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  1. grammarsalad

    Fridge Room/Food in winter

    Agreed. There should be some reasonable and realistic benefit in the winter months
  2. grammarsalad

    Stealth System Concerns

    I like the ability to throw a stone, but it also makes me think of this:
  3. grammarsalad

    PZ Community Zed Scenes Thinktank

    - Mailman and mommy sexy time zombies - Crashed helicopter (sometimes with zombie--or hurt but living!--pilot) - Zombie hanging from a noose. - Dead body hanging from a noose. - Zombie pool party (i.e. backyard pool or pond with zeds in bathing suits). - Zombie on an inaccessible roof (how did they get there?!?) - Zombies in cars (watch out, they bite!) - Zombie search party (flashlights and have you seen me? Pamphlets) - Wife and priest sexy time zombies (occasionally with groom zombie with axe or shotgun outside room) - Zombie tied to chair (sometimes partially eaten) - Dead person tied to chair (sometimes partially eaten) - Living person tied to chair (sometimes partially eaten). When npcs come out - Bank robber zombies (at bank with guns and ski masks). Often accompanied by police zombies. - Bank heist gone wrong (police car crash with bank robber zombies and police zombies) - Crashed paddy wagon with prisoner and police zombies
  4. grammarsalad

    Holsters, Tool Belts, Quick Switching Weapons and Gear

    I like. Something similar: it would be nice to have a pocket system to make cloths more functional. That is, regular pants should slightly increase your carrying capacity in your main inventory, but even dress shirts (I.e. those that have breast pockets) should do the same. Cargo pants would be even better, etc. You should also be able to sew pockets-- even holsters, etc.-- in your cloths to increase carrying capacity.
  5. grammarsalad


    I really want collapsing roofs under certain conditions (e.g. too much stuff and a lot of rain, or maybe having a ton of zombies on the roof, etc.). Oops, now you have a broken leg and the noise has attracted a nearby horde. Actually, it should be necessary to maintain buildings occasionally, including the roof. The more erosion, the more vulnerable they are to collapsing. Heck, it should be possible to damage property in a way that makes them less stable. This totally needs to happen.
  6. grammarsalad

    Thunder can start fires and electrocute you

    This seems about perfect IMO
  7. grammarsalad

    Bootleg drug and alcohol production.

  8. grammarsalad

    Running Zombies - More Zombie speed presets

    I would like to be able to have a mix of shamblers, fast shamblers, sprinters (and, perhaps these runners) and crawlers. That is, I would like to have 4 or 5 different zeds based on speed, and be able to set the percentage of each. For example: Shamblers: 40% Fast Shamblers: 30% Runners: 20% Sprinters: 5% Crawlers: 5% It would be cool to have the same for the other lore settings, so you could always get really unlucky and run onto a group of sprinting, bloodhound, eagle eyed, genius, strong, tough zeds without having to set it so that they are all like that.
  9. grammarsalad

    Using PZs Engine for a PNP Type Game

    I mean, that would be cool. But it would be a heckton of work.
  10. grammarsalad

    New Recipe/Magazine Retention

    Maybe actually using the skill or ability could also increase retention time. So, if you actually start building a bunch of metal boxes, you get the hang of it for longer.
  11. grammarsalad

    The most reasonable suggestion ever made!

    All perfectly reasonable suggestions imo
  12. grammarsalad


    I completely agree. The game needs more ways to hurt yourself
  13. My sense is that the trait in the game includes all blood (as you cannot perform first aid on another).
  14. 879. Shoes should wear out over time and not all shoes should fit your character. Wearing shoes that don't fit should cause pain and reduce running speed. Going without shoes, on the other hand, should run the risk of damaging your feet.