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  1. Please, can the hotbar remember last weapon we held when we switch between them? It's agitating to switch to firearm and then to empty hand.. I wish it would switch back to the last melee weapon I held.
  2. Please, can you make so that the system remembers last weapon that player held in hotbar before switching to it? I've noticed that when I reach for shotgun and then press 1 again to reach for last weapon I held (lead pipe), I come empty handed and I've died because of it. To make it look better you could make so that character first 'hides' melee weapon with animation on their back, storing last weapon they held on their back, only to then pick up firearm in from the slot, and vice-versa.
  3. Fantastic update. Thanks guys. Also last line "You have not been forgotten" - General John McGrew xP Oh also Lemmy, Nolan helped me find a solution for the error that was occuring when making wrecks have car parts. They were basically nil according to game. If you want to fix this (you don't have to, it's just a suggestion!), in Vehicles.lua do this at line 939: Basically make those three lines with conditionMultiply inside an 'if'. Should resolve any problems with car parts being nil (in mods mainly) and game shouldn't throw any errors in console now. I have tested this, it does not bring back the bug with low condition of tires and car parts.
  4. So I want to detect if a vehicle is burnt via LUA code. I am trying to overwrite a method from Vehicles.lua to basically not do certain block for certain vehicles. Basically wanna do "if not burnt then do the condition multiply" thingy to exclude burnt vehicles from being checked for parts conditions. I can't seem to find a way to get vehicle type via Lua.. is that possible somehow?
  5. Oh no the thing is, mod is updated to work on build 41. Just after latest fix for the vehicle tire condition, it seems to have broken many things.
  6. Hey lemmy, I appreciate changes.. However now there's a problem with mods that mod the burnt car wrecks. Sadly I made a mod that mods those wrecks but now it doesn't work anymore after this update as intended and keeps throwing errors in console... despite game working just fine. The problem is that for example if I try to have a wreck with accessible trunk or glovebox, the game throws error about condition of these parts. I know you don't want to provide support for mods but I thought I'd point it out anyway so you could maybe give a helping hand here and possibly prevent code from checking burnt cars. Now it's simply impossible to add any parts from normal cars to burnt vehicles, because wreck condition is 0% but sometimes part condition is above that when you add in burntcars.txt some parts like accessible and lootable glovebox, truck bed or trunk door. It throws this exception upon spawning, and everything seems to work, except the fact that it keeps throwing the errors in console. I know this is a lot to ask, but lemmy, would you be able to exclude wrecks/burnt cars from being checked for parts condition or somehow allow it to circumvent so it doesn't throw those errors in console and just ignores the conditions? It's sorta impossible to have any mods that involve wrecks right now if they have any car parts attached. I have attached console file. Please lemmy, I'd appreciate if you could atleast give some pointers what was changed because I'd have to basically strip down my mod from some important functionality and I really wouldn't want to do that. console.txt
  7. Eggtooth

    The Sound of Mucus

    Good sounds, but please, remember about adding getting in and out of car animations with animated doors. Also I do think sounds are a tad over the top. Suggestion: If you plan on keeping sprinting zombies, make sure they sprint maniacally just like in 28 weeks later ( with according animations too! /VERY/ IMPORTANT ), and then use THOSE sounds. They sound more like raging maniac running at you and honestly, if you kept moaning to slower zombies and then add this gutwrenching gurgles to the sprinters - I'd personally open a brick factory. Basically those sounds fit sprinters more because they sound actually maniacal like an infected individual in blind rage would.
  8. Shadow flickering bug: It happens when you have invincibility, god mode and all debug tools disabled. Zombies must react to players presence, be able to hurt them, etc. It happens when zombies are close/walking towards player's car. Observe car shadow change size rapidly. Game clean. Mods disabled. Tested with only Necroforge and then without it, manually. PC: AMD Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX1050Ti 4GB, Windows 10, Nvidia driver 411.63.
  9. Eggtooth

    Crashed Cars Mod

    Ever wanted to have the famous highway scene from The Walking Dead in Project Zomboid? Ever wanted to see more chaos on the streets? Did you hate the bland burnt car models that game offered that had no use other than to take up space? Fear no more! This mod adds various crashed vehicles all over the map, replacing some of the ugly burnt ones. It improves game's visual fidelity, it makes wrecks actually usefull. Mod is standalone and will work without other mods just fine, however it works best with: Filibuster's Rhymes Used Cars Mod Filibuster's Rhymes Shrunk Cars ...for visual fidelity. The mod used models from Used Cars mod. VANILLA VERSION WILL COME LATER. Features: 20 modelled crashed vehicle variants with their textures, working GUI and naming. Lootable Trunks! Lootable Gloveboxes! (just walk to the front right passegner window) More chaos on the roads! (If you can call that a feature). WORKS WITH EXISTING SAVES & CUSTOM MAPS! Credits: Modelling - Snek Some of the coding and help - Filibuster Rhymes. Known issues: - The front right place to loot glovebox has no visual indicator. - Bounding Box for Chevalier Dart wrecks is a bit too large, it will be fixed when I figure out how to do it correctly. - Sometimes finnicky access to trunk/glovebox (but it isn't that bad, I hope). Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1539281445
  10. Eggtooth

    Crashed Cars Mod

    Some developements: I have recently added 5 new vehicles (including ambulance). Random loot now spawns in car trunks. Now you can also loot glove box of the car by standing next to the right front passegner doors.
  11. Eggtooth

    Crashed Cars Mod

    I don't think so.
  12. Eggtooth

    Crashed Cars Mod

    That is the plan. Don't worry. I am trying to work out how to add lootable trunks.. and maybe car parts. Tho this mod will have limitations, like for example two identical cars spawning next to one another. EDIT: Boys, we working trunks.
  13. Eggtooth

    Crashed Cars Mod

    Hi everyone. So I have been lately working on a mod that replaces (or rather adds to the roster) non-burnt, crashed vehicles that aren't driveable due to being wrecks basically. They are non-lootable at the very moment, however I do plan trying to make their trunks atleast lootable. They won't be fixable either, so you can only scrap them for metal, like burnt ones. There are sadly some limitations that I will have to obey (like inability to make randomised colors, so there will be 4 colors for each car model). I plan to make 20 models in total (or more), not counting color variations. I should make atleast 2 variants of each crashed car. Screenies:
  14. Hey Filibuster, do you mind including my mod into your mod? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1518397250 You are very welcome to do so. I'd appreciate it.
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