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  1. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    I get ya. I can't say I'm on either side of whether batteries and gas should be degradable or not, I understand that it's a game and balance and enjoyment are more important than 'realism'. I just figured that might be the case with car batteries based on my interpretation of what Axezombie had said. Cheers for letting me know that about batteries anyway. At least that won't be added into the Wiki.
  2. Major Buildings Request Thread

    I really like science labs, whether or not they were working on a cure. I really like the idea of an abandoned lab in a zombie apocalypse. Asylums - mental Winery - with all that farmland you'd think there'd be a winery somewhere Power plant - Mill Creek Station is a coal power plant next to where Valley Station is in the real world. Could be an abundance of coal/charcoal Refinery - storing an abundance of gasoline Railway Stations - although I think they might already be planned
  3. Expanding on this^ suggestion plus my own 762 More throwable items to distract zombies stones (755) empty tin/pop can sparklers/box of sparklers sports equipment, give all the useless balls and such a use Bell +ability to ring it to draw zombies towards you 763 Use coldpack to reduce pain moodle. 764 Use toys to reduce unhappiness, stress, boredom 765 Use crayons to write in notebooks, journals, paper and maps +red and blue pens 766 Clean blood with a sponge, like the mop 767 Add socks, red wine and chardonnay to molotov cocktail recipe. Pretty sure socks used to be a thing... 768 Empty wine and chardonnay bottles refillable with water. 769 Disarmable security/home alarm, requiring a certain electrical skill, and give player the home alarm item after disarming.
  4. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Pretty sure that's not a bug, it's probably intended to be like that. Just like real life, if you don't use a (car) battery it'll degrade/discharge over time and eventually go flat on its own (although 6 months is very quick for your standard alkaline battery, but it's a game). (see EnigmaGrey's post below) Mentioning that, I'm wondering if making gasoline degrade over time should be added or not. This is probably still planned. I think I remember RJ talking about it in discord the day vehicles were released. It might be more of a 'proof of concept' sort of thing for now.
  5. Can't load game for shutting down the computer

    I'm no expert, but the "backup" I'm pretty sure was created when the game updated to vehicles, based on the date "01-06-2018". What I would do, because that's your only savegame, is backup that "backup" (01-06-2018_09-54-52_backup) then try to launch that save. If that fails, try it again on the "38.30(pre-vehicles)" branch. On steam it can be accessed by right-clicking Project Zomboid in your steam library, then clicking on Properties > Betas, then click the dropdown box and select "38.30(pre-vehicles)" and launch the game. If you post your results in this thread, Support might be able to help you further. For your other save, if you've played it within the past 7 days, it looks like the save has been corrupted and deleted itself when your power went out. Support might have a better solution, but until then I'd give this^ a go. Good luck.
  6. Having issues with vehicles (360 Controller + MacOS)

    Quick Answer: Left-trigger is to brake and reverse. Firstly, by "automatically" are you saying that the vehicle turns on and accelerates without you pressing anything, i.e. not pressing "Right-Trigger"? Because that's not suppose to happen. I just tested this on Windows IWBUMS 39.67.2 and I had none of the issues you mentioned. "B" is displayed on screen as the brake, however it's the hand-brake (parking brake, emergency brake) rather than the normal pedal brake (which are the keyboard equivalents of "SPACEBAR" and "S", respectively). To reverse you have to press the "Left-Trigger". So maybe you got confused by that? If you're still having issues, I'd say it's probably a Mac issue. By the way, changes to the gamepad/controller are planned for build 40. So maybe that'll fix any confusions with the current controller setup.
  7. I'm assuming this is the chair you're talking about? I initially thought it might be because there was only a texture for those two directions, as is the case for some objects. But I can confirm that the art is there (so long as this is the right chair ).
  8. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    ESC definitely works. Whether it be in a vehicle, out of a vehicle, reading, transferring items, with the engine on, with the engine off. E or any other key isn't suppose to cancel the action. The "Cancel Action" key can be changed in Options > Key Bindings > Player Control > Cancel Action. I think it might be an idea to add either E, W or SPACEBAR to cancel an action as well, as I'm aware pressing ESC in a frantic situation may not be the first key you think of.
  9. House missing a large wall

    Someone else on Discord mentioned they've been seeing this a lot, however it's the only time I've seen it like this. I did also find a missing tile here:,0.2794052309844263,197.81359483314137 I confirmed it twice with a new character/game, except it was gone after a reload. Batsphinx mentioned you already had it recorded though. Thought I'd mention this as well, again, in case it was related, since you said the wall appeared after generating the cell again.
  10. House missing a large wall

    Flibble666 on Discord noticed a house is missing a large chunk of its wall. This is seen on Build 39.66.3 Checked on Build 38.30 and the wall was not missing. Coords: 13814x4682 Cell: 46x15 Rel: 14x180 Location on Project Zomboid Map Project Note that although these images were taken from Blindcoder's map project, it was checked and confirmed in-game. Not a graphical glitch as I could walk through where the wall should be. Build 39.66.3 Build 38.30
  11. RELEASED: Build 39 - The Vehicles Build

    The part info tooltip for the Trunk Lid says: "A damaged trunk lid may result in objects falling from your vehicle." So what does this mean for vehicles without a trunk lid? Whether it's been broken/removed or, more specifically, the truck bed for the Chevalier D6? Since it doesn't have a trunk lid, will items randomly have a chance to fall out? Seems like it would be important to know. If it's already been mentioned, a link to the post would be appreciated. Picture reference for those unaware of what the Chevalier D6 is.
  12. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Thanks RJ. I'll look into getting that fixed on the wiki. @Shinjitsu noDeshi the discord wiki just displays the raw code for the item, so I highly doubt that'd be changed to incorporate what RJ has said.
  13. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    The wiki is based on this line in newitems.txt: ConditionLowerChanceOneIn = 20 So maybe that field isn't used, or it's been misinterpreted?
  14. RELEASED: Build 39 - The Vehicles Build

    The official PZwiki has been updated with the new changelogs. All the public vehicle builds released up until now have been archived here.