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  1. You could also have traits comeinto play. Like, you could have a 'picky eater' trait that gets less happiness from most foods and more unhappiness. Maybe they would refuse to eat things like worms, etc
  2. Completely agree. You should be able to reduce heat a bit by unzipping your jacket (or reduce chill by zipping it up)
  3. Love it. This would also allow us to 'see' beforehand if some aspect of our planned build doesn't work. Like, I recently tried to create a 'fishing house' only to find out that I could not create a wall on the south (east?) facing floor edge. I had to have this ugly extra 'appendage' sticking out on that side. I wouldn't have wasted the nails had I known that was going to happen ahead of time.
  4. I like the idea, but tbh, you should be able to pull the sheet rope up
  5. I'm digging just about all of these suggestions. Also, the first one, with randomized zombies, is also my favorite
  6. Agreed, but the can't drive trait probably gives too few points. I'd give it 12 points.
  7. Yup, we need more ways to die. From the lets plays, it looks like there are more ways to get hurt, but regular old infection should be a Big deal if there is limited access to antibiotics. The fact that antibiotics are actually in the game gives be hope for the future....er, maybe "hope" is the wrong word, but you know what I mean
  8. It seems to me that there should be mental attributes in the game that work similar to strength and fitness in that they interact meaningfully with the skills and activities of project zomboid and that get better with use. I'm thinking specifically of 3 right now: Smarts: Smarts affects how well one uses certain "brainy" skills like medicine as well as xp gain. Grit: Will power. Influences certain 'Mental' moodles like fear and depression: how likely one is to be affected, and for how long. Also, affects perception, the likelihood of noticing a zombie in your periphery
  9. Even so, the devs are also quite concerned with 'realism'. From potato batteries, to ethanol to wood gas, I think the industrious people of the great state of Kentucky can get er done. Also, we're going to get npcs at some point, and you know what that means: Raiders and thieves. An obvious power source is going to be a very tempting target for both zombies And raiders.
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