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  1. crossed

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Visibility vest, hardhat (construction worker?) Security guard (however a typical security guard looks over there..) Hazmat suit? Also as far as I can tell zombies are always fully clothed, I think some of them could be at least shirtless (missing their pants might look a little silly though )
  2. As far as I know only calories matter atm, the rest might be implemented later I guess. The devs are fairly active on these forums, apparently they don't feel like explaining the "under the hood" stuff about this one Maybe try checking out the wiki if you want some more info
  3. crossed


    OMG that makes me so happy I love it when you can do that in games, it adds so much to the immersion (for me anyway..)
  4. crossed


    Looks awesome! It would be nice if you could sit down and do stuff like reading or eating that way. Or at least just sit down (even if you're not tired) and chill by the fireplace or something at the end of a long day
  5. crossed

    realistic clothing change Basically just make sure that it fits the game and that it wasn't suggested before, so yours was good but it's already in the works
  6. crossed

    realistic clothing change

    Being covered in blood is already in the works, next update I think
  7. crossed

    Will there be backpack models behind?

    I wonder if bags equipped in your hands will be visible though.
  8. crossed

    Armored cars

    I'd personally love to see that in the game, it was mentioned in one of the thursdoids a few months ago as a distant possibility:
  9. crossed

    Sunstar Hotel. (Before, After,)

    Zombie apocalypse rule #32: Don't got to the safe haven they're telling you to go, they just never seem to work out very well
  10. crossed

    Steam 4 Pack Question

    Yeah, it's a Steam thing, you can't buy 4 packs of any game if you already own a copy
  11. crossed

    Why is water poisoned?

    It's not poisoned but generally it's not a 100% safe to drink from rivers or lakes even in real life, especially near cities, since sewage goes in there, trash, dead animals (or zombies ) and all kind of stuff can be in it that can make you sick if you drink it. Rain is basically the same as it's water evaporating and coming back down as rain. I don't think I ever tried but I assume you don't die if you drink unclean water in the game, it just probably has a chance to make you sick.
  12. I have no idea what's Night of the dead like, but there is a sandbox option to make the zombies active only at night, that makes scavenging during the day easier. There's also a mod called Nocturnal zombies that makes the zombies even more active at night. Combining the two you could probably set up something like easy scavenging time during the day and running and hiding time during the night
  13. Haha that guy must be the worst survivor ever. "OMG I ended up in a corner SOMEHOW, there's literally no way to get out of here" *shoots himself*
  14. crossed

    Megatest VIII: We Need YOU! [COMPLETE]

    I second this, with a huge horde around the closer zombies seemed to have the same laggy movement as the ones farther ones. And I also noticed that sometimes zombies seemed very unresponsive, I could walk right next to them and they wouldn't react, thought it was some server setting to make them less aggressive or something.. Though this was my first time playing PZ online so I don't have any point of reference.
  15. Keep jumping fences until I fall on my face! (seriously, I don't know why but I really want to do that)