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    School Reopening

    Pretty sure it's planned, but making 3D characters interact with 2D sprites needs some extra work on top of just creating an animation. Though it would be nice if a dev could give us an update on it. Looks like it might not happen in b41 ? :v
  2. That might not be a bug. That option disables the zombie infection but wounds can still become infected, not with the zombie virus, just normal infection. If so, you have to disinfect them and keep your bandages clean or it will still kill you. If your character doesn't turn into a zombie after you die then it's normal and not a bug.
  3. This might be known already as it happens a lot but I didn't see any posts about it. Sometimes sprinters randomly trip over - which I assume is intentional - then immediately get up skipping the getting up animation. Or if you hit them while they're on the ground your hit makes them to pop back up instead of keeping them on the ground. I've only seen this happening when they trip on their own, not when they climb over a fence for example.
  4. 1104 : Since there was a number of changes recently to encourage the use of flashlights, could candles be more common, too? Like, much more.. Being able to place them on tables would be a bonus.
  5. This was only a problem with helmets that give 100% protection since attacks that knocked the helmet off your head kind of bypassed the protection. So now that it's fixed your head is completely safe in a 100% prot helmet, until it's knocked off. This doesn't mean that every head gear gives full protection, you can still be scratched through most of them. At least that's how I understand it... Clothes already work this way, they provide X amount of protection until a hole is ripped into them, but I doubt we'll see clothes that fully protect you like some of the helmets.
  6. Wow I never realized how far Louisville was from the current game map. Will the map grow to like more than twice of it's current size with the addition of Louisville?
  7. I agree, even with infection disabled you need to be really careful because of how vulnerable you are from the back now, and you can even get insta killed if you screw up thanks to the "pull to the ground" mechanic. I don't have a problem with small infection chances but I'd argue that these new mechanics are a better way to create tension and difficulty. (And I also agree that 100% infection from bites takes away from it, but I said that probably a hundred times before so I'm not going to rant about it now :P)
  8. crossed


    Well I don't know how to, a mod can do it
  9. crossed


    Oh wait, I think that's because of the water puddles on the ground, not the pump itself. *facepalm* I'll test it again.
  10. crossed


    Nothing to see here... Delete thread pls?
  11. As the title says, just a very small QoL improvement. So originally I suggested to make 'forward' disable cruise control, too, but it would be much better if we could manually accelerate / break while the cruise control is still on imo, and you wouldn't have to enable it again every time you slow down to take a turn.
  12. My understanding is that they're multiplicative. You set the zombie count under the 'population' settings, then set the multiplier to get a "default" zombie count for your game. Then you can multiply your "default" number again with the start and peak multiplier. But pretty much all of these are just assumptions, I'd also appreciate if anyone could confirm / correct me x)
  13. I don't think it works that way right now, at least I can't remember ever reading anything about clothes having an effect on movement speed or sneaking, but I like the idea.
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