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    Don´t we have the Zomboid Go in someway allready? Just look outside and watch the Pokehontas walking around, doesn´t seem such a big diffrence to Zed´s anymore only thing is you get in seriuos trouble for beating them up and loot there pockets, but some guys are doing this xD
  2. XxZeraphinexX

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I have found a lot, mostly i play sandbox with extrem rare settings and i´m able to find them a lot. But i guess it´s random so maybe you just had no luck. i´m cureently searching tent pegs can´t find them hehe
  3. XxZeraphinexX

    The Official EnigmaGrey level-up 'gratz' thread

    Congratz Enigma
  4. XxZeraphinexX

    Drayton (Rebuild) v1.0.2

    I like the map, only thing which keeps me low on playing it is the missing foraging I love to settle in th ehouse at the river
  5. XxZeraphinexX

    Hydrocraft Nutrition

    You can send me a list with items to check, gonna have 2 nightshifts next week and can go on a hunt for data then if you like
  6. XxZeraphinexX

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Depends on what infection the infection from cuts they do, the zed infection no
  7. XxZeraphinexX

    RELEASED: Build 34.10 - Food Tracker Build

    space for your profil pic?
  8. XxZeraphinexX

    Stolen art from project zomboid in new steam game

    Then someone else survived the Zed and left the West point library with your stuff maybe should get a improvised alarm system
  9. XxZeraphinexX

    RELEASED: Build 34.10 - Food Tracker Build

    Just a thought don´t know if possible that way i think You could make the big Fridge/frezzer to be like 100/0 , 75/25 , 50/50 , 0/100 which means for example the one has 75% fridge and 25% frezzer inventory, another one can have 50% 50% while other are 100% the one or the other. For the small it would be more likly 100% one or the other or they have max. 25% frezzer. You often find them in single appartments/Kitchen. Everything else would be always 100% fridge or frezzer. I can just tell that from we had in the family and my own before the one i have now was a small one with 4 Shelfs and the top one was the frezzer so 25% frezzer 75% fridge
  10. XxZeraphinexX

    Stolen art from project zomboid in new steam game

    I won´t i´m just a bit sorry for this guys that they had to copy and use a manga brush to make a game like PZ
  11. XxZeraphinexX

    RELEASED: Build 34.10 - Food Tracker Build

    Depends on how much they have to frezz. I know that some bigger restaurants and chains like McD have cooler rooms or frezzer rooms Smaller buisnesses and the ones with less to frezz you either that kind https://www.yourhome.de/p/Beko-Gefriertruhe-HSA-24531-A-1101-cm-breit/18653631/?gclid=CjwKEAiA0ZC2BRDpo_Pym8m-4n4SJAB5Bn4x4rNGeG5Mb5YmLdsoZfsEnLZyXR1F2iQ1Z9HtrwFWDxoC8zjw_wcB#itemId=15912847 or they use something like that http://www.mediamarkt.de/de/product/_exquisit-gs12-4a--1674340.html?uympq=vpqr&gclid=CjwKEAiA0ZC2BRDpo_Pym8m-4n4SJAB5Bn4xALYcCyaSc4jWhK8l4aPPpfLvzpHcwUM1Y3DKQAVo-RoCyQHw_wcB . Some might have a combination of fridge and frezzer like that one https://www.hagebau.de/p/hanseatic-hanseatic-kuehl-gefrierkombinaton-bcd-180n-b-a-1423-cm-hoch-anOV389355236/?itemId=B705937&articleNo=705937&AffiliateID=300225&utm_source=google_shopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=431_GSC_Kueche&origin=pla&keyword_id&remote_ad_id&matchtype&creative_id=53752194354&keyword=&utm_content=608075|102693029634 or more the american style like http://www.ao.de/produkt/gsp325pzcv-lg-side-by-side-edelstahl-33990-27.aspx . hope that helps The small frezzer get also used a lot in smaller stores for icream
  12. XxZeraphinexX

    Project Zomboid Map Project

    Thank you very much
  13. XxZeraphinexX

    Project Zomboid Map Project

    I know what you mean and thanks for your work and keep it up http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/16577-south-muldraugh/#entry223678 here is the link here in the forum. Map is fun to play but since he never put up a whole pic of the area it´s hard to say what all is done.
  14. XxZeraphinexX

    RELEASED: Build 34.10 - Food Tracker Build

    Hey RJ just check your easter bordercountry https://www.yourhome.de/p/Privileg-Kuehlschrank-PRF-130-W-A-A-85-cm/10461239/?gclid=CjwKEAiA0ZC2BRDpo_Pym8m-4n4SJAB5Bn4x71mjpKtgFK4pvcROS9X6f6CbwWmIHmn8RPCN6F2WdhoCuZ_w_wcB#itemId=6006921956 we have stuff like that and i always used it till i married since then we need more freezing space and have a seprate fridge and frezzer,but combinations of fridge and frezzer are quite commen in germany. Also what Faalagorn said, we have that kind in our gorcery stores too
  15. XxZeraphinexX

    Project Zomboid Map Project

    Is it possible that you add the map South Muldraugh?