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  1. At least the number of players is if the server is online or offline. sorry for my english.
  2. hi In the future it is planned to be able to view information about a site like GameTracker?
  3. Dear Francophones, Here is a thread where we could coordinate the translation effort. I don't know whether it will be decided to keep this format as translation progresses, but this is probably as good as it can be for now. IMPORTANT NOTE: As from now on, the translated files are hosted on a Mega account. The public link to access the folder containing these files is below. This is to ease the update process when builds are released and to avoid tedious copy / paste processes for our beloved RobertJohnson (and for me to avoid fiddling with an ever-expanding text-tree) . The translation remains a collaborative process, and anyone is still welcome to propose inputs in the forum . Galbar or myself will make the suggested changes in the files hosted in Mega. Contributors: last edited: 19/01/14 Akyhbabadu83510CareBearCorpseErsirGalbarMarmotte971MeabeNioshyPeanuts Link to the updated content in Mega: last edited: 19/01/14https://mega.co.nz/#F!WwBnSTIS!S3DjyliIVkU1iqUUHWxT4A
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