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  1. Keep jumping fences until I fall on my face! (seriously, I don't know why but I really want to do that)
  2. I assumed they take their cut from the full price unless the game is actually on sale on steam, but I don't know to be honest
  3. Well, Valve is probably not going to give up their 30% cut just because you've already own the game on a different (competing) platform, so the $5 would go to them and the devs would have to do all the extra work to make it possible and get nothing in return. So while it sounds kinda reasonable from the players' standpoint, it's not that reasonable from the devs' standpoint. That's said, it's almost Christmas and the game will probably go on sale, and if for some reason I happen to get a key from the controller testing I'll give it away because I don't have friends D: xD
  4. crossed

    Hi, Lay.

    I agree that it's not pointless and there's a lot of things to do, but It would be nice if the game had a little more to it, maybe once we have NPCs. Like, you could keep to yourself and survive potentially indefinitely just like now, or you could help other people but that would attract attention and it would get harder and harder to survive. So it would be more like "this is what you achieved before you died"
  5. crossed

    Container Order

    You can scroll up once to jump to the last container on the list which is usually (always?) the floor, at least with the mouse, not sure if you can do it with controllers.
  6. crossed


    It's normal to sleep that much if he's "ridiculously tired", like if you chop trees all day, or only sleep every other day. And yeah, you can get nervous in your sleep if there are zombies around, or sometimes just you randomly have a nightmare.
  7. crossed

    Screen Shot Submission

    "Stop me, please"
  8. crossed

    I Am Sad

    Look at it as the beginning of you new zombie life =D
  9. crossed

    Indie Stones next Game Wish

    That would be great, I love cars and the sense of exploration in PZ, even as it is with just a normal-ish world for you to explore. For their next game I want it to be literally the same game with an even bigger and more interesting world
  10. crossed


    You know they aim for realism when the "models" are hungry while showing off the clothes x) Talk about realism, I'm not sure how realistic it is that zombies wear hats; them dying at some point without the hat falling off their heads, but it adds diversity so I'm okay with that
  11. crossed

    No longer getting wet

    That's what I thought too, that there's some hidden modifier or something that is not shown to the player because the rain seems to be pretty random. Sometimes I can run around in the rain for many hours too, other times I'm getting damp in 10-20 ingame minutes.
  12. crossed


    I think zombies banging nearby can mess with your sleep, even if they aren't trying to get into your base, no idea other than that.
  13. crossed

    Inventory Interface?

    No idea, I put a link to this thread in the new gamepad controls test thread just in case
  14. DoritoS has a suggestion that's relevant here imo, so I'll put a link here to his thread Basically in the inventory there's too little space for the item's name, you often can't see the full name or number that shows how many of it you have; while there's an unnecessarily big space for the category. I don't think you can change it using the controller, and even if you change it it resets every time you quit the game. (the keyboard+mouse version of the inventory doesn't reset)
  15. crossed

    Inventory Interface?

    Yep, the keyboard+mouse version of the inventory stays the way you adjusted it even if you start a new character, it's just the controller version that resets every time you quit.