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  1. I'd really like if it would take zombies 1-2 seconds to actually recognize the player when they see him. Like, if you wan't to cross a street with zombies, if you stealth-run from cover to cover fast enough they wouldn't aggro, even if you enter their range of vision for a very short time.
  2. I agree, this is one thing I wanted for a long time, you should be able to shoot handguns when zombies are right in your face instead of the character trying to push them away. Personally I would include sawed off shotguns too.
  3. As far as the usefulness of sneaking goes: In my current game - which I started a couple versions back, don't know if that makes a difference - with the Inconspicuous and graceful perks and level 0 sneaking they detect me from about 10-12 tiles away while I'm sneaking, with clear line of sight, out in the open in broad daylight. I think that's pretty good for level 0 sneaking, and they detect me from at least double that distance without sneaking so it definitely makes a difference.
  4. I don't have any mods enabled. I haven't used those two in years, maybe it's time to do a reinstall to clean up the game folder I'll do it tomorrow and see if it still happens. edit: I did a reinstall, still the same thing happening. Basically it's just the 'craft all' button not working, if it's just me than no big deal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. The foraging window doesn't remember what backpack you chose to put the stuff you find into, it always defaults back to main inventory. (Also, not very important but it would be nice if the window would remember were you placed it instead of always appearing in the middle of the screen) It's awesome otherwise, makes foraging much less of a chore
  6. I'm getting errors when crafting stone axes, I had enough materials to craft four axes, I opened the craft menu, hit 'craft all' but my character only made one and an error showed up and the craft menu kinda froze up, I had to close it and open it again to be able to craft another axe, then I got another error, had to close the menu again and so on... It happened both in 41.27 and before that in 41.24. logs.zip
  7. As a workaround you could try to use a third party software to bind W and S to mouse buttons. I used ATNSOFT key remapper a couple years back, it was easy to use and pretty sure it was free.
  8. When you stand behind a container and it goes transparent you can't click on it with the mouse anymore to select it and see what's in it. (You can still select it in the container list.) I really dislike that containers and furniture go transparent btw, could this be optional maybe please? edit: I'm guessing this might be intentional so you can click on things behind furniture and containers. If that's the case and it's not going to be "fixed" then i'd especially like an option to disable it if possible.
  9. I think I've come across the same building, it's the only one with this issue I've seen so far, looks like this from the inside too and no mods.
  10. Yeah, I guess, though you can open a right click menu while moving so it's slightly more convenient in tight situations. But what I really want is just a little larger access areas
  11. I put most of the items into containers and played for like an hour without crashing so I guess it worked, thanks both of you
  12. Yeah that's a bug, I think it should be fixed in the next patch.
  13. Yes, it happened inside my hideout, there are a ton of items lying on the floor. I'll try putting them away once I'm at my computer and report back!
  14. No mods, I deleted the mods folder too. Windows 7 i5-3570 3.4GHz 12GB RAM GTX 1050Ti My drivers are probably not up to date, I'll try updating them once I'm home, but as I've said the game ran fine until now. And I forgot to say it was IWBUMS, sorry
  15. I'm 10+ hours into my current run, haven't encountered any problems, then it crashed and now if I load it back it crashes again after a couple minutes of playing (tried to continue 4 times so far). I attached the logs.zip, hope that is what you need ^^' logs.zip
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