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Ideas for scenes in a 90s Kentucky zombie outbreak.


Some General ideas-


Sports events: (With dancing girls, brass bands & mascots)
Football (American)
Football (Soccer)


Religious events:


Private meeting


Birthday party

Pool party


Last stands:
Defending building
Defending vehicles


Police & Thieves:
Bank robbery
Speeding ticket
Road block
Road crash


Fire department:
Putting out fire
Road crash


Ambulance service:
House visit
Road crash


Film scenes:





Meal time

Sexy time




Lumberjacks at work

Barn dance (optional males in womans clothing) 



Protest / riot



Country side:





Special buildings:

Courthouse hearing / trial

Townhall meeting


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1. There should be a scene of many people being cramped in a church with priests/pastors in a room.


2. There should be maybe some sort of protest with lots of banners scattered around, and zombies wearing yellow vests, signalling that maybe some prostest went down against goverment's actions or something.


3. Police/Fire stations should have locker rooms filled with undressed zombies, signalling that outbreak caught them off guard when dressing into uniforms (rare)


4. There should be more military/police/fire dept. zombies near blockades/car wrecks.


5.  If there's school, there should be a teacher room filled with teacher-zombies (idk if they would have special clothes)


6. Still school idea: I've played Telltale's TWD first season and remember Ben saying about girls/boys being in their respective rooms, hiding from outbreak. Maybe there could be exactly that - female/male only bathrooms/changing rooms/locker rooms with pills laying around, showing that some girl/guy took her life and changed everyone else. Female/male zombies should wear school uniforms. The female/male zombies would be separate and not mixed together, showing that they were spearated, like females only in female locker rooms, and male in male locker rooms.



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 Court house scene  where you see  a person awaiting trial for a crime with a suspect wearing jumpsuit or a fancy suit as well as the jury , lawyers  , judge , prosecutors and witnesses.






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Couple of guys fishing at river/lake.

Scouts camping trip in the woods with tents and fireplaces.

People sunbathing at lakes/river banks.

Hunting party in woods and nearby hunting towers.

Logging team nearby one of the forest trailers.

Meetings in offices.

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A dead couple in a house with one or two zombies in prison jumpsuits - fugitives killed a family and holed up in their home.


Campsite with two naked dead people and two prison jumpsuits on the ground - fugitives killed a couple of campers and took their clothes.


An alternate sexy time scene: Besides the two naked zombies there's a third zombie in the room wearing a suit, and there are "pizza delivery guy" clothes on the ground. (alternatively the naked guy can be dead)


Half naked zombies in a warehouse (possibly one dead) - fight club :D  Can be illegal dog fight if there'll be dogs later


Group of people in a house with books on the floor - book club (That's probably too dark, I'll stop for now :D )


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Possible scene to be placed in hotel rooms or even cabins.

Newlyweds out for their honeymoon in either honeymoon suites in a hotel or in a cabin, still dressed in their wedding clothes.

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How about two corpses in the back room of a Spiffo's, one lady is undressed and the other man is in his undies and partially wearing a Spiffo mascot suit or head, like they wanted to spice things up

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1- Hiking Gone Wrong
This one's pretty straight-forward, and can me pretty much anywhere in the wilderness. Few tents laid around, a burnt-out campfire, food of all kinds spread around on foldable tables and charcoal BBQs, maybe a radio still on a music station, 1-2 cars with camping/hunting supplies in the trunk, and maybe some empty containers littered around. A few dead people in outdoorsy clothing on the ground, and zed on similar attires wandering around. 

This one's pretty much a staple of the zombie genre and horror as a whole; folks went out camping, unaware of the horror taking place outside, got attacked on the night by Zed, none survived (or at least until the You-Know-Whats get added, then maybe we could add more to this....)

2-Funeral Cancelled
This one can be done either on a house, or a church's backyard, or any of the many graveyards on the map. One priest and one particular zed in a funeral suit, every other character in black/dark attires, maybe 1-2 zed in dark work clothes carrying shovels. One black station wagon parked nearby.
A tragic victim of "disease" came back for a last bye-bye, bites ensued. Another timeless classic of the genre.

3-The Plague Doctor
This one's on one of the many remote houses/shacks on the map. Medical equipment on a table, books on medicine on a shelf, maybe a dead body on a bed, plenty of blood splattered around it, papers all over the ground and tables. Notes and scrawls about how "He's sure it will work- it has to! No matter what, he'll save them all.", one lone zed in a (well-bloodied) doctor's coat carrying an empty syringe or test tube, 2-3 zed locked on a nearby room with a barricade on all ends, along with a note on the door of either an apology or a promise of curing them.

4-The Organ Trail
This one can be on any road, preferably a small one on the side of the bigger ones. There's one dead zed there, and another, and another. Their numbers increase, all dead on the road, with bloodied tire prints in between. Follow it until the end and there's a large car (Boxcar, All-Terrain, Van- could be a military vehicle too) crashed against a wall/tree/house at the end, engine still on, surrounded by a small amount of zed, and with one dead guy behind the wheel.

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Some new ideas for the zombie scenes


- Drug dealers house/ drug house  with some illegal drug deal gone bad


- Homeless people area with worn down and dirty clothes.


- Gang members house/crib with some zombie gang members leaving some guns behind.  This could range from bloods and crips to even some hispanic gangs or some biker gangs.


- Pill overdose scene where a person takes his own life to avoid suffering in the zombie apocalypse.

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I was thinking about this zed scene.Two or three police cars standing in front of a house with sirens turned on.Blood is everywhere with some dead bodies laying.If you enter the house you will see 3 or 6 dead policemans being eat by zombies.
And it would be nice if it was your neigbors house,when you spawn or some random place.

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- Mailman and mommy sexy time zombies

- Crashed helicopter (sometimes with zombie--or hurt but living!--pilot)

- Zombie hanging from a noose.

- Dead body hanging from a noose.

- Zombie pool party (i.e. backyard pool or pond with zeds in bathing suits).

- Zombie on an inaccessible roof (how did they get there?!?)

- Zombies in cars (watch out, they bite!)

- Zombie search party (flashlights and have you seen me? Pamphlets)

- Wife and priest sexy time zombies (occasionally with groom zombie with axe or shotgun outside room)

- Zombie tied to chair (sometimes partially eaten)

- Dead person tied to chair (sometimes partially eaten)

- Living person tied to chair (sometimes partially eaten). When npcs come out

- Bank robber zombies (at bank with guns and ski masks). Often accompanied by police zombies. 

- Bank heist gone wrong (police car crash with bank robber zombies and police zombies)

- Crashed paddy wagon with prisoner and police zombies

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5-Lumbering Lumberjacks

This one would be on any forest clearing close to a road, or in the proximities of McCoy.  3-4 Zed in LumberJack attires/McCoy uniforms, wandering close to some tree stumps. One is carrying an axe, and there's a truck/van nearby with a good amount of Logs in the trunk. There may also be random supplies/food or a saw in the trunk. Some random dead zeds close to the one with the axe. They went out to chop some trees, and were ambushed by zed, managed to fight back but were bitten. Decided to call for help, but help never came.


6-The Amateur "Photoshot"

This one would be on some random house/shack/apartment. In a bedroom, you find 1 male zed and 1-2 female zed either unclothed or in "fetish" attires (maid, nurse, swimsuit, or a Spiffo suit- maybe they're furries :P ), and there's a video camera in a tripod nearby. I don't need to explain what's going on here *Wink, wink, nudge, nudge*


7-The Unfinished Fastest

This one could be either on one of the repair shops, near the racetrack, or maybe even a random garage. A sports car (I think either Cossette or a Lang 4K) in a partially dismantled state with parts strewn about; tires off and nearby, seats out, no gas, that sort of thing. All of its parts, however, are Performance quality and in 100% Health state. There are also random tools strewn about, and 1-2 zed in mechanic outfits, one of them carrying the car's key. The car is complete; no parts are missing, and it'd be a very good car, but you'd still need to put it all together for it to run, and there'd be gas nowhere nearby.


8-The Winston Wolf-es

This one can be in a wide number of places; any warehouse on the outskirts, the abandoned train station, one of those many dilapidated houses, a construction site, a closed-up place, an empty lot, or even the junkyard. 5-7 corpses in fancy suits neatly arranged on the floor side by side, all with plastic bags and rope on their inventory, blood splatters all over one of the walls and on nearby areas, two black SUVs and one fancy black sedan just parked outside, rear doors/trunks facing towards the building and with more tied and bagged corpses on their trunks. 3-4 zed also in fancy suits, carrying empty pistols and maybe one shotgun are inside the building, along with a hodgepodge of random zed (12-14 horde) either wandering around or trying to break into the building. The mob was tying some loose ends there, but their gunfire attracted a crowd that made them an offer they simply couldn't refuse...


9-Prison Break
Either on the Rosewood Penitentiary, or in one of the bigger police stations. 3-5 dead cops/guards thrown into an empty cell, maybe 1-2 dead inmates on the corridor (if on Rosewood), and a few Zed inmates hanging around, carrying a variety of guns and/or makeshift weapons, as well as some blood splatters around to show the carnage. Now, this scene could have many variants depending on the place and the intended outcome. If on RP, you could make a whole prison-wide riot/break, with equal quantities of inmates and guards strewn around, both as corpses or Zed, all the way to the parking lot (if the inmates succeeded) or you could have many inmate corpses on the ground on one small area, very few guard ones and a large number of guard Zed prowling around the corridors (if the escape failed). If done in one of the police stations, you could have either some armed inmate zed wandering the parking lot; maybe an open car they were trying to jack, and a bunch of dead cops inside the station (if the inmates succeeded), and you could have 1-2 dead inmates on a cell, some wandering cop Zed with shotguns or bigger weapons on the station, and some nearby paperwork mentioning a failed escape, or, for a middle-ground one, you could have the station surrounded in police vehicles with zed cops wandering around them (SWAT, maybe?) and a bunch of armed inmate zeds inside, entrenched. Plenty of possibilities here.

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Here are some new zombie scenes locations



Arms Dealers

  With some illegal firearms trade having lots a guns and ammo left inside houses that were never bought or taken before zombies attacked and killed the arms dealers.



Highway Scenes

Traffic jams of workable cars to make it more realistic instead of burnt cars which look like a riot broke loose. Maybe less burnt vehicles would be more better. Maybe a big group of zombies around that area with some abandoned emergency vehicles on scene.



News Reporters

Some news reporters that were investigating chaos inside the knox events having the reporters, camera man and other crew members that have turned into a zombie and wearing some news station clothing. Even the radio van has a great location of spawning with some news crew members near by.




Both military and Police roadblocks trying to hold off an area from the  dead  but failed having some military and police zeds roaming around that area maybe some sirens still flashing. 



Red Necks house

These locations of people wearing some rural themed clothing with some big beards and some guns. 













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Nobody Won The Game

---- Two rival basketball teams were tearing up the court, bleachers filled with proud parents and supportive friends. The pom squad cheered, the scores were neck and neck.

Until the coach got his throat torn out. Chaos ensued. Death. So much death.

-- but you're ignorant of all this, survivor. You sneak into the school hoping to break into some lockers for a sweet new backpack, only to find a frenzied legion of hungry zeds! 


The Last Meeting at Town Hall

---- Citizens of West Point gathered to hear the mayor's plan on how to defend the city from the illness sweeping the nation. Sadly for them, it struck before they could hear the speech.


Movie Night

---- Paws 3, opening night. The movie that ended well before fans got to see the credits roll. Popcorn and spilled drinks litter the theatre floor, and there's a tenacious roar when you open the double doors.

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Some other types of zed scenes that would be interesting such as....


Broken Down Car

Car stranded due to the vehicle having some mechanical issues and the vehicle hood opened there would be the stranded people that turned into a zombie.



Having a zombie break into a house or any other building that cause them to end up turning into a zombie.  Burglar Zombie still wearing the mask

(Maybe the owner turned into a zombie attacked the criminal which lead to the death.)


Illegal gambling den

 This scene to show some crime but in an gambling den  with a  card games, lots of cash and some casino chips.


Handcuffed/Restrained/ Solitary Confinement 

This idea of having some zombie that have been handcuffed and even shackled may affect their ability to attack with their hands. For some cool scenes I am thinking of with zombie that are wearing handcuffs such as in the police station criminal being questioned with hands behind back, Inmate awaiting trial wearing handcuffed and shackled depending on the type of criminal trial in the court room or maybe a zombie in solitary confinement with a straight jacket.


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