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  1. Can't place furniture in Building Editor.

    look at the list that is on the right side if you see those are the overlapping layers of the building and you have selected the floor, you must use the layer of furniture above.
  2. M'aiq's Buildings / Custom tiles Thread.

    If it is possible to create a train tracks to connect with an elevated, I have long with the X1 textures, create the inclined path textures and configure them as ladders to connect them to highways, worked perfectly the problem is that they can only be configured as if they were normal stairs despite the fact that railroad tracks just work like any normal staircase, and they do not work to be able to raise a vehicle to another level on the map, I think the engine of the game is not yet configured to perform that animation.
  3. M'aiq's Buildings / Custom tiles Thread.

    This is amazing I love the level of detail in your work, the prison looks more realistic with those windows, it is good to see that there is great sense of aesthetics in your buildings, I really liked the first building with the apartments above and the business down feels very good to observe it, you should design a vertical ladder for access in case of fire, very good job congratulations.
  4. Eerie Country Beta

  5. Eerie Country Beta

    you have those textures in the same tilezed you just have to configure the walls so that the room looks like a metal frame and you place the tent texture, that texture is the basis of the game. then publish more reports of the "Institute for the control of epidemics in the State Eerie." giving more information on control points and their facilities.
  6. Eerie Country Beta

    for the moment I do not want to touch much the subject of custom textures, but maybe add bags for cadavers, in any case I'll try to make my post-apocalyptic environment more atmospheric with the tiles base of the game.
  7. Eerie Country Beta

    Institute for the control of epidemics in the State Eerie. All emergency checkpoints are ordered to purge all infected waste or cadavers that are processed at their facilities. The aim is to avoid the disposal of toxic waste that further disseminates infection among citizens.
  8. Eerie Country Beta

    hehe thank you, if that I plan to add some green areas but mostly are buildings I still have enough way to go I plan to make parking lots of different levels in different models to be able to place next to residential and office buildings.
  9. Eerie Country Beta

    @Legoland99 Great that good that the program has worked perfect I hope your buildings would be better to have them furnished since it would help me a lot with the work to dedicate myself to the details of the streets, by the way that style of buildings is what serves me for the map as it is a big city there are many buildings that I need.
  10. Gas 2 Go

    I only have a small request from someone insignificant with all the work they are doing. Military vehicles in build 39, with that is enough for me and would be vital for the zomboid environment. thanks for wanting to improve the feeling of driving and the way the vehicles appear, is a good contribution.
  11. 3x5 is the measurement that I use in my map for the parking lots, I test it with the beta of vehicles and I seemed quite satisfactory.
  12. Eerie Country Beta

    I use the metal frames, and put the texture of tents to give that effect of armed installation, and also use the roof of the trailers for the store where the soldiers are.
  13. Eerie Country Beta

    military checkpoint.
  14. Eerie Country Beta

    while I listen o "Relaxing Psychedelic Space Rock" I spend some time working in the big city, donations are accepted, spiffo will be eternally grateful.