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  1. Well at least it is possible to make a train only using tiles of the base game, this station will be in the residential area of Eerie Country the main city, I may be fucked but not defeated in continuing to build.
  2. This problem arises when the cell where they should appear does not work or does not exist, if it is a map mod there are surely problems with the point of appearance that is choosing.
  3. We will always remember it and its great legacy will never end.
  4. Would be great if in the future add the basements, be able to build large complexes and bunker underground, would be interesting
  5. I added my Patreon page to the post, if you want to support my work and my future projects will be of great help to be able to improve as a content creator, and so I could devote more effort to improve my equipment. Thank you all for your support and your comments.
  6. Thank you for noting my effort with the construction, you have to devise different ways to recreate certain constructions.
  7. Great things are under construction, good progress for the map, sorry for my delay in updating this post, things in my country Venezuela are not very good at the moment and I have several issues to worry about, error correction is in pause, but others Aspects of the map are progressing, plans continue at a good pace, thanks to 956Texas and Cyrrent Eiledoll, who are helping me with the map, their work is still under the shadow of the great Eerie project but I know they like the news that we have for you . That is all for the moment a greeting from the Venezuelan Andes.
  8. cheeki breeki!!!!
  9. A pretty practical idea.
  10. Another fellow Youtuber who is doing a series with the map, Thanks for the support.
  11. Debugging souls in the name of spiffo.
  12. I call it a work of art of zomboid architecture, it is a tower of culture, designed to take advantage of all the spaces.
  13. Imagine the life of the survivors of the game instead of screenshots, their lives taken through an image, some are no longer on the earth, others only prolong their end.
  14. Revolutionizing architecture in Eerie Country. The map has given me a lot of material to use the metalwork.
  15. A small series that is making a friend of the map, is in Spanish, in any case if they like can subscribe, a greeting community.