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  1. I can not give dates, or give estimate, the construction of a medium-sized house or a small building takes an approximate two and a half hours sometimes it takes four hours if I build it with several details, if one day I dedicate myself to detail The map can take several hours per cell depending on the amount of detail you need, several factors influence, and I only try to work on this map when I'm in good mood, I do it for the taste and the desire to have a map that If someone wants to help me with the work of this map, it will help me to build buildings, which consumes a good part of the progress, if someone wants to help me, I can contact him to assign him some work, I have 256 cells I have to detail and each area will have its particular design, currently I only have two villages finished, and I am currently working in the area of farms, I will update the post with my progress when this total Finally, I will upload it to steam, but in the meantime I will only release versions to test the progress of the map.
  2. Black gold, an ideal place to drop a Molotov cocktail.
  3. Black gold, an ideal place to drop a Molotov cocktail.
  4. Do not fall into the pit, there are sure to be zombies underwater.
  5. Sweet natural breeze in the morning.
  6. I am afraid to announce that the server will have an indefinite stop until further notice.
  7. I like the pixel art style that have the characters go ahead with this project looks promising.
  8. Working on the farms.
  9. I need some barns, stables and chicken coops. I do not know if you could help me with the construction of these for a rural area of the map Eerie Country would be much appreciated.
  10. I think I understand that you should make the tiles in size x2, the measurement is 128x256, and this same should be for models x1, I saw that when creating the texturepack comes an option to compress the tiles but I have not tried it yet .
  11. I try to generate an isometric image, but it stops responding, did I do something wrong?
  12. I try to generate an isometric image, but it stops responding, did I do something wrong?
  13. It is possible to make a radio station that transmits indefinitely in a loop. I want to make a station that transmits messages to a server but I need to transmit indefinitely and that the messages are transmitted randomly or in a loop. something like that. This is an emergency release, stay in the exclusion area, avoid contact with the infected, gather in the safe areas.
  14. Bridge sweet bridge.
  15. I am seeing the images of the Radcliff project, its constructions are beautiful works of design, I hope to see your works again for the community, thank you for inspiring my work.