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  1. I like the idea, but tbh, you should be able to pull the sheet rope up
  2. I don't have iwbums, but is there a taylor profession? If so, maybe they are particularly good at repair and upgrades?
  3. I'm not sure, but the wiki is the place to look: https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Main_Page
  4. I'm not sure if they would implement the creation of new electric washers/dryers (maybe requiring high levels of electric and some metal working--the electricity skill really needs some work, so who knows). I could see them implementing 'low tech' washers and they should allow the use of clotheslines:
  5. I'm curious if anybody has this working. I know that if you are building your own base, you need the place to be 'indoors'. That is, you need to have 4 doors enclosed by walls with a roof(i.e. a 'floor' that acts as a full roof). You need to plumb the sink and then yes, have the water barrel up one level and off by one tile. I have never gotten them to work with existing homes because it's harder to access the roof (I build stares for my custom homes). But yeah, it'd be great to hear if anybody is able to get a washer to work (presumably with the above and a generator)
  6. I'm digging just about all of these suggestions. Also, the first one, with randomized zombies, is also my favorite
  7. Agreed, but the can't drive trait probably gives too few points. I'd give it 12 points.
  8. Lol, there is a history here...
  9. Yup, we need more ways to die. From the lets plays, it looks like there are more ways to get hurt, but regular old infection should be a Big deal if there is limited access to antibiotics. The fact that antibiotics are actually in the game gives be hope for the future....er, maybe "hope" is the wrong word, but you know what I mean
  10. It seems to me that there should be mental attributes in the game that work similar to strength and fitness in that they interact meaningfully with the skills and activities of project zomboid and that get better with use. I'm thinking specifically of 3 right now: Smarts: Smarts affects how well one uses certain "brainy" skills like medicine as well as xp gain. Grit: Will power. Influences certain 'Mental' moodles like fear and depression: how likely one is to be affected, and for how long. Also, affects perception, the likelihood of noticing a zombie in your periphery while otherwise occupied. Charm: (when npcs are introduced). Influences (possible)social and animal skills and helps you get along with others (i.e. resolve disputes, get people to join you, etc).
  11. Even so, the devs are also quite concerned with 'realism'. From potato batteries, to ethanol to wood gas, I think the industrious people of the great state of Kentucky can get er done. Also, we're going to get npcs at some point, and you know what that means: Raiders and thieves. An obvious power source is going to be a very tempting target for both zombies And raiders.
  12. Great ideas. Another one: Helmet/Hat light Recipe: hat or helmet + duct tape + small flashlight. Small beam of light where you look. Has a chance to fall off your head when you run.
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