeds

    It's me or it's true water ?
  4. Yeah i agree, it's frustrating... But this game is already frustrating a lot (bleed out to death after climbing a broken window, be trapped in a car with many zombies around, be invade by horde at night because you have run for get to the second floor... unlucky). And that's why we love it, be better in every game. But you right, it's details, that needs to come after big work (NPC, Louisville). In many ways, i trust in the devs.
  5. Hi, As you know, Project Zomboid is a exacting game, challenging, but when you have HQ, game is a little more easy, and the fire is not a real danger when you know how that works. So why not implement thunder and a chance to be hit by thunder, you or your base. (1/200, something like this, a little chance) Imagine that you run on a football ground or on a wide grass ground and be followed by many zombies. Suddenly, a zombie (or you) get electrocute, this starts a fire, burning the soil and everything around. There'll be realistic conditions, you
  6. This would be awesome but i don't think the engine of the game can handle that. And if that was the case, imagine hundreds of zombies with a ragdoll system, it would be really laggy. Nice idea but i think more bodies positions is a good start.
  7. (Response didn't post ?) Yeah, more traps and barricades would be cool. Trunks walls are nice but not realistic. Seriously, in a zombie apocalypse, you take first things you see for defend yourself, no time to cut trees, sharp wood, and make walls. No time. So yeah, junk barricades would be awesome (you can also use cars as walls)
  8. And that's a real problem for immersion i think, this make sense when the infection start (and not really because it's supposed to be chaos), but when you reach a year of survival and the city is still clean (with some damaged roads or ivy on walls). Inevitably, break immersion. Hope devs will work on that Yeah just planks and zombies, no blood, no garbage, no mess... Strange feeling. It's an awesome game but this part needs work.
  9. I hope so. Little details make great games.
  10. Hi, I think PZ sorely lacking of details for a zombie apocalypse, streets are too clean, everything is too smooth... So, here's a list of some improvements that can be added to the game: - More wastes (more trash on the street, like papers, blood, bodies...) - More street furnitures (barricades, sandbags, destroyed police barrage, overturned cars, bus stops, destroyed or damaged steetlights...) - More horror (rotten bodies, dead bodies with supplies, blood splatters, bones, mummified bodies, suiciders, clothes and broken dishes on floor in houses..
  11. Yeah i see, but we already have this in current PZ build (crawling zombie). I hope too, i'm waiting for this since first beta.
  12. Not really, the bodies are the same (on back with a hand on the belly).
  13. Hi, I think adding more corpse positions may make the game more realistic. When you kill dozens of zombies (making a field, litterally), it's a little bit frustrating when they all have the same position (on the back, hand on the chest). I think this will had more immersion. What do you think about ?
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