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  1. Editing vanilla Knox County map?

    Oh okay, because I wanted to see if I could push vanilla's map detail to the limit.
  2. Editing vanilla Knox County map?

    This is creating new map, not editing current one in game. I look to edit current one in game.
  3. Editing vanilla Knox County map?

    Does anyone know how can I edit vanilla map? I would like to see where it takes me and how would I go about editing it. Just wanted to play around and see where it takes me sicne I am beginner.
  4. (Wrong place)

    (Already posted this topic in correct place, please delete. Thank you)
  5. This has nothing to do with NPC's.
  6. Lore of PZ? Lore of PZ seems a bit like excuse to keep it lazy from making the actual map look somewhat decent. I didnt't see a single mod that brings this into the game. Since someone is working on Louisville, maybe instead of working on Louisville they should improve how current map looks. The part north of Airfield looks so barren, empty and pretty much lacks any sort of detail there. Do not tell me that police/fire departaments wouldn't make blockades and such. They would. They always would, especially with unknown threat like this. Especially with Zombies. Lore should not be leverage to keep map empty and barren of any semblence of detail. I mean for the love of god, offices don't even have any computers inside... or any other detail that would make this world more believable. I am not asking for slopes or terrain height differencies, but I am asking for simply increasing the detail of the current map with such random scattered objects to make world feel actually like it was used and lived by humans before crap hit the fan. The best where devs did it was the car wreck congestion on the intersections - when I first saw it, it made me say "HOLY SH*T". This game /needs/ this sort of detail to increase this wow factor and increase believability of the world and replay value (because as it stands, after 50 hours I am just bored of this game, because everything blends together). I get it there were congestions on bridges and that people tried to leave - but it's played out so unrealistically (aka all burnt cars? Not crashed wrecks?) that it's taking away from actual immersion. The map as it stands is just alright, but it's empty. It lacks detail. It's just couple of buildings, sometimes two cars crashed on the road and once in a while boarded building or burnt one... and that's it. There's no sign that anyone was there, the map is tidy as if it was kept tidy, even with max erosion, there's no actual sign of the situation getting worse in the exclusion zone. Have you heard of telling the game story through visual clues? There's not many of those clues in the game as of now, just two, three, maybe four car wreck jams on the highways, maybe sometimes two crashed cars that actually don't look like they're crashed (aka too lazy to make separate model for the crashed car? Making it, you know, undriveable, just lootable?). I can barely tell as it stands what happened, I don't feel like reading text in game of the same radio stations over and over, I wanna see with my own eyes what went down in Kentucky, I want to see blocked off streets, panic taht happened, objects that people dropped when running away from imminent death, people who panicked, crashed their car into the wall and just decided to run and try to get out of exclusion zone... Devs of PZ seem to misunderstand how visual storytelling works. I have nothing against Devs as is, but I am trying to communicate to them that they are sitting on a pile of GOLD if they JUST DID THIS. I know, it would be optimisational nightmare, but once Louisville hits, and it will be HUGE - there's no excuse. No excuse to keep base map so empty. Please devs, I know I was harsh. This is what your game needs however. I know Iv'e been very harsh but this game desperately needs this. It needs to give players reason for exploration other than to satisfy their in-game needs. It needs visual storytelling of some sorts. The OP's picture told me A LOT more than game itself ever did, a still screenshot. It showed me actual story. When you'd erase humans from that picture - I could still tell more what went down. I could still tell that there was chaos.. that there was something bad going on and people had no choice but to run. That they panicked.. didn't know what to do, and didn't want to die. Anything but this barren map we have now where barely anything is being told to us.. other than the radio/tv.. which by the way gets stale after reading it 5th time.
  7. Devs, you see this? THIS IS HOW YOUR MAP SHOULD LOOK. This is how game should look post-apocalypse. Roadblocks, crashed, randomly scattered cars, lots of trash on the streets and such. Of course minus the people. Why is the map so sterile right now? The game would look massively better if we had something like on that screenshot.. I mean, screw the cinematic, the game needs to look like THIS. Devs never watched The Walking Dead? Never seen how cars, buses, random objects and other stuff is scattered across the streets?

    In my honest opinion, heavy snowfall should be accompanied by heavy fog. I've tested this setting, it looks just so nice. Just look at it. It's PERFECT. It made the entire heavy snowfall look so nice and actually dangerous to drive in. Bug: When heavy fog hits the night (as I've simulated), map gets brighter as if it's a day.. Fog should make night pitch black, almost impossible to see.
  9. Zedlights

    Wording. Damn thursdoid wording. From what I understood, first they have to resolve issues (300+ bugs), then implement community requested features. The wording on TIS' side is poor and it made it look like they are delaying it yet again. That's how I understood it.
  10. Zedlights

    I'd rather not have something else in meantime than have yet another feature added to the game that yet again might delay things because suddenly 100035346356 bugs. I apologise if I sound harsh, but you have to understand, 3 years is a DAMN long time.
  11. Zedlights

    I have to agree. I am sick and tired of these developers constantly adding features to the game (aka feature creep) and not even acknowledge that there is damn issue with delaying substantial update. I am sorry, I love PZ, I really do, and I deeply appreciate the game and concept, but sadly, my patience over 7 years of early access has worn thin. I am sorry, but you had almost a decade to work out kinks and issues of this game, yet here we are in 2018. 3 years ago you promised animations, 3 years ago you've showed WORKING build with WORKING animations, and suddenly something else is stopping you from making IWBUMS of it? You hype up one feature, then put it on backburner to hype up another one (vehicles, climate), when this isn't what we wanted. Sure, I appreciate working cars, but I'd appreciate more actually getting those animations because they would make zomboid that much better. I am sorry but I have to pull out an argument - I've paid for this game to aid developement. I bought it 'as is' however I was promised something and that something wasn't delivered. I held back my purchase for a WHOLE DAMN YEAR, because at the end of 2016 I've checked and seen animations not released. Fast Forward to 2018, I bought the game and guess what - ANIMATIONS ARE STILL NOT THERE. I am really tired of waiting. You have to finally understand (especially moderators) that your explanations sound funny at this point. You explanations as to why it takes so long are just hilarous at this point and I fully stand with people pissed at you over delaying this for 3 years. I will definetly not forget that. I never will. This is something I will keep in mind in future if TIS ever puts out another game out. Sadly this game was my first negative review on steam. I didn't want to.. but my patience has ran out.
  12. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Indeed, thank you indie stone.
  13. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Yep, it lowers volume of everything, and I'd JUST want to lower volume of car engine, not everything around me.
  14. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Devs, please I beg you, can you add ability to lower car engine volume? It's too loud and kind of hurts ears... :c
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    So I have swapped my CPU lately and did a test. Game still has stutter issues, but is better overall. Especially in towns. Current build: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 @3.2GHz 16GB RAM GTX1050Ti 4GB Win10 x64.