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  1. YES! After dabbling with modding lately, I've noticed the current menu feels very cluttered after subscribing to just a few mods. NasKo had also recently suggested using a tick-checkbox instead of the current "active" one, since there have been the few that haven't realised their mod isn't activated. I'd also like to see a way to adjust the load order.
  2. Vaileasys


    Dirty and bloody clothes do currently increase the chance of a wound getting infected - this was added in build 39. Though it would be nice to see this go further with making the player sick, similar to how corpses do.
  3. Potential to be added after the new animation system, although it'd create the problem sheet ropes initially had: 100% zombie proof bases. Combat will be seeing some changes with the new animations system, the extent will likely include firearms and accuracy. There are already survivor caches in cars, along with profession caches. Coming across a vehicle that's running would certainly be a bit spooky. Corpses can already spawn in any seat, along with the trunk. Although they can be fairly rare.
  4. Hi and welcome to the wiki The images are taken from the texturepack folder at: "\ProjectZomboid\media\texturepacks" inside .pack file types. So you'll need UnPacker to extract the files correctly. From there, you'll need image editing software, such as Paint.net, to crop the image you want. The organisation of the wiki is a big thing I've wanted to get stuck into, but it's such a big task. The current structure can be found here and I've been working on a new structure which is here. Any help with organisation would be awesome! You can copy and paste my WIP wiki ind
  5. That's intentional. They have a low chance of spawning in any fridge, even in fast-food restaurants. I assume it's meant to seem like worms are living inside the food. You can also find things like dead mice in ovens and cupboards.
  6. Literally unplayable Here are the technical details in case they're of any help. Tiles2x.pack/Tiles2x81/index=90, vegetation_farming_01_64 Here's the tile in all its glory.
  7. I imagine that once NPCs are on their way to being added, they'll likely take a look over all the current systems like Moodles and traits to see what can be changed to benefit from them. Pacifist would definitely be one that I'd expect would need to be changed to accompany them. I agree with this suggestion anyhow.
  8. These are a few bugs I've noticed associated with all the Jar of [Food] in build 40.7. 1. Cooking They all have an "Uncooked" tag, which upon cooking, doesn't seem to do anything, apart from changing to "Cooked". Burning gives the usual +20 boredom and unhappiness, except it can't be eaten, only opened. Upon opening, nothing seems to have changed with the contents. Possibly I'm missing something? I considered it might be part of the pickling process, however I don't think that's normal when pickling food. They are set to be cookable in newitems.txt. So maybe just leftover code after swit
  9. Maybe even include it as part of the Cooking skill. Say, level X you learn the nutrition values of foods that aren't considered as "packaged". Or if having it as a magazine, I'd recommend adding it as a cooking magazine, such as: Good Cooking Magazine Vol. 3 Since cold medicine isn't particularly "unique" in curing just a cold. Consider cough medicine, to reduce the player coughing. Or include pain as part of having a cold, giving another purpose for painkillers.
  10. Since RemouladeFull was given nutrition values in build 40.6, I noticed it's missing the "Packaged = TRUE" tag, which would make the nutritional values visible to anyone, as is the case with mayonnaise. Comparison of MayonnaiseFull (238) and RemouladeFull (280) in farming.txt, showing only the nutrition information.
  11. Stable is preferred, however little things like name changes aren't a big issue. I just take as a case by case situation and try to determine whether it's too big of a change to add. Also, if I figured if I start adding things while they're in testing, I might have it ready for the full release. I guess it really just depends. Also, we have a Page Updated tag at the top of the page which also lets you know which version the page is updated to. Those without the tag, are likely VERY outdated. Wanted to correct myself here. While we update pages to the most current beta/test versio
  12. Not at the moment, but it's definitely something planned. In fact, it's already in on the Weather Test Build. Except it doesn't give any materials yet.
  13. You can also use a bath towel and dish towel to clean bloodstains. I agree with the sponge and rags though.
  14. After playing around with explosives and the weather test, I noticed that the fire animations are hidden behind the snow, completely hiding fire if there's enough snow tiles nearby. Also noticed it's blocked by train tracks and trees. Here's a screenshot of what I mean. It's the exact same issue for smoke from the smoke bomb Here are more screenshots showing it off.
  15. Figured I should add this here rather than making a new thread. After the name change on the weather build of LightBulb -> Light Bulb The context menu in ContextMenu_EN.txt is unchanged. ContextMenu_RemoveLightbulb = "Remove Lightbulb" -> "Remove Light Bulb" and ContextMenu_AddLightbulb = "Add Lightbulb" -> "Add Light Bulb"
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