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  1. well then you should suggest them Lol coconut grenades... I would rather want explosive grenades It's kinda like saying lol black chocolate I would rather want white chocolate and both chocolates have same purpose,and that is to eat them
  2. And where is that quarantine exactly huh?What will happen when Lousville comes out,you will be able to go there right?You can start playing in one of four cities and you say there would be no one alive just roads full of zombies and tumbleweeds and you are the only human left hmm
  3. You start game at day 0 on july 9 1993 3 days after the Knox evacuation when 50% of people living in Kentucky noticed that something is wrond 30% heared stories about people eathing each and thought it was ridiciluos and stupid other 20% of people in Kentucky who lived normaly and didn't care for what was happening,so basically you start pre-apocalypse which would mean when NPCs come to the game there would be normal people walking and driving cars,but everything should fall apart in 3 days after you start the game ,by project zomboid wiki on knox event.This should bi tentative yes and not the BIG NO.Ofcourse there will be people that don't like this idea but i must see their opinions
  4. well then coconuts confirmed
  5. nah men i bought two today and one was rotten omg it was like drinking poison sour poison and smell ohhhh i don't know about other one
  6. Did you bought those coconuts right now for proof?
  7. Well then,i was wrong because i thought that coconuts were sold commonly in grocery stores everywhere in America,i live near a small town where you can find coconuts in many stores But you mentioned posibility of coconuts when Lousville comes out and maybe coconut granade because they are a real thing :>
  8. Oh yea im from Europe i didnt even think about that.So did you ever touched a real coconut im wondering,because it must be hard out there in north america.
  9. dexa32

    Invisible corpses

    nvidia gf 1050
  10. dexa32

    Invisible corpses

    i have 17386 dead bodys in muldraught and turning off 3D corpses definitely fixed invisible zombies problem
  11. Well i was just thinking why only Kentucky doesnt have coconuts for sale in that time and the rest of the world has. I mean ist that weird?
  12. dexa32

    Invisible corpses

    i think its a bug because there are 3 or 4 invisible corpses in 50 corpses i can see 50 dead zombies but 4 corpses are invisible i only get to see their inventory not the body
  13. dexa32

    Invisible corpses

    eh i can't remember,how good graphic card shoud i have?
  14. dexa32

    Invisible corpses

    I can loot a invisible corpse I can grab an invisible corpse I can drop invisible corpse and it will still be invisible
  15. So,every country that has coconuts on sale is foolish and crazy.Why i dont understand why,some people buy coconuts for experiments and not for eating.Yes,its ok if you have processed coconut in your store,but why not the whole coconut,and dont tell me its hard to open a coconut if you know what is a hammer then you can open a coconut,coconuts mouth is fragile so you can break through them and enjoy in coconut milk,how would you slice a watermelon without a knife?I never saw a bottled coconut milk.