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  1. ima follow this great work for sure and that bus is very nice - keep it up man !
  2. I am in love with this mod overhaul. it was about time someone felt like messing around with the tidiness ingame this has been added to my challenge playthroughs and to my personal server and works very well in multiplayer as in singleplayer ! edit: with permission and great pride ->
  3. i totally forgot that trait >.<' ! edit: the mod i found works great despite not having the recipe i already found 2 ponchos >.<' so this thread can be marked as answered thanks
  4. hi, I am looking for a mod that adds in a raincoat or poncho. I just went through the 13 pages of mods in the workshop (not building mods or maps) and did not seem to find any. I do not wish to use hydrocraft, yes a very enjoyable mod , but for what i am doing I need something to reduce the rain effect. im sure i saw one out there before... if you know where it is hiding please share thx edit: found this http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=757075560&searchtext=rain but theres added unknown containers n not sure if a recipe is included
  5. this would be that type of cool mod that fits very well with those who create Roleplay videos and/or online roleplaying servers like New Dawn ! but for eg: sp normal playing i'd say that's a ton of micromanagement. missing something here ?.. oh and lets not forget another top threat if the zedz dont get ya http://offgridsurvival.com/shtfgarbagewaste/ (took me a few minutes to find this page i remembered reading it before.)
  6. Wow ! when does this beauty come out !?
  7. I am really liking the elevation aspect of your mapping and cannot wait to try out a beta soon
  8. well fml >.< I didn't even question myself when i typed those words in the "guide" - cabins, towers, shantys.... xD ikr I will re-update first thing tomorrow after work. me head is hitting nails this late at night. :/ Edit - Big update to OP Guide. We're starting to have a nice lil' informative guide up there thanks to everyone !
  9. pretty please small tiny weeny spoiler of which town it is closest to ?
  10. Thanks cr.Jim and Zo. for the information. I have included it all in a neat simple informative guide up in my op. If anyone else finds something new please don't hesitate to share it here
  11. KorruptkSwades


    HOLY CRAP A MAP ! Thank god, Nasko & team, for this map ! ps: finally can burn my temporary map xD
  12. I usually go with a carpenter or a lumberjack. My current playthrough/favourite character build is: Profession - Lumberjack = Axeman. Positive Traits - Dextrous (-2), Inconspicuous (-4), Fit (-6) and Thick Skinned (-6). Negative Traits - High Thirst (+6), Hemophobic (+3), Weak Stomach (+3), Hard of Hearing (+2), Short Sighted (+2) and Slow Reader (+2) (I am using the Faster Reading mod though). Why these traits ? -> So this creates a fine strong and fit character who can somewhat fight off against the average crowd of 5 to 10 zombies via melee with a bit less trouble. He is afraid of first aid but that doesn't last long enough to actually be a burden. As long as he does not eat any raw meat or unknown wild berries he will not have any food illness. The short sighted is a true burden though so you have to do a few 360 degrees turns every few minutes. hard of hearing might be a smaller burden, Iève never really had any problems with that.
  13. Could you please share some info on what components are absolutely needed, what are their purpose (eg. barricading) and what do they require to be used (eg. recipe magazines etc ) thanks for the info !
  14. nice ! So now the question is, we need information on what is currently in the iwbums metalworking skill. Can we barricade with metal sheets ? Since there is no stone forge, we have to find metal sheets? what is required. etc ?
  15. So if there is no smelting, anvil or stone forge.... hmmm how do we barricade windows with metal ? I know ive seen torches, torch rods, and welding masks and also screws. probably requires also a certain carpentry level ? metalworking level ? and recipe magazine ?
  16. Hi fellow Zomboids ! I thought we could, those of you playing the IWBUMS 35, all pitch in the information we've got and come up with a quick makeshift guide/informative thread here so other fellow Zomboids can be informed. You can leave your information here and i'll add it up to in the OP post. thanks Information gathered thanks to (Kim, Enigma, Cr.Jim, and Zo.) ! HOW TO LEVEL UP METALWORKING ! - Before level 1 you can only make metal floors and roofs to gain XP ( without recipes ). At level 5 you unlock the Big Wire Fence ( so spam that stuff to XP+ ). At level 9 you unlock the Big Pole Fence Gate ( so rinse and repeat until level 10 ). Tools - Propane torch, Welding mask, Welding rods, Propane, (more?) Materials - Wire, Metal bar, Metal tube, Small metal sheet, Sheet metal, Scrap metal, Useless metal (at low levels you get this often when dismantling.). (probably more to add soon) Magazines/Recipes 4 total - Teaches Wire Fences. Teaches Walls/Fences. Teaches Containers. Teaches Small Metal Sheets to Metal Sheet. Stuff you can build - Barricading using sheet metal or bars, Make metal wall frames which you can finish with wood to + its strength. (or metal), You can dismantle metal shelves and counters for more materials, Barricading might give xp in Solo, (confirmed not to work in co-op), Containers you can build are: lockers, gun lockers, metal crates, metal cabinets, and more, Some ideas: Towers, Shacks, Shantys, Cottages, Cabins, etc... A few tips/notes - Slight problem: materials for Metalworking are "finite". The amount of metal bars/sheets required to make a simple wall is huge ! Carpentry is still better then Metalworking atm. Wooden walls are much better still. Dismantling the paper towel dispenser does not give Metalworking experience but Electrical ! O-o The higher your Metalworking level is the more stuff you get for dismantling things related to Metalworking. Use metal frames for your walls, just upgrade it with wood if you don't have metal. It will make much better walls. You need the recipe though... It isn't recommended to attempt building a metal fortress for the weight of metal is considerable. >.<' (more?)
  17. I am still one of those that encourages your dreadwood developpement hope all is well
  18. in my god mode exploration game i've seen zero zombies in the streets of March Ridge and Rosewood. But in the barricaded homes there's usually 10+ zedz headbanging to their own beat. in the huge apartment complexes in March Ridge, as seen in my video, its OP in zedz. in the prison, that you'll see in another video soon, it is severely OP in zedz, but it does make sense. If i wasnt in god mode i'd be dead in the prison within the first room easily. I haven't found the military compound yet.
  19. hmm left click-hold-drag-and-drop to floor... i agree
  20. I will continue updating this image as I discover more. There are a TON, i literally mean about 10 houses easily per row, each side of each street, in the sector i marked with green. EACH one of these houses has many cupboards FULL of canned goods and shotgun munitions and shotguns. every 3 or 4 house there is a barricaded house VERY full of zombies. much fun to wipe out tbh. died after my third zombie-house due to me irl being sleepy It is a very long walk/run from muldraugh to this city. I left without water n food >.<' don't do that , you will survive, but its slow . (ps: i was playing on <the first week> mode. died on the 7th day from my first wound a bite.) edit: i have done the touring. be aware of the REDZone it equals your death certain do NOT go to redzone without a few shotguns, and like 25 shotgun boxes, yes it is infected of hundreds of zedz per FLOOR. ps: might as well show y'all the area i was talking about: only 9 mins long vid, no voiceover, simple and hopefully will give y'all a fighting chance knowing how dangerous the spot is. March Ridge most dangerous buildings !
  21. added ! finally a must-have alternative to the tents !
  22. gonna try this out. will feedback on how long the batteries last.
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