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  1. Eerie Country Beta

    Interesting and mysterious things are happening in Eerie Country, visit my patreon to be up to date with the news, a greeting from the shadows.
  2. The tower of death! Server Wasteland credits: Garuben
  3. There is some explanation that the game there are days when I open and other days that I do not, I really do not understand why this happens.
  4. Well I have tried everything you told me, and I have all the graphics of the game at least I feel like in the build 29 XD but apparently the problem is half solved because sometimes if I open and I can play and other times I skip the error and I do not open the game, is this normal having all graphics at minimum?
  5. Fecha de inicio 22/06/2018
  6. console.txt hs_err_pid4456.log hs_err_pid5308.log hs_err_pid5852.log
  7. I do not know what the correct 32-bit file is, both files are named "" hs_err_pid4208.log
  8. I used the file "" but it did not work, I opened the game with both files 32.bat and 64.bat the 32 worked and my system has it with 64 bits it is weird but I only opened the game until the menu, I try to create a game and it stays loaded. This is how the program looks. console.txt
  9. already probe deactivating the 3D models and the zoom, also try to open the program with the files that I spent using steam, but it did not work, it will be the lack of graphic card what is giving me problems hs_err_pid132.log
  10. try to open it with the 32 bist bat, and it turns out, by the way, to disable the textures X2 and colo that the compression of textures, try to create a game in sandbox mode but the game does not load the beginning it remains loading, it seems that it does not finish start the game. console.txt
  11. since the last stable version of the game with vehicles does not open the game, I recently updated the java but I think there is a problem of versions, this is the file of the problem, I hope to know what the solution is. hs_err_pid4384.log
  12. Eerie Country Beta

    The computers are of the base game found in the tiles of the tilezed program, but you must look for them and add them in the "building editor", I think they are next to those of the Ham radios.
  13. Eerie Country Beta

    New developments, currently with the release of the last beta IWBUMS was struggling with some problems regarding custom textures, for the moment the beta is stable enough to test my objects, there are still several new textures that I must try but this is already a new progress, thanks to you who are helping me to survive and to be able to dedicate time to the Eerie Country map, spiffo can not find as much love as you have to support me, greetings.
  14. I have added the real-time statistics server "Wasteland is" so players can review who are connected, do not forget to leave your ratings and comments.