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  1. Was there some functionality added to those Metal Drums you see on some places now? I noticed this file on the Save Folder I know Hydrocraft uses them to store Gas, but I had no idea they now had some use on Vanilla. What do they do? (If anything)
  2. Gotta say, I quite like this new loot distribution system. Just a question tho; which of all those new options handles clothing rarity? As in, my chance of ever finding the legendarily elusive Camo Hunting Vest. What are you talking about? The one-shot stab is still there- Try holding down RMB with a knife when close to a Zed, you'll do one normal attack at first, and the next one will be ye olde one-shot stab. I still use my knife to deal with most lone Zed, specially on interiors.
  3. Heavenly Chorus Sound AT LAST!! Thanks a lot!
  4. I hadn't noticed this bug until I used the normal "Backpack" (same as the military one, but without camo), it gets some bloodstains on its sides (you can see them in the Zedsgiving screenshot even), but cannot be washed in the washing machine, as they never get the Dirty/Bloody status, and even though you CAN wash them by hand, nothing changes on them.
  5. I can confirm this. It has been happening since the very first IWBUMS 41; I always set my loot to abundant, but as soon as I go to a place I did not visit before saving and exiting my first save, it all resets to what I believe is Rare.
  6. Can't help but notice the word "Vegitation" on that log.... should it be Vegetation? Could that be the reason for the bug?
  7. We need heating devices; either electric heaters/stoves or similar gas/propane/coal powered ones we can use inside buildings or even outside. Or, (and here we may be moving onto far greater additions) add a "Thermostat" electric fixture to most buildings, just like we have light switches now. It could simply have the interface the Car's AC have already. Of course, not ALL places will have this (wouldn't expect a wooden cabin in the middle of nowhere, or a Self-Storage unit to have HVAC), but most of them would.
  8. That makes four of us; this issue had happened on previous patches but it was seemingly fixed. Guess it just came back with a vengeance...
  9. .... Can't help but ask, where did you find those Balaclavas?
  10. Wanted to craft me a pipe bomb today and I found I didn't have the recipe. So I went to literally ALL THE BOOKSTORES in the map (I have all loots set to Abundant) and Vol.3 and Vol.4 simply did not spawn anywhere. Is this a bug? Or have they been removed?
  11. Blake81

    Like, sew cool

    That's a brilliant idea! Could even be used as an "utility" counterpart to the belt slots.
  12. Title. Been 4 in-game hours in the rain, not even wet. Also, all of my plants (which I started planting as the rain started) say Parched. Haven't yet built any rain collectors, so I dunno if those work, but as for everything else, the rain is kinda bugged.
  13. Now that explains why I was not getting a single alarm... Yup! I found out that if lure a bunch of zed (via gunshot) into the back of a Gun Store (I used that remote one on the upper-left corner of the map), Zed will keep dropping all sorts of Gun Store loot, ad infinitum. Walked out of that place with 5 military backpacks of ammo, one of each weapon (with all upgrades that spawn) and 3 Katanas, so we can officially christen that as "Best Bug Ever!". So TIS, don't fix that yet; just take your time, I'm sure there are bigger things that need fixing or adding first, right? Like Hunting, NPCs, Voice Acting, Fully Immersive VR and Console Ports, right?
  14. Are you on a Mac? I think I've seen a similar issue mentioned on Macs before.
  15. Well, this is weird; I just reloaded that game now, and the car is back... just where I left it, and no more errors. I either got very lucky, or that gets the prize of Weirdest Bug Ever...
  16. Blake81

    Runners Return

    Good to see the Loot is being rebalanced, because as of right now, Abundant settings don't seem to work.
  17. Weird; my lightbulbs are working fine, and I've replaced a few. EDIT: I had only used Lightbulbs taken from OTHER CARS, but now I used some I found at a store and yes, they show 10% (But in all honesty, until the Devs buff the headlight's durability, they'll break in just one brush with a Zed regardless if they're 100% or 1%...)
  18. Was heading to valley station, but the bridge leading to Valley Station was blocked by wrecks. So, I got off my car, and tried to find a blowtorch and mask. This search took me as far as The Mall (Sneaking System works like a charm now; I actually STEALTHED the entire place out), where I found what I was looking for, hotwired a random car and headed back to the bridge. By the time I got there, my car was gone, and if I walk over the spot it was left on, I get LITERALLY hundreds of errors on the lower right corner. Any idea of what may have happened? This is not the first time I leave my car somewhere and walk- What happened this time? 09-11-19_00-08-43_DebugLog.txt
  19. Hm, as far as I am aware, there IS something like this already in game, albeit on a small scale. Try piling up as many zeds as you can on a pile at least the size of a car and then try walking over it; you'll see your char struggling a lil' bit, as if in a forest. Then try driving a car at fast speed over it, touching it only with the wheels of one side and you'll see the car flip. I do agree, however, that they could use a bit more of a Z plane; piles are still too flat, and corpses sometimes feel like cardboard cutouts.
  20. So, I decided to go and check the Rosewood Penitentiary to loot their armory (happens to be one of the best ones due to the sheer number of containers), expecting a wave of orange jumpsuits coming at me. However, when I got there.... there were none. I spent some time there, and the outfit ratio of the prison Zeds is as follows: 5/10 - Normal Zed (Random Civilian Clothes) 2/10 - Prison Guard Zed (Police Shirt, Prison Guard Pants) 1/10 - Random Police Zed (Any other Police Uniform combination) 1/10 - Doctor Zed (Labcoat) 0.5/10 - Priest Zed (Priest Shirt) 0.5/10 - Burger Flipper Zed (Fast Food Server Hat, Apron) Not A SINGLE orange inmate jumpsuit spawned, and I know they spawn in other places (I once found 3 inmate Zeds on a house, carrying duffels full of rope and duct tape) so it looks like they may have forgotten to enable their spawn there...
  21. Exactly! I don't know why you guys scrapped that style when it was so good compared to the "keep spamming W like an attention-starved grandma spamming F5 on her new FB Post" style we have now...
  22. Honestly, no need to make the Cruise Control that realistic; just a button that we toggle that keeps the car at the speed it was when we pushed it.
  23. Wait, WHAT!? How long has that existed? And where is it?
  24. Is there any place where soldier/military zed spawn more often? I'm trying to find both the assault rifle and some camo clothes, but so far I don't know of any place where they may spawn often. Has anyone found any of those?
  25. I fully support this; either make the equipped clothes show up on a different tab of sorts, or make them be at the bottom of the listing. When you have lots of things equipped (and you will), you have to scroll down almost 2 full pages....
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