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  1. OK, this is 100% a pet peeve of mine, but I feel it bears mention. Could you please remove the hood stripe and insignia from the State Trooper cars? I love the fact you guys looked up the actual liveries for them and got them almost perfectly. So the fact the hood is the only wrong part bothers me even more than it would if the whole thing was wrong Source: Btw, if you added this, does this also mean you remade the regular Police liveries? With so many cool ones you've added since the cars' first introduction, the Police ones have looked kinda lackluster
  2. Blake81

    Bren After Reading

    So, I've suggested this before, and I think this is a great time to suggest it again- Plz, GIVE US REFRIGERATED VANS/STEPVANS; Ice Cream trucks, Butcher Shop stepvans, Market Produce vans, Alcohol Delivery trucks. This shouldn't be so hard to implement, we already have fridges, so this would be a fridge container that remains cold for as long as there's power on the batteries (perhaps this kind of vehicle would come with additional batteries).
  3. Title say it all. I want to add light to a building that's missing it myself rather than wait for it to be fixed. How do I do that, and what modding tool/software should I use for such endeavor? This is my very first foray into PZ modding, so expect a complete noob.
  4. Blake81

    Disruption Week

    And maybe also a giant springboard at the bottom, or one of those safety nets used by Fire Rescue crews, so we can safely escape from pursuing zed hordes via a window jump?
  6. Will I need a new save for these to take effect?
  7. Never seen one myself, even with all set to Abundant and with Lucky trait. Have you checked on the item list of the Debugger? If it's not there it truly doesn't exist. Otherwise, it might just not spawn.
  8. Does this mean that the new area far to the West of Riverside was added?
  9. Was there a small patch just now? Steam had a PZ pending update when I booted up now.
  10. And if you add two cars and some explosives-
  11. Blake81

    Liquid Zedball

    I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record at this point, but if you're gonna do such a deep and complex liquid system (which I am very much eager to get), please, allow us to store gas on the metal drums; storing large amounts of fuel is still very annoying as of right now.
  12. I know this is prolly a bit late, but can we please have a better long-term Gas-Storage containers? Maybe using the Metal Drums you find all over the map? It's still hella inefficient to only be able to store gas in bottles and cans. On most of my +2 months playthrus, 70% of all my storage containers are filled with nothing but gas cans.
  13. Anyone else unable to consolidate Propane Torches? Used to add them up all the time and now I can't do it. Can still do it with wire and welding rods, tho.
  14. That's... an interesting idea. They could be just doing the "hands reaching forward standard zombie pose" while holding onto their guns and basically shoot you like that. Also, as you know, gunfire is basically a dinner bell right now, so it could come with the added risk of alerting every zed in the block.
  15. Wait, so there's really no zed spawns AT ALL around the Ranger Station or the "Abandoned Factory Town" just West of it? That explains why I could use my gun around that area without issue; I thought they had adjusted the noise of it in the Noisework updates, but it was still a dinner bell everywhere else. Now I know why...
  16. Patch just rolled in, do we have a changelog?
  17. I just found, to my great disappointment, that none of the fancy new items can be picked up yet. Or at least, none of the ones I've found so far (microscopes, standing lamps, ATMs) could be picked up, or worked (lamps had no light and couldn't be turned on/off).
  18. With all of these additions to food preparation, I must ask: Can we finally cut potatoes into fries? Or make mashed potatoes?
  19. Blake81

    BaZil Brush

    I know this will be an annoying question but... do we have a list of all these "small tidbits" that have been fixed? I can tell this is just a fragment of one of your big "Patch Log Pastebins", so I was wondering if we could see the rest yet.
  20. I can confirm this is working although it has few minor bugs on it. 1-Crates cannot be stacked or rotated. 2-If you pick a crate that was stacked on top of another crate, it'll stay "floating" like that when you try to place it, and you'll not be able to place it atop another crate. Of course, this might be due to me playing in my map from the previous patch. Maybe if a new save was made it'd be different.
  21. Still no Military Crates fix... I wonder if the devs have somehow encountered some bigger complication with those that they cannot be fixed easily.
  22. I'm afraid I must inform that the Military Crates are still broken. Still the same "has objects on top" error from Patch 68.
  23. Found a bug: Can no longer craft Large/Small Metal Sheets; have all ingredients/tools/required skills and was doing it OK on the Stable patch.
  24. This is a problem I've been noticing for a while, as now there are a lot more building with open second floors than before. But I reckon it might not be recent. So, whenever you are on the exterior second floor of a building, be it player made or vanilla, ALL OF ITS WALLS GET CUTAWAY. And as you can see here, it even allows effects like fog or darkness to get "inside" so to speak. If I walk out of that room, you'll notice that the walls still don't render. However, if I descend to the first floor, or even just leave the second floor and stand on the stairs- The walls magically pop back up again. Now, I don't have a screenshot of this, but if you go up to a 3rd floor (which I don't have on my base), suddenly, ALL WALLS START TO RENDER, 2nd floor, 3rd floor et al, and start behaving normally just like when you're on second floor. This is a problem that kinda makes second floor buildings rather annoying, for it always seems like you have no walls, and the fog gets inside.
  25. These ones specifically: Because believe it or not, people born after the 2Ks, that's what those shelves under the TV were usually for. Holding VHS Tapes and the VHS itself. So it'd be great if they actually functioned as they look like.
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