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  1. Eric Green

    Week 04 added
  2. Eric Green

    Week 03 added
  3. Eric Green

    Week 02 added.
  4. Cut-off Saw

    Cool, I didn't know that the Fire department were using them back in the 90s Technically I guess that you could use them as a kind of noisy sledgehammer. (not that smashing stuff with a sledgehammer is quiet!)
  5. Floor space vs. any other container space

    i think when lots of items end up on the same tile there should be a junk pile image there. it could also slow down movement or even become a trip hazard.
  6. Cut-off Saw

    Cut-off Saw We are getting a Chainsaw to cut wood and heads. I would like a Cut-off saw to cut metal and heads. ‘An abrasive saw, also known as a cut-off saw or chop saw, is a power tool which is typically used to cut hard materials, such as metals, tile, and concrete. The cutting action is performed by an abrasive disc, similar to a thin grinding wheel. Technically speaking this is not a saw, as it does not use regularly shaped edges (teeth) for cutting.’ ^ From Wikipedia They can be found on most construction sites and road works. They can cut through metal. (and everything else) They look badass! I think they could work just like the chainsaw but instead of cutting wood it cuts metal. You could chop your way through - Metal bars, like in jail. Player built metal structures. Metal fences. Garage doors. Any sort of locked door. Cars etc. I also think that warehouses should all have metal bars over the windows and metal doors. At the moment its far too easy to get into the warehouses. They could also have metal shutters over the windows and doors, just anything to make them harder to get into.

    I always end up getting bite/scratched by crawlers popping straight into an attack. I personally blame my play style because I know that it happens but i continue to do the same stupid things that cause it to happen. But I do find it really annoying! I hit a zombie and it drops straight to the ground without staggering backward. It then jumps into an attack the moment it hits the ground. Normally this is not a problem because i'm moving backwards with my guard-up (ready to swing) and the attack misses or gets blocked. If when the zombie falls I take a second swing then I get bite/scratched. This normally happens when i'm fighting 3 or more zombies and i don't back up after attacking. I do think that the crawler attack is too fast and it seems to have a really long range. It does seem odd that the most dangerous zombies is a crawler. It could be nice if there was a brief animation added before the attack or just a slight delay from when a zombies hits the ground before it can attack.
  8. Eric Green

    I Will add another Week when I survive or die...
  9. Eric Green

    This is how Eric Green died. Mode = Six Months Later Starting Conditions = Hardcore Spawn = Riverside – No online map – Hardcore reloading - No ‘one hit kill stabs’ – No destroying stairs – No climbing up sheet ropes – Random spawn character- Burger Flipper Bad Traits – Obese, Slow Healer, Smoker Good Traits – Cook, Cat’s Eyes, Dextrous, Light Eater, Gymnast, Hiker, Wakeful Starting Weight = 105 [I really have no idea how Eric has survived for 6 months? I don’t think he’s going to survive another 6 hours!] Week 01 Week 02 Week 03 Week 04
  10. Pitch Battle

    large vehicles make lots of noise, use up loads of fuel, are harder to repair and less maneuverable. it should be possible to balance up the positives and negatives.
  11. New Model

    A Spanking, A Spanking!!!
  12. Container Suggestions

    That would be awesome.
  13. Behold the Thursdoid

    The Mondoid is dead... Long live the Thursdoid
  14. More Starting Scenarios

    STANDOFF you spawn in a safe-house with NPC's. there is a large argument going on and guns out. Possibly wounded/dead people That could be infected. To make things worse there is a horde of zombies on the way. Can you calm down the situation in time to fight off the horde? Can you sneak out the backdoor before everyone kills each other?
  15. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    A couple of small unimportant things I noticed- The cars don’t have clocks in them? In car info the for engine stopped is engine stoped Control pad directions are not fixed to left and right. (triggers are cool) And thanks of letting us test out the cars