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  1. This was definitely still a thing in the early 90s. Traits: - Cooking: 1 rank - First Aid: 1 rank - Tailoring: 1 rank 3(?) points to spend
  2. Perhaps a simpler way would be to just add a 'disgusted' moodle that activates when in proximity to strong odors.
  3. This is a great idea. You might have a color text indicator within asterisks. Green colored might be rotting food while red is rotting corpses (zombie or just dead). Larger more bold text means a stronger smell and can cause a 'disgusted' moodle. Variants for color blind persons of course (e.g. text within asterisks for rotting food and text between underscores for zombies).
  4. I like bravery as a stat. It makes a lot of sense and would be a fun indicator of player progress.
  5. I totally agree. Other ideas: Alternative power sources: Electronic expertise allows the character to use alternative power sources to power electronic devices (e.g. refrigerators or lights) in a very limited way. Should probably require electrician or book recipe Some examples: - potato battery (use to power stuff-very short duration) - car battery outlet (use car batteries to power electronic devices) - human power: hook up a bike or treadmill (etc) to a charger to charge devices while exercising - handmade hydro generators (only near water sources) - small handmade wind turbine This here is a gold mine: https://www.lowtechmagazine.com/low-tech-energy-production.html New (makeshift) devices that use alternate power sources: - makeshift (potato) flashlight: a bulb with some electric scrap and a metal tube and battery or potato battery to operate - makeshift stun gun: delivers a shock that stuns even zombies (drains--e.g. battery-- power quickly) - battery powered cooker: cooks food on battery power or alternate power source, you know the drill - cooling unit: a cooler that cools like a fridge and works on battery power. Very limited food capacity. - water heating unit: boils water on battery power
  6. BTW, this worked like a charm! BIG THANKS! (LOL, my characters haven't lived for more than 3 hours. Love it!)
  7. Is my main problem the graphics card? Like, if I upgraded it, will that work?
  8. @Pandorea I’ve tried all that. no go... does this mean that I won’t be able to play the game when version 41 finally comes out, or is this beta specific?
  9. No mods. Sorry, I uninstalled it and went back to version 40. My specs (from memory but I checked them yesterday to make sure my drivers were up to date) are: Windows 10 dell, 16 mb ram, Intel hg4600. 64-bit GoG version. Edit: would the log still be available if I’ve uninstalled it and installed the older version? I don’t know how to check or where to find it
  10. I'm getting random crashes when playing version 41.50. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it, but it often happens when I get injured in combat.
  11. So, maybe kind of like modeling 'small talk' to get along better with npcs? Like, that nerd engineer won't give you the time of day, but you can soften him up after reading a copy of 'engineering quarterly'. I like it
  12. You could also have traits comeinto play. Like, you could have a 'picky eater' trait that gets less happiness from most foods and more unhappiness. Maybe they would refuse to eat things like worms, etc
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