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  1. Actually now that I think about it I'm pretty sure I threw fish into it a while ago and it worked, so I'm not sure, hopefully someone else can confirm / deny, sorry
  2. As far as I remember yes, only plants.
  3. Only slightly related but I'd really like if you could still fire some of the guns when a zombie is very close to you instead of the character trying to push it away. I understand that you can't line up a shot with a rifle, but being able to fire a sawn off shotgun to get zombies out of your face would be very helpful in some situations.
  4. Nah, just a reason to keep playing after we were bitten.
  5. crossed

    New Hot Bar

    I can't attach a meat cleaver to my belt, not sure if that's intentional though..?
  6. Same here, there's definitely something's off with the walking anim while the character is eating or smoking (not always for me but pretty often), present till day 1 of iwbums, I thought it was knows so I didn't report
  7. I just chose the gender and this is what I got. Is this a coincidence or is this actually a thing?
  8. Yep, the rain collector needs to be a floor above.
  9. Sorry I'm an idiot, I had fast forward x2 bind to the same key xD
  10. Nope, there are animations for everything now.
  11. I remember reading something about an inventory overhaul and pockets being a thing in a thursdoid, but right now I don't think it's possible. edit: Whoopse, didn't realize this was about modding.
  12. The animation to equip a weapon from my belt is super fast, and if I keep holding right mouse button after I equip a weapon the hit / push animation speeds up too. edit: and btw my character started with two belts, wearing one and another one in his inventory
  13. They shouldn't work during winter. Cold has no effect on the player atm because insulation is not on yet, maybe "disabling cold" had some side effects.
  14. Yeah, I tried it yesterday, there's no 'apocalypse' preset yet to tweak (don't know if it's the same as survival from build 40), but I'll most likely just do that
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