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  1. Eerie Country Beta

    The computers are of the base game found in the tiles of the tilezed program, but you must look for them and add them in the "building editor", I think they are next to those of the Ham radios.
  2. Eerie Country Beta

    New developments, currently with the release of the last beta IWBUMS was struggling with some problems regarding custom textures, for the moment the beta is stable enough to test my objects, there are still several new textures that I must try but this is already a new progress, thanks to you who are helping me to survive and to be able to dedicate time to the Eerie Country map, spiffo can not find as much love as you have to support me, greetings.
  3. I have added the real-time statistics server "Wasteland is" so players can review who are connected, do not forget to leave your ratings and comments.
  4. A treasure is hidden in the server. Only the most adventurous will be able to find it.
  5. Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets

    thank you very much
  6. Latest TileZed, WorldEd, and Tilesets

    I am creating textures with personalized properties but I have noticed that there is a property that is not available in the options and it is an important one, which is used to link different tiles of a single object, I also realize that when creating a tree, I can not add the property of the amount of wood "trunks" that you should release when cutting it. You have to update this in the current version of the tilezed.
  7. We are waiting for you, safe areas in Muldra, Rosewood, West point. Soon in Eerie Country and in other areas.
  8. Be welcome to the new and dangerous territory, consider the wide variety of options that give us the exclusive mods of Mr. "Snake" that give a variety of options to survive, explore new locations and remember to make alliances in the apocalypse. The server contains the following mods: Mod ID: Eerie Country Mod ID: AliceSPack Mod ID: AmmoMaker Mod ID: Barco Abandonado Mod ID: CustomTTmod Mod ID: ExtraKnifes Mod ID: FastTalk Mod ID: GPSMod Mod ID: LeGourmetEvolutionPlus Mod ID: LHAR Mod ID: LobiiCity Mod ID: LootZetaExtreme Mod ID: MilitaryComplex Mod ID: Riverside Gunstore Mod ID: SkillsMag Mod ID: SpiffoSkills Mod ID: VisualsMod Mod ID: WPA Mod ID: Zmoney Map Folder: BarcoAbandonado Map Folder: Lobii City Map Folder: MilitaryComplex Map Folder: Riverside Gunstore
  9. SurvivorWarehouse.tbx (HIGHLY DETAILED)

    Hermoso trabajo
  10. How to add Vehicle Zones to your Map Mod

    It works, clean the residual files of my game and correct the code lua, probe and it has worked in a good way, thanks for your help.
  11. How to add Vehicle Zones to your Map Mod

    It looks like that, I really do not know if there is a problem with my map. here I will pass the complete mod in case so you can review it well. Mini mapa.rar
  12. More details on maps.

    I would only like to see more details in the maps that one finds in the course of the game if they have hidden places that have scored this well but I would like them to have more marks, something that you notice has been used several times and has history behind its details. It's just a small suggestion I came to see this image in the group of "Project Zomboid en Español".
  13. How to add Vehicle Zones to your Map Mod

    Apparently I am duplicating the parkingstall, perform the procedures but there must be something wrong with my test map. I will publish my documents here, I do not know if you can better detect my error. MiniMapa.pzw

    This is great that it's good to see your work and know that you'll keep publishing content, keep it up.