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  1. Yea i definetly agree with that first thing you said it is really anoying and i did quit from the game many times because of that and im not shure what you mean by that second thing that you said but i would like PZ to become better too
  2. I left my haracter to sleep in a car and when he woke up there were 2 zombies that started to destroy window,I tried to excape through other seats but they were full and i started to throw things on the ground,once that seat got emptyed i pressed v and clicked on the seat options i tried to go to that seat but my characted started to fill it with items on the ground and again i emptyed that seat and he started to fill it up again with items zombies broke the window and started to eat my character,guess what he did,he fcking continued to fill that seat with iteams instead of moving on it.I was
  3. dexa32

    car bugs

    yea ok with that but what about eat through car zombies(car has windows)
  4. dexa32

    car bugs

    I cant get out of a car while dropping of stuff on seats on my own will and another bug,zombies can bite me while im getting out of the car.I had to report these bugs because they are a really lame and anoying way to die
  5. I do a check up on my characters clothes every 2 pz days so i would notice if clothes degrade after zombie attack,if i got attacked but no the clothes are at the same durability,only my hand got demaged(every time).I think that zombies have a precison system of attacking short for ZPSA.It doesnt seems to be right for zombies to do this while attacking and what i mean by that is.Hey this human has an armor,what am i going to do now,oh look his hands are unprotected NOM NOM NOM NOM.Do you think that is ok-ZPSA?
  6. Some zombies dont have a hitbox so besically when you try to hit a ghost zombie you have only 0% to hit him and he will laugh at you + he will give you a nice chomp with only a 100%.It may be magic or a bug.
  7. Now this sounds weird but it would be nice if zombies would bite,stratch on random places and what i mean by that is: I have been playing PZ with animations update since it got realesed and armor system is really cool,i like it but i noticed something,i had my character wearing full firefigter clothes and other things that protected me well over 50% many times,but i didnt have gloves because they are rare so my hands had 0 protecton and every time i fought zombies they would bite,stratch me on the hand and that seems strange,it would be nice if zombies would bite,stratch and lacerate on r
  8. I made a wall with a window,i was running from zombies and i jumped through,then i was expectind zombies to come through it after me but no they started to bite me from the other side.
  9. That video is an excellent example of what am i talking about
  10. Cancer simulator, wow, I can learn how to take care of cancer people from the game, that's cool! Not yet You are pushing so hard then will push you back! Your shoes don't have enough grip to keep you stand in place! lol
  11. I love to play six months later through sandbox because there is a lot of zombies,little amount of loot and you cant forage for food because its winter time but when it starts to snow it becomes so damn dark outside even in the middle of the day wich is a little bit strange.It would be nice if winers were a little bit brighter,i know its cloudy almost every day in winter time but its never to dark that you cant even see your finger in front of your face.
  12. Yeah i also reported that as a bug,i was wearing a hard hat with +100 protection and zombie managed to bite me in the head and to remove my hat at the same time.
  13. i wouldn't complain about weight traits and losing fitness if you would still stand in one place when you press space to push a tree but now instead of you pushing a tree,tree pushes you which is weird.
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