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Downtown(On Hold)


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Hello Community,


Some time ago, I started looking into/playing with the Maptools, in my spare time.

After I made my first building, "it" evolved into a whole cluster of buildings.


This "cluster of buildings" looks very close to an area where I grew up (althrough a bit modified, to fit the PZ-universe).

For now, there are 2 Cells (not complete).

But I like to expand it a little further, by making it a 4 Cell city.


There are some buildings I used/adjusted, made by other community members:


- DoctahWong_cortman-medical

- Doublebrain_ abandoned-factory

- Jinja_house-1 and house-2

- mendonca_modern-villa-R

- Phex_garages

- Veged_small-house


Many thanks, to those(and all the other) members for sharing.

Downtown Mod-folder:







=place=> the "Downtown" folder =into=> C:/users/.../Zomboid/mods

=open=>ProjectZomboid and =click=> Mods (left lower corner)

=double-click=> Downtown and then =click=> Done (right lower corner)

Now "Downtown" will be available for FirstBite, Custom Sandbox and Survival.

No 'custom'-sprites are used.

I tested the mod on version 32+ . 

Special thanks to The_Indie_Stone, and all who made it possible, for releasing the Maptools!


Suggestions, ideas or critism are welcome.

If you find any bugs or issues: please do reply or send a pm, thanks.


Kind regards,


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Dec 28th: Update 01:
As the holidays are "flying by like a bullet", I updated some area's:
- Random appartment-building: changed the lay-out of the garage-boxes,
- Jinja_house-1: exterior,
- mendonca_modern-villa-R: exterior,


- Farms: 1 for crops + 1 for cows,


- Food Market: lay-out + exterior,


- Soccerclub parking-area: trees, trash and some lightning,


- Added a firestation: interior + exterior (not sure if it looks like one),
- Cemetery: added the other half (and left one spot open),


- (7)Random houses: some interior and/or exterior,


- Some minor changes.
I've also updated the download-files and the picture, in the OP.


Kind regards,


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Thank you, Atoxwarrior.


After the 30.12 update, I'm going to need all the luck I can find (or updated sprites within the map-tools), because althrough the vegetation looks nice and random in some area's, in other area's the vegetation does not show up or there is to much and/or the wrong color  :cry:.

Also, I will need to re-do the lightning, the (street)lights seem to have a bigger ligtning-radius now.

And in some parts of the town, when playing at night, it looks like clear daylight now.




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Hello, TheDanishCorgi.

I'm a little surprised by your question, but as for now (as your can see in the OP) the map is still a heavy WIP.

Releasing it already as a survival/sandbox -map (stand-alone or connected), in it's current state, would do the PZ-Universe no good, I think.


But in the future, it's possible that the map will become available for all game-modes.

(can't make any promises at this point, as I still have a long way to go).

I hope the above answers your question.

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Jan 04th Update02:
A new year, new challenges and a new update.
- Soccerclub: main-building, a small parking-area and more trees+fencing added,


- FamilyFashion store added,


- FoodMarket interior added,
- Pile-o-Crepe added,


- Policestation: interior added,
- PizzaWhirled: updated,
  (highlighted tile provides an extra escape-route now, if you climb through the window from the outside)


- Doublebrain_abandoned-factory updated,
  (the stairs+roof where giving the character some fractures)


- More random houses added,
- Adjusted the zombies/wave, so the character wouldn't feel so overwhelmed at the beginning,
- Some minor changes.
Known issues/bugs:
- collision bug inside the P-o-C: if you climb through some windows, your are stuck inside the table
(fixed for now, by replacing some blue benches with chairs)


-invisible wall inside the T.I.S.-Construction container and the P-o-C diningroom
(fixed for now, by adjusting the "Challenge1.cratepositions" line)

- erosion/vegetation: some of the sprites do not show in-game, althrough they sometimes slow the character down (show the animation) and play the "tree"-sound.

I did some experimenting and the problem seems to occur mostly, when 2 sprites are placed on the same tile. For example: a tree and some curbs.

- when your character dies, the "survived-time" is always '0hours 0mins'regardless of your play-time.

I did not edit my LastStandsetup-file, but I tried an older Challenge1.lua(version 29.4,I think)and when my character died, the following appeared.zZpvZ6G.jpg

I updated the files and the picture in the OP.
The next update will take a longer time, as I have to resume my daily job again.
Kind regards,

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Jan 07th Update02.1:


Sorry for the fast update already, but I made it so you don't have to do 'the-copy-and-paste-process'.


The map is now a downloadable mod folder called "Downtown".

As a mod it adds a new challenge for the LastStand-mode. 

And as you can read, I have chosen the working-title to be "Downtown".


The OP is updated, with the link towards the mod folder.

The download also includes a small bonus: the townhall (same building as the policestation) has been added.


Kind regards,


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Jan 25th Update03:
Hello again,
I found some spare time to:
- complete 30+ buildings (mostly house-interiors),


- add the McCoying co. logging-site,


- start working on the forrest+lake area


- and changing some minor things.
The Build30.14-update fixed the erosion/vegetation issue. Thanks.


Updated the picture and the files in the OP.
Kind regards,

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Feb 28th Update04:

While we wait for Build31 to unfold, I thought it would be nice to give another update again,

I first have to correct myself on update02:

"the invisible wall" inside the TIS-construction container, was caused by wall_grime/wall_overlay I placed on the inside of the container and not the "Challenge1.cratepositions".


I changed the mod so Downtown is also available for the beginner-, survival- and the sandbox-Mode

(connected: cell 29_23, 29_24, 30_23 and 30_24).



There now is content enough for a playthrough or two ... and there are already 50+ spawnpoints.

50+? Yes, 59 to be accurate, I like the randomness it offers and will make every 'normal' house a spawnpoint to increase it even further.

Sadly the objects.lua is not there (so "foraging" and "trapping" is not possible for now), but I gave the zombie spawnmap the correct color.


I'm unsure how Build31 will change the LastStand-Mode or the menu for it, but I updated the files, the description and the spawnpoint.


Please keep in mind that Downtown is still a WIP, but if you encounter any game-breaking issues, please reply to this topic.


Updated the picture, download-link and the instructions in the OP.

EDIT: added also a Zippyshare.com download-link (maybe more easy than Dropbox)

Kind regards,


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@KorruptkSwades :The houses SE of Downtown (I think you mean the brick houses) are placeholders for now, only 2 of them have some content in it. Any feedback is appreciated, small, big, possitive and negative.


@ XxZeraphinexX : Because I changed my job, I did not have enough spare time to make any changes. But this month I will start working on it again, to update Downtown.


Kind regards,


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Thank you for the recording, KorruptkSwades! 

It's nice to see/hear that you like the little details inside Downtown.


For the moment I'm working on a new version:

Updating Downtown towards Build32+, adding some new locations and filling the old one's with some more content.


Kind regards,




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