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  1. crossed


    Thank god, no more killer saplings, the apocalypse just got 50% less scary
  2. crossed

    New Infection Options

    I agree with everything. On a related note I'd change things a bit so the symptoms wouldn't give away that you're infected. I'd prefer to always have a small chance to survive, until my character actually drops dead. Knowing that you're dead before you're actually dead renders what could be the most exciting and tense part of the game pointless, imo.
  3. crossed

    This bug is ridiculous

    Frozen melted ice cream isn't necessarily a bug, it can happen when the ice cream melts at some point then you put it back into the fridge and it freezes again. Dunno if that's the case here.
  4. crossed

    69 Zeds

    Wow you guys have nasty minds ;D
  5. crossed

    The Sound of Mucus

    Wow, the first scene with the guy in the house and the zombies getting louder and louder as they were closing in was actually pretty scary to watch for the first time
  6. crossed

    Combat Renovations

    Maybe it's just me but the faster movement / anim speed makes things a little more "game-y" looking to me. And realism aside I also think it's more fun to have many small wounds, having to patch up your character and stuff (especially now that we'll be able to see wounds and bandages) than instant death from one scratch/bite, but I don't expect that to change
  7. crossed

    Sunstar Snaps

    The tattered clothing looks awesome, makes me want to turn off the chance for infection and just fight zombies all the time Glad you pointed out that you're going to try to keep the "feel" of the controls. A lot of the time I see people complaining about clunky, unresponsive controls because the character moves realistically and doesn't follow every input in an instant, defying the laws of physics. Though personally I like the more realistic, weighty movement in games, so I hope you'll find a nice balance between the two
  8. crossed

    Red Hand Gang

    I'm not much for fashion but that spear guy crossed the line with wearing (what looks like) a knitted sweater under the suit jacket + skinny jeans
  9. crossed

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Visibility vest, hardhat (construction worker?) Security guard (however a typical security guard looks over there..) Hazmat suit? Also as far as I can tell zombies are always fully clothed, I think some of them could be at least shirtless (missing their pants might look a little silly though )
  10. crossed


    OMG that makes me so happy I love it when you can do that in games, it adds so much to the immersion (for me anyway..)
  11. crossed


    Looks awesome! It would be nice if you could sit down and do stuff like reading or eating that way. Or at least just sit down (even if you're not tired) and chill by the fireplace or something at the end of a long day
  12. crossed

    realistic clothing change Basically just make sure that it fits the game and that it wasn't suggested before, so yours was good but it's already in the works
  13. crossed

    realistic clothing change

    Being covered in blood is already in the works, next update I think
  14. crossed

    Armored cars

    I'd personally love to see that in the game, it was mentioned in one of the thursdoids a few months ago as a distant possibility:
  15. I have no idea what's Night of the dead like, but there is a sandbox option to make the zombies active only at night, that makes scavenging during the day easier. There's also a mod called Nocturnal zombies that makes the zombies even more active at night. Combining the two you could probably set up something like easy scavenging time during the day and running and hiding time during the night