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  1. This looks so awesome! Is there any chance of a release soon? I want to er..search for bugs...yeh.
  2. Any chance this could be released as a survival/sandbox map? (not connected to the main one of course)
  3. Thanks so much! Always a pleasure to hear that players are appreciating my work! Yes, a new game will most likely be required to ensure proper behavior of the new traits. Also... *Updated to v1.3! Check back a few posts in this thread for a download link and change log! I love your mod, but was dissapointed that it didnt have some of the original mods traits. Im curious what your 'roadmap' for the mod is - will you ever include Basement Dweller (Aka best perk)
  4. Um, I have a bug... Whenever I go to the character customisation page (With the 'perks' and jobs) everything apart from the list of 'perks' and jobs vanished and is replaced by a black screen. The remaining interfaces work but without the continue option i'm stuck there. The buttons seem to be actually gone, not hidden - random clicking didn't reveal anything - and I have had to ditch the mod for now. Anyone encountered this/got a fix? I'm running Erosion, Dead Overhaul and the awesome Radcliffe custom map.
  5. I like this idea - It could be balanced by 1. A green tint hindering your colour perception / ability to see at distance (Like the short-sighted 'perk') 2. A short battery life - they would burn through batteries more than 5x faster than a flashlight 3. Rarity. I mean, how many people in your neighbourhood have NV goggles? 4. Unusable in light/daytime - Under large streetlamps, inside lit rooms or outside in the sunlight the goggles would become unusable and would have a 'whiteout'. Worse than you might think - there are lot of streetlamps in Muldraugh
  6. Marcel, please can you post a picture showing the whole map so far? I think it looks really awesome and am wondering whether there are areas of the map I can constrain myself to where everything is complete.
  7. I've been playing this map quite a lot recently and it is really, really awesome. I haven't encountered a single real bug in any of my playthroughs, nor have I found any unfurnished homes, blank spots ect. ect. ect. Awesome job man.
  8. Over and Under Beretta Silver Pigeon I. Its a double barreled shotgun for clay pigeon shooting and other similar sports
  9. Any chance the incomplete map could be released to us? I dont mind if lots of it is empty, I just wanna explore the awesome-looking buildings., EDIT: Herp derp derp, didnt notice theres already an alpha test...thing. Is it the latest version?
  10. Looks super-awesome! Might wanna add decoration/vary colours on the buildings (Maybe add bins/streetlamps/vines/graffiti/ect ect ect.).
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