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  1. A week ago I requested the help of the zomboid community to raise funds for the medical expenses of my sister who had a very serious accident, thanks to the kindness of all those who have reached out to help me both financially and emotionally I made this video to thank them personally for all the love and kindness I have received. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S85VRJjG4DY My sister is getting better, she is very strong in spite of all the physical and emotional struggle she is going through right now, as her brother I will be helping her wit
  2. This guy is a genius, my proposal for a gas mask mod still stands. XD
  3. Great working tool but needs to be updated more frequently. I am currently using the steam tool, so I would like to know if they are going to update this program, I have come across some bugs that I do not understand if they are caused by the program or the game, it is necessary to update some tile sets because it has come out a bug with some base textures of the game. I know that these tools have not had so many changes but I think that already in the advanced versions that the game has, they should give a little love to the tools that we who create maps use.
  4. New public post with Eerie news for his followers. LinK: https://www.patreon.com/posts/invasion-of-34480572
  5. Can you add the shapes of the roofs, and the roof walls?
  6. hermoso trabajo, si en algo puedo ayudar contactarme.
  7. News of Eerie in Patreon. the link to the news is right here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/26974742
  8. Atoxwarrior

    Red Hand Gang

    wasteland server up, congratulations Vampel
  9. industrial protection suits are usually used in factories that work with special products or also with workers in the sewers, see a variety of antigas masks would be a dream come true ,. certainly something would be interesting to see firefighters with all the equipment to put out fires, inclyendo the masks and the oxygen tank surely several would be in the work of attending the fires in the villages when the chaos was unleashed.
  10. I have tried the configuration, and it seemed great to be able to work with this tool, it helps a lot to the detail of the terrain, I hope that this type of details will help a lot to other mappers, I hope to see much more of your work with this, you will help a lot, it would be great see more combinations certainly note a detail that only works for me in the layer of "vegetation" could be used in some other layer ?, also try to use the trees and to put the leaves only appeared more trunks, this is a failure or is only a test . I like your configuration without a doubt I will be waiting
  11. I will try the "Rules" I want to experience how the detailed terrain is handled with this configuration
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