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  1. dexa32

    Towers with bell

    In game bell was on a tower next to the hospital really close to the center of the city,and you can't overpower it's a survival game.And zombies are always respawning,that is not fair.This game asks you simple question,how long will you survive and not how will you overpwer zombies,make them slaves.You are basically surviving and that is another trick to survive another day.
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    They yeld for me like in every season,but its harder its snowing more and its raining less
  4. dexa32


    I can grow crops in winter on snow on blizzards.Is that a miracle or a bug.
  5. dexa32

    Towers with bell

    It would be really crazy if game had towers with bell.Like in the game The Walking Dead where people figured out that they can ring bells on towers to attract zombies,so they can loot houses in other parts of Savannah (city).It would be nice to have bells on churches that you can ring with animations and sound,something that can help you with looting,but if you dont run away fast,you will end up dead.
  6. dexa32

    [FIXED] House with missing walls

    do you see it?
  7. dexa32

    [FIXED] House with missing walls,0.17914205294739644,694.5067111198454 that's it,I hope I sent the correct URL
  8. Somewhere on map,i mean i know where but i dont know how to explain,there is a house that has no one third of walls,two windows are flying and it looks weird.I found about that when i was looting that house year ago.But its not fixed,it's still on Project Zomboid Map you can see it.Im presuming it's a bug,but maybe its not.
  9. dexa32

    This bug is ridiculous

    I think it would be easy to implement too.
  10. dexa32

    This bug is ridiculous

    So only thing that would make sense is to rename item in to the melted ice cream (refrozen) I mean in my opinion.
  11. dexa32

    This bug is ridiculous

    So everything has sense now. It's a bug.Thank you pzfreak
  12. dexa32

    This bug is ridiculous

  13. dexa32

    PZ Community Zed Scenes Thinktank

    I was thinking about this zed scene.Two or three police cars standing in front of a house with sirens turned on.Blood is everywhere with some dead bodies laying.If you enter the house you will see 3 or 6 dead policemans being eat by zombies. And it would be nice if it was your neigbors house,when you spawn or some random place.
  14. dexa32

    Solar panels in vanilla,without hydrocraft

    That is all alright,but i was thinking of new way to get renewable electricity,i didn't say every person in Kentucky would have solar panels.And windmills would be a great idea too,it's another way to get renewable electrisity.Electricity is not a real need item when the world ends,that is true but it can help you so much to survive,like keeping food fresh for longer or for streetlights.
  15. dexa32

    This bug is ridiculous

    Yes,i did eat ice cream that was fully melted,then refrozen,but in game it's called melted ice cream (Frozen) not (Refrozen). There is no logic,to have in fridge something called melted but frozen,its alright if its called melted ice cream (refrozen) Did you got an idea,of what am i saying?