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  1. Just found a bit of a bug with the new home page. The "View All News" button at the bottom doesn't work. It gives me a 404 error.
  2. First of all, I'd say this is not a PZ-exclusive problem; on pretty much every survival game I've played, at some point in the end-game I reach this threshold in which I barely have ANY reason to leave my base, AT ALL. It's that moment when you've gotten all the stuff (weapons, loot, materials, base upgrades, etc) you could possibly get and become more-or-less self-sufficient. At those times, you usually either go on with the main plotline to finish the game (State of Decay, Subnautica, NEO Scav, The Long Dark, any modern Fallout, etc) if there's one, or just keep messing around and surviving day-to-day, which at least to me leads to boredom and moving onto another game. And PZ has this in spades; once you've found all the skill magazines, all the XP books, at least one of every weapon, a decent amount of canned goods, 2-3 sets of your favorite clothes, plenty of ammo, your car of choice (with good parts), decided upon a base location, and modified it to fit your liking, there's... really nothing to do other than exploring just for the sake of it, fight whatever Zed get close to your base or beat on your barricades, feed yourself whenever you're hungry/thirsty, and keep your plants watered and healthy. IMHO, this is kinda the intended "You beat the game" moment; you've pretty much survived and set yourself to make your daily routine on this post-apoc world, leaning the hows and whys to continue living on it. IMHO, I doubt that any amount of additions will ever change that, because no matter what kind of new things the Devs throw at us, we'll eventually find a way of getting used to it and incorporating it to our routine. I think it's the intended progression for any survival game...
  3. And PZ's saves are.... Humongomonstrosaurian
  4. Blake81


    One thing I must say is that, now that functional PCs are becoming a thing, then maybe it'd be nice if they added some of them to all those office blocks and cubicle buildings that often feel so strange with those threadbare desks.
  5. TBH, trash disposal was never a problem to me. I just stuff my trash into a dead body and burn/bury it, and problem solved. Only things that gave me problems were car parts (broken hoods and windshields mostly) due to their weight. I wish we were able to "scrap" broken car parts (or car parts as a whole) for materials rather than just throwing them away. I mean, I'm pretty sure I can get some bits of metal plating from a wrecked hood or door. also a broken windshield should just vanish, just like headlights/taillights do already. IMHO, I think that'd be a much better fix than a magic trash can option; I do agree it feels videogamey, and I worry it may be abused on MP (unless, of course, it can be disabled).
  6. I think he may have been sarcastic...
  7. I'm officially dubbing that bug as "Blooosputin"; because no matter how many times you kill it, it will just not go down...
  8. Blake81


    Man, all good features! Can't wait for the next patch. That said @nasKowhat music track is that one on the last vid? I know all of the tracks that play in the game by heart, and I had never heard that one. Is it something new you haven't added yet? Or is it simply something I haven't heard yet?
  9. Found three of them, each on a different "suicide scene" at a random house (The ones that have a few non-zed corpses carrying guns/alcohol/bleach), and those were the lucky scenes that had it. All of those were 308 tho, the 223 remains mythical.
  10. Missing decals? Was that on cars? I'm not too clear about what was fixed here...
  11. Also, we could have a lore-bound reason for the faster decomposition; maybe the virus speeds up the body's decomposition by breaking up healthy cells or something.
  12. Blake81

    "Interesting Times"

    Dammit! Why did you have to phrase it like that!? No I am legally obliged to post this:
  13. I've literally set every loot type to Abundant, checked every single spawn location in the map, and then repeated the same thing in 3 brand new maps. Clips BARELY spawn, IF at all; I've found 5 Katanas for every single Rifle clip I've found....
  14. Blake81

    Zed Packets

    Sometimes I wonder if some of the COVID-19 conspiracy theorists play PZ. Because a while back, them crazies on 8chan were saying that there was already a cure for the virus; just drink some Bleach... Sounds familiar?
  15. Yeah, can confirm this happens, and it quite OP; Zeds can swipe at your from 3-4 squares...
  16. Found this weird bug while I was defending my base from the usual Chopper-led horde when i tried to shoot the zed through the fence door, and saw no reticle. Yet, if I do it from the same place on the side, which is fence instead of gate- You can shoot it perfectly. This shouldn't be; I understand you shouldn't be able to do this through the wooden door, but through the chainlink one, you should be able to shoot through the chainlink gate just as through the chainlink fence.
  17. Wire rolls have "charges" just like Wood Glue and Duct Tape. If the Wire roll you're holding is less than half full, you'll get that error, and even between all those 4 rolls you're holding, they don't add up to a half roll. Just get another mostly-empty roll and you should be good.
  18. Blake81


    Errr.... wouldn't that be VHS, dude? DVDs were invented in 1995, and didn't come out commercially in the States until the 97, and even then, it took until 2002 for them to fully adopted and fully replace VHS. (Source: I worked on a video store for most of my pre-teen/early teen years) Also, if he's gonna work on devices again, maybe we could have PCs exist somewhere outside of the super-secret base; it has always felt so weird to see all those office buildings without a single PC on the desks...
  19. Out of pure curiosity, what caused this bug? Did you guys accidentally leave some kind of "Devs-Only Cheat Code" active by mistake?
  20. Good Bad Bugs! Time to wrap my entire base in tall chainlink fence FOR FREEEE! Wait, what!? How long has the Mop being useable for that? Halleluyah.png Uh... hasn't this always been a thing? I've always found watches and lighters (not matches tho) on dead Zed. Huh!? Since when we can do that? And speaking of rifles, any changes to the magazine spawning?
  21. I can confirm this happens on vanilla unmodded PZ too; at least for the last IWBUMS 2 patches.
  22. After reading this thread for a long while, I still can't figure for the love of me just what you guys find so bad about the movement system. I've even tried out some of the things you guys mention and nope- I don't seem to have any issue. That's not to say I don't have my complaints; for instance, I'd like that the normal walking speed was juuust a lil' bit faster so I feel less tempted to run around all time. Or that there was some sort of "hold onto the edge" mechanic in case I accidentally walk too close to a ledge and fall; I always found it unrealistic to just fall without trying to hold onto something. But none of these are deal-breakers. As of the current build, the only reasons I've got myself killed in are: A) Didn't carefully check a house I was getting into and a Zed blindsided me with a bite (A perfectly fine death that pretty much fits within the zombie genre) B) Fell of a ledge, broke a leg, had no wood to make a splint and wasn't carrying one (because they're a bit too heavy IMHO) and got caught by Zed C) Got cocky in a fight and didn't see the Zed coming from behind me D) Walked right into a horde while running from an alarm E) Thought I could fight a horde with a shotgun, 9 boxes of ammo and 7 in Firearms (even skill 10 and 25 boxes wouldn't have; guns could use a buff to make them worth the risk of being "Zed dinner bells") Note, however, that I am playing on Sandbox, but the only thing I changed from vanilla was to make the nights darker and the Zed active only during the day (so the night is "technically" safer, due to lazier zeds, but you now have to deal with being able to SEE them and fight them back with one-handed weapons only because of flashlight), so I'm not sure that would affect on what you're describing. With all of that in mind, I just can't wrap my head around the problems you guys are having. So it'd be really, really nice if you guys post a video showcasing this problem you all agree the game has. Because I can neither find it nor replicate it, and TBH, this is starting to remind me of that one time during the Darkest Dungeons EA that the Devs fixed a long-standing yet widely-used exploit (that you could 4 heroes of the same class and easily spam the monsters to death) and caused an explosion of people complaining they could no longer play the game and that the devs were catering only to their most hardcore fans by "gatekeeping" the other people out with that change...
  23. Just found mine on 101MHz, it will say the name in the Channel. It hasn't said anything yet, tho
  24. .556? As in, M16 ones? I've never even seen that thing drop, let alone its magazines.
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