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  1. Another fellow Youtuber who is doing a series with the map, Thanks for the support.
  2. Debugging souls in the name of spiffo.
  3. I call it a work of art of zomboid architecture, it is a tower of culture, designed to take advantage of all the spaces.
  4. Imagine the life of the survivors of the game instead of screenshots, their lives taken through an image, some are no longer on the earth, others only prolong their end.
  5. Revolutionizing architecture in Eerie Country. The map has given me a lot of material to use the metalwork.
  6. A small series that is making a friend of the map, is in Spanish, in any case if they like can subscribe, a greeting community.
  7. Thank you, your words of support fill me with enthusiasm.
  8. Thank you for such precious information
  9. Added the new rural area of the map Eerie C. Ready to download the beta, any bug reports or problems with the map send me the screenshot and detailed description of the problem, I have included a connection link with the base map, and I have added an image of the map so that it can be guided With respect to its location. Enjoy them and remember to visit the farm of the movie "Night of the living Dead", tell me your experience and enjoy the show.
  10. There is not the area to spawn the police vehicles, only the one that is used for fire engines, but I imagine that later they will add that new area to spawn official vehicles.
  11. If I only lack some good machine guns.
  12. Soon it will be ready the new beta version, it will be able to download I just have to correct some bug and polish some details. My vehicle is ready for the hordes.
  13. In the editor only create the new zones as if they were to search the same process to add these properties to the tilezed, but at the time of generating the file objects, you must separate the code in different files. Objects = rummage. ParkingStall = This is a copy of the objects, but with a different name. VehiclesZones = Will contain areas where vehicle types should appear. If I had a better internet, I would upload a file, but it is not possible at the moment.
  14. Tribute to George A. Romero, of the film Night of the living dead of 1990. Do not forget to share and leave your comment, I like the human interaction, Brains !!
  15. You have to create the zones for vehicles, just as you create the objects file to search you have to do the same process to create the ParkingStall and VehiclesZones files. ParkingStall BurntVehicles TrafficJam FarmVehicles SportVehicles NewVehicles GoodVehicles MediumVehicles BadVehicles SpecialVehicles FireParkingStall