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  1. I think this could be best done as a 'mentor' trait. Teaching is a skill. A lot of people are useless at teaching.
  2. Trojan_Turps

    Mannequin vs. Zed

    In Madame Tussmashs collection would there be models of the famous Indie Stone team?
  3. Are there plans for shallow water? The sort of depth you can walk in/across like streams and the edges of rivers/lake etc. It would be nice to see more streams etc. but with no way to cross them I guess they would be annoying barriers.
  4. It will be cool if the barbell can be used as a makeshift sledgehammer.
  5. Not sure how it currently works but they could have it so that the faster the zombies move, the more ravenous they sound. So a slow plodding zombie moans and a running zombie is full on ravenous growling! I imagine this is how it is anyway but it just needs some fine tuning???
  6. The gargling death howls as they choke on their own blood are very nice.
  7. And when you don't want to be a polite Neighbour you could do zombie thumping. Just to freak them out!
  8. Trojan_Turps

    Little Red Guitar

    The animations are looking great. I would say that the up swing with the machete looks a bit odd. Simply because you would mostly be hacking down at the head of a zombie. But it might just be a veiw point thing?
  9. Trojan_Turps

    Zed Snacking

    I think that the feasting zombies should become less common after the first week. For example it would be odd to see zombies eating the same body for weeks on end! Only relatively fresh body's should attract zombies. Also will body's be reduced to skeletons after being eaten? Can we use human bones as weapons or tools? Can we take skulls as trophies? Is Skeletor going to be in the game? If we kill a dragon (once they are added to the game) then plant the teeth, will they grow into warrior skeletons?
  10. Trojan_Turps


    That's a really good point! There needs to be a system to make the spawns become more random over time but with exceptions for the prison etc. This would represent natural zombie movement. Then if an area is cleared the spawn logic might need to change to more random or generic zombies.
  11. Other uses- Thinning down groups of zombies. A group of 5 to 10 zombies is a nice big target. Slings have a very long range so you could pick away at a group from a safe distance. Scaring off wolves. Used to keep hungry wildlife away without needing to hit or kill it. Noise distraction. Used to smash windows and hit doors, cars, walls, etc. To create noise that will attract zombies. After 6 - 12 months of daily sling use doing the above things. I imagine hunting would become a more realistic option?
  12. I like the idea of having a random apocalypse option. You choose 'Random Apocalypse' You choose your difficulty And your dropped into the game! Everything is random.... So you don't know what your up against or what's going on. Also it would be cool if the random settings randomly changed every now and then. More randomness yay!
  13. After reading all of the posts on that link it appears they all have different opinions. I don't feel like it is evidence of slings being good or bad for hunting. I think the problem is that people just don't do a lot of hunting with slings. In modern times people use slings for fun because we have guns and modern bows for hunting.
  14. I have no experience hunting with a sling. But I agree that killing a deer would be hard. You would probably need to get a good clean head hit. To be honest I don't know?!?
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