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    In my honest opinion, heavy snowfall should be accompanied by heavy fog. I've tested this setting, it looks just so nice. Just look at it. It's PERFECT. It made the entire heavy snowfall look so nice and actually dangerous to drive in. Bug: When heavy fog hits the night (as I've simulated), map gets brighter as if it's a day.. Fog should make night pitch black, almost impossible to see.
  2. Zedlights

    Wording. Damn thursdoid wording. From what I understood, first they have to resolve issues (300+ bugs), then implement community requested features. The wording on TIS' side is poor and it made it look like they are delaying it yet again. That's how I understood it.
  3. Zedlights

    I'd rather not have something else in meantime than have yet another feature added to the game that yet again might delay things because suddenly 100035346356 bugs. I apologise if I sound harsh, but you have to understand, 3 years is a DAMN long time.
  4. Zedlights

    I have to agree. I am sick and tired of these developers constantly adding features to the game (aka feature creep) and not even acknowledge that there is damn issue with delaying substantial update. I am sorry, I love PZ, I really do, and I deeply appreciate the game and concept, but sadly, my patience over 7 years of early access has worn thin. I am sorry, but you had almost a decade to work out kinks and issues of this game, yet here we are in 2018. 3 years ago you promised animations, 3 years ago you've showed WORKING build with WORKING animations, and suddenly something else is stopping you from making IWBUMS of it? You hype up one feature, then put it on backburner to hype up another one (vehicles, climate), when this isn't what we wanted. Sure, I appreciate working cars, but I'd appreciate more actually getting those animations because they would make zomboid that much better. I am sorry but I have to pull out an argument - I've paid for this game to aid developement. I bought it 'as is' however I was promised something and that something wasn't delivered. I held back my purchase for a WHOLE DAMN YEAR, because at the end of 2016 I've checked and seen animations not released. Fast Forward to 2018, I bought the game and guess what - ANIMATIONS ARE STILL NOT THERE. I am really tired of waiting. You have to finally understand (especially moderators) that your explanations sound funny at this point. You explanations as to why it takes so long are just hilarous at this point and I fully stand with people pissed at you over delaying this for 3 years. I will definetly not forget that. I never will. This is something I will keep in mind in future if TIS ever puts out another game out. Sadly this game was my first negative review on steam. I didn't want to.. but my patience has ran out.
  5. It's actually still a huge issue. Game tends to stutter, game tends to have slowdowns, and judging by graphics and what is going on on the screen, it shoudn't do that.
  6. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Indeed, thank you indie stone.
  7. ...but hear me out. There are couple of things I want to ask if TIS plans to implement so please, if any TIS member can answer, I'd be glad to have any answer to below questions. a) First about Vehicles: We have vehicles in game and I love them to bits. They are great! 1. I was wondering if dev team could add crashed, not burnt vehicles, like undriveable cars with bent body and such or missing wheels, that are lootable, to make world less empty. There should be a lot more crashed cars that congest the highways, and roads, signalling that people crashed into some sign or a tree. 2. Will we ever see drivable trucks or buses? I know that seems far fetched however it wouldn't be that bad of a thing to add military humvees, buses or trucks that player can drive, or atleast add them to scenery as non driveables. If driveable the drawback for these could be that they require a lot of maintenance or fuel. 3. Will NPC's be able to drive cars by themselves? 4. Will we have animation of entering/exiting vehicle and possibility to see player model and car interior from perspective? b) Map itself. 1. I was wondering if map will become less sterile. I know we have erosion but for example bent road lamps, flipped trees, wrecked homes (already in game) that were caused by cars crashing into them, corpses pile ups, blood splatters. Overall this game needs more shock value as an exploration reward. Map looks a little too sterile in my honest opinion, there should be more shocking imagery around the map like aforementioned corpse piles, gore and crashed cars, police barricades, military barricades, etc to add reward for player for discovering these atrocities. Maybe those shocking places will also have some valuable loot? Is something like that planned? 2. How big do you plan map to be? Will Louisville be recreated in it's entirety or it will be scaled down? c) Animations. 1. Will we have animation for smaller things like opening doors, sitting, laying down, getting on bed, off bed, etc? 2. Will we have guns that reload with visible clip removal? I'd appreciate for answers. Thank you TIS ♥
  8. New Animations and Clothing

    How long you mean by a "while"? Weeks? Months? I mean don't get me wrong, I appreciate the work you put into this game, but dragging off those animations for much longer isn't going to end well. Vehicles were very buggy upon first test, I admit, but I think holding animations back is bad idea.
  9. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Yep, it lowers volume of everything, and I'd JUST want to lower volume of car engine, not everything around me.
  10. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Devs, please I beg you, can you add ability to lower car engine volume? It's too loud and kind of hurts ears... :c
  11. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    So I have swapped my CPU lately and did a test. Game still has stutter issues, but is better overall. Especially in towns. Current build: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 @3.2GHz 16GB RAM GTX1050Ti 4GB Win10 x64.
  12. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    I strongly advise against making house alarms tripping constnatly, a thing. On i3-6100 this MURDERS performance. Besides, there's a glitch. I have set house alarms frequency to never, and they still go off every 5 minutes. This game is really broken now... Thanks to zombies migrating so much to alarms, game stutters, slows down to a crawl, lags and overall is just as unplayable as it was before optimisation patch. Devs, don't you think this game puts a but too much strain on processor with so much content and dependencies in it to process? I feel like you are going to need to strip game from some features in future because YOU WILL NOT be able to optimise it from the looks of it.
  13. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    The optimisation is best it was, but still not quite there. Did the not-rendering inside buildings optimisation make to this build? I still get occasional stutter when driving car.
  14. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    The performance is better but not quite there yet. Still stutters a ton in city and becomes unplayable with loads of zombies.
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    I must say taht vehicles are definetly too large.