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  1. I just gonna leave this here and let you guys have fun with it. If anyone wants to continue on it or get some inspiration I'll be glad, because I think I'm just too lazy to finish a big project.
  2. Thank you a lot. My buildings are free to use and edit. If you like them as they are, feel free to put them in your map. If you want to improve them, feel free to edit them and put them in your map afterwards. Good luck with the project!
  3. The game will get more challenging with proper zombie migration, NPCs and of course the "Sadistic AI Director". I dont think zombies have to be a lot stronger or the player weaker. They just need to have more impact on the player and his actions. But I agree with the "outwalking a zombie" part and the 360° combat.
  4. sound (I think we have that already)maybe add the "heat" mood? Although you dont actually overheat but it kind of feels likelower accuracy and slower interactionsound and maybe getting exhausted passively (limited to level 1 or 2 exhausted mood)the next 3 maybe add an extra mood... like seizures? Is that what happens when you panic?? Not sure. Maybe a little blurry view or something to visualise it. Also decreased mood after the panic attack. Maybe frequant panic attacks could have consequences.
  5. Damn thats some nice detail you got on your buildings!
  6. That project is currently sleeping. But there is something big I'm working on. I cant post any information right now, but be prepared. If everything goes as expected its gonna be awesome.
  7. Not 100% finished but still: More pics on front page. The thing is, I have no idea what a prison actually looks like from the inside and I couldnt find any layouts of modern prisons. So if anyone knows a little more about prisons than me, he or she might tell me if the layout of my prison is somewhat realistic or not so much. For now I just placed stuff where my brain said it should be.
  8. They could maybe tweak some of the very old sprites like the beds and couches, maybe some floors. But all in all I love the style of the game right now and I dont think they should change the look of the game too much from now on. I think the game wont be realy "retro" anymore with all the new animations coming. (at least not what I call retro)
  9. Doublebrain


    I feel honored Looks realy good! Great level of detail. Its nice to see my work inspires people I couldnt get myself motivated for another attempt on a ship after my files were gone. But looks like there is no reason to do this anyway since you got this beauty done
  10. Something small today. Also cleaned up the tile set a little.
  11. I guess stuff like a winter coat will be in vanilla game anyway. I think the devs said they will add new clothings somewhen after the 3D-character-thing is done (I guess that means soon then)
  12. Should be something only well trained (athletic/ strong) people or anyone with the help of some other guy would be able to do.
  13. Little approach on worn out/ ruined stuff Guess thats a compliment Thanks
  14. I already thought about doing all kind of old/ destroyed/ broken stuff by redoing some original tiles. I soon got one week free.. maybe I will do some damaged stuff then. Ofc I will also make my own sprites look a little worn out then.
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