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  1. No but a lot of older songs have this creepy vibe to them but their reworked versions and new songs don't. It just seem like that to me..
  2. Yeah I always wanted the exact same thing. In build 40 one of the ambient songs was still on the playlist and it was always super creepy when it kicked in at night. I'm a little sad that the game seem to moved away from trying to create a creepy atmosphere. So +100 to this idea
  3. It will lower the chance of getting infected from a bite, making it possible to survive one. Spread the rumors everyone!
  4. Check out the 'Rally Group Size' and 'Rally Group Separation' options under the Advanced zombie options. The first one sets how large the groups they're forming are, if you set it to zero they don't form groups at all. The latter is the distance between groups. (I'm guessing measured by tiles)
  5. I love how balancing games has became "gatekeeping" and "not letting people play the way they want" somewhere along the line. Fun times..
  6. As far as the names go there are both 'crafted spear' and 'wooden spear' in the game. One you can craft the latter you can find. They're both just sharpened wooden sticks though, neither one has that icon.
  7. crossed

    Camper Truck

    The camper is from a mod, the devs here are not going to be able to do anything about it. You should probably try to post this on the mod's page in the steam workshop
  8. The ones you killed are going to stay dead but new ones will spawn in their place. You need to be away for some time for them to respawn, I think 16 hours by default, you can change it in the sandbox. You can also set them to never respawn if that's what you'd like. edit: but they slowly respawn not all of them at once, so if you clear out an area it'll be safer for a while either way
  9. I imagine we might be getting some new recipes with the upcoming hunting update, some recipes for higher calorie food would definitely be welcome to help keep up your weight on the long run.
  10. Yeah, headgear falling off doesn't even bother me (it shouldn't really happen with something like the motorcycle helmet but whatever), but the fact that a zombie can knock it off AND injure you at the same time, with a single attack is kinda messed up, it's really not 100% protection at all.
  11. No, this is the only map we have, it's like 99% accurate, there are some new stuff that's not on it yet, mostly to the south. It's accurate about army quarters and the warehouse though, you might have just took a turn too early and ended up in an area that's not on the map yet
  12. I ran into the same problem in build 40, I couldn't figure it out either, I guess it's a bug..
  13. Right click on them and 'turn on'? If the water / power is already out you need to put a water collector one floor above them to supply them with water and use a generator to power them.
  14. You can open the car door from the outside with the 'V' menu to access the inventory, then you can drag the generator out of the inventory window to drop it on the ground.
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