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  1. Favourite Location(s) in Project Zomboid

    I'm disappointed to see no love for the mall Btw, I'll be keeping all these comments in mind once I actually start writing the pages for each location. So if there's anything you like about each place or even a strategy you tend to stick to, let me know.
  2. What Role WIll Fort Knox Have In The Game?

    Fort Knox isn't mentioned directly, but it does seem like it'll play a fairly big role for the future of the backstory. SPOILERS I think it'll probably have some part to play in the story once NPCs are in, but it's hard to say right now. The devs have also said military vehicles won't be added until Fort Knox and NPCs are ready to go in.
  3. The wiki needs your help

    Hi and welcome to the wiki The images are taken from the texturepack folder at: "\ProjectZomboid\media\texturepacks" inside .pack file types. So you'll need UnPacker to extract the files correctly. From there, you'll need image editing software, such as, to crop the image you want. The organisation of the wiki is a big thing I've wanted to get stuck into, but it's such a big task. The current structure can be found here and I've been working on a new structure which is here. Any help with organisation would be awesome! You can copy and paste my WIP wiki index into your own sandbox and play around with it if you'd like. The big problem I've had with the categories is that it's hard to make them nice and linear. I'll give you an example: As you can see, that can start to get pretty messy, with categories like Heat sources and Tools being used in multiple subcategories... But, have a play around and we'll see what we can come up with. If you want better collaboration, we have a discord channel
  4. Best Zombie Games

    These are my favourites from survival, open-world/story and real-time-strategy. Project Zomboid - Easily the best survival game I've ever played. Dying Light - I've always been a big fan of open-world games, but adding zombies to an open-world GTA-style game makes it so much better for me. Having a focus on parkour in a zombie apocalypse was really interesting, since you've got to keep to the rooftops to stay away from the crowds of zombies. The story isn't amazing, but it's not that bad either. Open-world, Zombies and Parkour? Yes please. They Are Billions - This is still a new game in early access. Growing up I mostly played RTS games, so adding hordes of zombies to an RTS game seemed like a fantastic idea. Manage resources, build your base, clear areas of zombies for expansion and defend against waves of zombies. With a campaign currently in the works, this one holds a lot of potential.
  5. Favourite Location(s) in Project Zomboid

    I'm not sure that's possible I'll keep your vote in mind though. I've already done a bit of work on Scenic Grove, so it might be one of the first to be added
  6. [40.16] Worm spawn in fridge.

    That's intentional. They have a low chance of spawning in any fridge, even in fast-food restaurants. I assume it's meant to seem like worms are living inside the food. You can also find things like dead mice in ovens and cupboards.
  7. Small green pixel on Tomato Vine

    Literally unplayable Here are the technical details in case they're of any help. Tiles2x.pack/Tiles2x81/index=90, vegetation_farming_01_64 Here's the tile in all its glory.
  8. Favourite Location(s) in Project Zomboid

    That'd be covered as part of Scenic Grove
  9. Looking forward in improving the PZwiki, I'm planning on working on the world of Project Zomboid. I plan to give each of these locations their own detailed page. However, I'm not sure where to start, so I turn to you all and ask, what is your favourite location in Project Zomboid? After about a month (or whenever I start working on it) the location with the most votes will (most likely) be the first to be given its own detailed article, followed by the second, then third and so forth. Below are some details about each town/location with a map link. 1. Favourite major area? 2. Favourite minor area? These are some other smaller areas that won't take nearly as long as the above places. If there's enough demand, I'll add these intermittently. If you yourself want to add any of these locations to the wiki, you don't need my permission, feel free to add or amend anything you'd like. But, if you'd like to collaborate with me into getting these added, then send me a message or ping me on Discord.
  10. Is Rosewood and riverside real places?

    It doesn't help that both blindcoder's map and the wiki still call it Knox County. It's something I've wanted to change on the wiki for a while now.
  11. Change to the pacifist trait?

    I imagine that once NPCs are on their way to being added, they'll likely take a look over all the current systems like Moodles and traits to see what can be changed to benefit from them. Pacifist would definitely be one that I'd expect would need to be changed to accompany them. I agree with this suggestion anyhow.
  12. Jar of [Food] "minor" bugs

    These are a few bugs I've noticed associated with all the Jar of [Food] in build 40.7. 1. Cooking They all have an "Uncooked" tag, which upon cooking, doesn't seem to do anything, apart from changing to "Cooked". Burning gives the usual +20 boredom and unhappiness, except it can't be eaten, only opened. Upon opening, nothing seems to have changed with the contents. Possibly I'm missing something? I considered it might be part of the pickling process, however I don't think that's normal when pickling food. They are set to be cookable in newitems.txt. So maybe just leftover code after switching from making jam? Snippet from newitems.txt, associated with each pickled food. OnCooked = CannedFood_OnCooked, IsCookable = TRUE, MinutesToBurn = 120, MinutesToCook = 60, 2. Nutrition While they can't be consumed as is, the nutrition values are shown if you have the nutritionist trait, although they are all 0 (zero). In newitems.txt they don't have any, not that they need them though. Just a minor hassle seeing the nutrition values. 3. Opening Opening a jar will only return the contents and the empty jar, but not the lid.
  13. Moodles vs Animation

    That's something I've not considered. I guess we just don't know how in-depth the animations are actually going to be. Will there actually be an animation for all those emotions? I'm not even sure if eating/drinking will be getting an animation. The moodle tooltips give a you a very good idea of the severity though, something that can't be replaced by any animation. Also, I can't see the animations being extended to facial expression, so something like panic or anger (if it gets added) would be harder to display. It's a good thought though.
  14. Maybe even include it as part of the Cooking skill. Say, level X you learn the nutrition values of foods that aren't considered as "packaged". Or if having it as a magazine, I'd recommend adding it as a cooking magazine, such as: Good Cooking Magazine Vol. 3 Since cold medicine isn't particularly "unique" in curing just a cold. Consider cough medicine, to reduce the player coughing. Or include pain as part of having a cold, giving another purpose for painkillers.
  15. Remoulade missing "Packaged" tag

    Since RemouladeFull was given nutrition values in build 40.6, I noticed it's missing the "Packaged = TRUE" tag, which would make the nutritional values visible to anyone, as is the case with mayonnaise. Comparison of MayonnaiseFull (238) and RemouladeFull (280) in farming.txt, showing only the nutrition information.