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  1. Raymond Campbell

    I'm going to add week 03 when i survive that long or when Mr Campbell dies.
  2. Raymond Campbell

    This is how Raymond Campbell died. [Possibly related to Bruce?] Mode = Survival Starting Conditions = Hardcore Spawn = Riverside – No online map – Hardcore reloading - No ‘one hit kill stabs’ – No destroying stairs – No climbing up sheet ropes – Random spawn character- Metalworker Bad Traits – Slow Healer, Asthmatic, Hearty Appetite, Prone to illness. Good Traits – Runner, Hunter. Starting Weight = 80 Week 01 Trailer Trash Week 02 Finding Riverside Week 03 Hell's Bathroom
  3. New Model

    A Spanking, A Spanking!!!
  4. Container Suggestions

    That would be awesome.
  5. Behold the Thursdoid

    The Mondoid is dead... Long live the Thursdoid
  6. Punching zombies = suicide Punching people = great fun Sometimes you might want to settle a heated debate with a bit of violence, but not kill each other. Having a good old fist fight would be the slightly less fatal option than having an ax fight. Also, it would be really funny when people punch zombies and get infected ;P
  7. More Starting Scenarios

    STANDOFF you spawn in a safe-house with NPC's. there is a large argument going on and guns out. Possibly wounded/dead people That could be infected. To make things worse there is a horde of zombies on the way. Can you calm down the situation in time to fight off the horde? Can you sneak out the backdoor before everyone kills each other?
  8. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    A couple of small unimportant things I noticed- The cars don’t have clocks in them? In car info the for engine stopped is engine stoped Control pad directions are not fixed to left and right. (triggers are cool) And thanks of letting us test out the cars
  9. 37 n’ Next

    They have said about adding shadows later. It's hard to properly judge them without the shadows. they look so odd/out of place without a shadow. They do look amazing!
  10. 37 n’ Next

    I like the green one
  11. Here In My Car

    If the devs don't want there to be lots of fuel in the gas stations. Then they could find a way of writing it into the lore. Things like people panic buying fuel and limited supplies. This way the gas stations could only have a bit of fuel left or non at all.
  12. RELEASED: Build 37.14

    I believe that they said 'most likely on Tuesday/Wednesday' the cunning devs didn't say what week, month or year!
  13. Don't dead

    How are we going to find the stash if there is a sheet over it? Are we going to be able to place sheets over things to hide them from visually impaired looters? More importantly can we hide stuff under floorboards? Or just dig a hole in the woods?
  14. RELEASED: Build 37.14

    The last couple of mondoids have given us lots of information about what the TIS are doing and why.
  15. Pinboards

    It would be nice if you could make a 'Wanted' poster to pinup. Add a sketch of a face, name, crime, information and reward etc. It wouldn't even have to be a wanted dead or alive style poster. It could be a builder wanted for a construction project with a picture of a hammer.