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  1. Wearing a fanny pack and filling it with items will make you more encumbered than not wearing one at all and just keeping said items in your main inventory. Please give it a little more weight reduction so at least it's not detrimental to wear one.
  2. I thought the disappearing walls only happened to me because I built in a weird spot. I agree, it really ruins the cozy feeling of your hideout :v
  3. A few magazines and books were invisible, you couldn't see them in your character's hands while reading them, I think this fixes that (?)
  4. You mean to this IWBUMS version? Right click on the game in your steam library, select properties, got to the 'betas' tab and select 'iwillbackupmysave'
  5. crossed

    Zed Paddling

    Yes, probably pasted twice by mistake
  6. I think I have this same issue in build 41. I can play for many hours without problem, but if I travel too far, like to another town I get these freezes OP described.
  7. crossed

    Zed Clients

    Fannypacks, yay! Would it be possible for them to work as an extension of your main inventory? In a sense that you could keep your water bottle in it and the character would drink automatically. Or keep cigarettes and matches in it and you could smoke without unpacking them. Etc..
  8. Yeah.. I think ^^' I mean I'm at level 7 and I have the option to upgrade the doorframe to level 3 and then I can plaster it. BUT if I build another doorframe from scratch at level 7 it won't have the option to plaster it. I did some testing and made some screenshots, I used cheat mod but it works the same way in my main game with no mods. Hope this makes it more clear what I mean
  9. I just wanted to bump this because the way this works right now is a little confusing. You can build level 3 walls (that you can plaster) at carpentry level 7, but if you build a doorframe at carpentry level 7 you won't be able to plaster it, even though it's already a level 3 doorframe. You need to build a doorframe at carpentry level 8 to be able to plaster it. You probably should be able to plaster doorframes at carpentry level 7 too, and nothing really indicates that the reason you can't is because you need an extra level.
  10. crossed

    School Reopening

    Pretty sure it's planned, but making 3D characters interact with 2D sprites needs some extra work on top of just creating an animation. Though it would be nice if a dev could give us an update on it. Looks like it might not happen in b41 ? :v
  11. That might not be a bug. That option disables the zombie infection but wounds can still become infected, not with the zombie virus, just normal infection. If so, you have to disinfect them and keep your bandages clean or it will still kill you. If your character doesn't turn into a zombie after you die then it's normal and not a bug.
  12. This might be known already as it happens a lot but I didn't see any posts about it. Sometimes sprinters randomly trip over - which I assume is intentional - then immediately get up skipping the getting up animation. Or if you hit them while they're on the ground your hit makes them to pop back up instead of keeping them on the ground. I've only seen this happening when they trip on their own, not when they climb over a fence for example.
  13. 1104 : Since there was a number of changes recently to encourage the use of flashlights, could candles be more common, too? Like, much more.. Being able to place them on tables would be a bonus.
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