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  1. When i sprint and bump in to a zombie,zombie does his/her stun animation and bites/scratches me when my character stands up even while still being idle far away from me.
  2. Zombies that hav e red cross outfit,and they should look like this it would look cool in game
  3. Wheels on my car constantly fall through map when i drive off road and i got stuck and killed better fix this fast before anyone gets lucky as i did.
  4. When i speed up the game by 2x ant pres space my character will push and move backward when i speed up time by 4x and max and press space my character is moving foward,without mods.
  5. It's because mods,but once developers decide to add mods they need to fix that
  6. i didnt think about mods but turning them of helped a lot thanks
  7. My characters cant pick up 20 .308 or 20 cigarettes he needs to put on by one in inventory or i need to press grab 20 times
  8. When i try to drop something,it sometimes drops but then only errors pop up.
  9. This is only for IWBUMS!!!
  10. My character is holding a rifle upside down and he cant reload even with ammo in his inventory
  11. Strongly agree with making the cd player functional Me too,at least when there is a item called CD player in game
  12. well then you should suggest them Lol coconut grenades... I would rather want explosive grenades It's kinda like saying lol black chocolate I would rather want white chocolate and both chocolates have same purpose,and that is to eat them
  13. And where is that quarantine exactly huh?What will happen when Lousville comes out,you will be able to go there right?You can start playing in one of four cities and you say there would be no one alive just roads full of zombies and tumbleweeds and you are the only human left hmm
  14. You start game at day 0 on july 9 1993 3 days after the Knox evacuation when 50% of people living in Kentucky noticed that something is wrond 30% heared stories about people eathing each and thought it was ridiciluos and stupid other 20% of people in Kentucky who lived normaly and didn't care for what was happening,so basically you start pre-apocalypse which would mean when NPCs come to the game there would be normal people walking and driving cars,but everything should fall apart in 3 days after you start the game ,by project zomboid wiki on knox event.This should bi tentative yes and not the BIG NO.Ofcourse there will be people that don't like this idea but i must see their opinions
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