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  1. You have a higher chance for bites and lacerations if you're attacked from behind, you'd probably get much more scratches from the front.
  2. crossed

    Slaying catch-up

    Will there be an option to rebind left alt for ground attacks? I hope so Also, what's the reason of making it a modifier+attack key, instead of just giving us a ground attack key? It would be the same thing just simpler, no?
  3. crossed

    Half Termdoid

    ...petitioned for ideas on twitter... -____-
  4. crossed

    IWBUMS 41.44

    The fog looks awesome but I think during heavy fog there should be a very thin layer over everything, including the roofs and second stories of buildings. It kind of looks supernatural this way Once you're used to it, sure. If you just started out It's definitely possible to have ungodly muscle soreness, although might not as bad as serious wounds or broken bones I guess..
  5. Fire will be completely reworked, probably in build 42. Here's a WIP video showcasing how burning body parts burning will look like:
  6. I think the way auto-drinking works is that your character keeps drinking non-stop, very very slowly. So you fill it up to 100% but a split second later he already drank a little bit so the game shows 99%.
  7. I agree with more weather settings, but if you want to you can make super cold endless winter right now by editing the min and max temperatures in the erosion.ini in your save folder.
  8. Store on the east side of the map: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.27252584052482814,0.10775657285826071,474.75262759953927
  9. When I'm ridiculously tired - besides the option to sleep on the ground - the option to rest shows up, too, anywhere I click. It does nothing just gives an error. Not using any mods.
  10. There was talk about a sound overhaul, but I guess it will probably be one of the last things before release. I cranked up the environment sounds like wind, rain... in the options to make it a bit more atmospheric, but I'd also love to have more sounds like you said. A good sound design can take the immersion to the next level.
  11. crossed


    I don't want to open a thread for this so I just post it here... Would it be possible to let the player equip bags without putting them into the main inventory first (kind of how you can equip generators and corpses)? Sometimes if you drop a bag full of stuff you can't pick it back up because it's too heavy for your inventory.
  12. edit: right now I don't have this issue anymore, I don't know if it was something on my end ---------- For example while you're reading a book you used to be able to speed up and slow down time freely. Now you can only speed up time but you can't slow it down until the action is complete (or until you cancel it) Pretty sure it worked properly a couple days ago, before the new 41.41 patch I guess.
  13. I was thinking about this during my current run, since scarfs are super rare (just like most winter clothing), I wished I could just wrap some ripped sheets around my neck for a little protection from cold.
  14. There's a house with missing floor in March Ridge
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