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  1. One strange thing happened to me that never did on the Vehicle test beta, I started up a car and drive maybe a few feet, clipped a mailbox and the car flipped onto its side and hovered in the air . I was barely moving when I hit it too
  2. I like this idea and have thought about it myself. I'm sure it could be made into a mod. My thoughts on it were you would need to have some blade accuracy leveled up to be able to do it, if you had a cut or were cut with the zombie skin/blood on you you could be infected and the bonus is it gives an enhanced version of inconspicuous. Perhaps the closer you get to the zombies the more panicked you would become, increasing heart rate and bringing attention to yourself, or perhaps if you moved quickly rather than sneaking. I do very much like the idea of it wearing off and rain washing it off as well.
  3. When you take damage from a player I think it would be nice to hear a noise, similar to when a zombie scratches you, as a notification that you were hit.
  4. Nah, I haven't really played, I've been too busy to start fresh. Perhaps I'll play tomorrow night
  5. Started playing after the last reset and I'm in a pond unable to move . My base was a bit over water. Any way I can get deleted or moved?
  6. Is it just me or can anyone join the server? I get to click to join and nothing happens, I can hear birds chirping though.
  7. It seems like the skins on trucks are switching. I've seen a ranger truck that switched to a fossoil truck and then back to ranger again after I left the area for a bit. Everything remained the same for items inside and parts all had the same percentages so I know it wasn't a different vehicle.
  8. As another person mentioned about an invisible object, I too have found one. Unfortunately I have no screenshot but at coords 11856 x 9300 there is a tree on the road but you can't see it in game. While driving or standing outside the vehicle you cannot see it, I was still able to cut the tree down but even there after I would crash into the block. On a different note, I was driving a car and took the keys out to kill some zeds and when I got back into the car my keys wouldn't work any longer although I still have the keys on me. It's like the key wouldn't register for the car anymore. I looked everywhere to see if maybe I had dropped it and picked up a different set but to no avail. The car was a hatchback type ( I forget the name exactly ).
  9. It seems like I can't see other players names over their heads, even when on a team, our team names don't show. It also doesn't show when someone is hostile.
  10. The server hasn't been responding for me since yesterday, just fyi.
  11. When I read carpentry for beginners, after I past lvl 2 I kept the bonus xp afterwards. I'm also still getting major lag when there are hordes of zombies around. I'll get black walled, so I wait for it to catch up and then invisible zombies scratch and bite me.
  12. I would like to suggest having an option to view server settings when looking for a MP server to join, so you can see what the options are tuned at before you join.
  13. Ya I would imagine it would be a high level skill. Absolutely MP or when NPCs are implemented. Video cameras could also be useful on a character, it would record your screen. So when you raid a base or do something cool, you could show your team mates at a later date. Or if you died while recording, players could find your footage and see what happened to you. Alternatively, with the suggestion I made before about teaching, you could make videos of making something and another player could watch it and ''learn'' how to make it or possibly get an xp boost from it.
  14. Imagine having a large size base, it's late game, you have generators and power throughout your base. Wouldn't it be cool to have an alarm system in place so that if someone (player or zombie) were to break down a section of wall or even pass on a trail or road, that an alarm would go off inside your base (volume settings could be turned up or down like any device). Perhaps it buzzes once for section one, twice for section two etc., if there are more than one alarms in place. Of course for this you would need to be a decent level electrician to be able to do it or possibly modify or craft the components needed. Then I was thinking, why stop there? What about at a further electrician level you could set up motion detection cameras? If they go off you need to view your tv and a smaller screen would come up showing you what's happening or even have it recording on video tapes. You could see if a person was trying to break in (doesn't show the name above their head) or if it was just a group of zeds passing by that broke a part of your wall while you were away or offline.
  15. While driving on train tracks, specifically the bridge in West Point, I noticed that the tracks look to be on top of the trunk. I forgot to take a screen shot but it's a little graphical bug I noticed.
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