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  1. Great work as always. Is there a fly up/down mode to change there floor your on? If so I couldn't see it and its a very useful feature. E.g when enabled up arrow on keyboard moves player position up one level each time pressed.
  2. Hicks

    In My Garage

    As always Kirrus you have missed the mark. I've not pinpointed any specific feature in my post, merely posted a reminder to regular (even small) updates as promised many months ago. Currrently servers can't even edit the spawnpoints or regions until the iwbums go public. More subtance needed less fluffy mondoids, especially ones that mimic 3 years ago - https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2014/06/march-to-1-0/
  3. Hicks

    In My Garage

    "This year we intend to keep the build release process fairly free-flowing, as opposed to leaving improvements on the brew in IWBUMS public beta for longer than is necessary." Jan 2017 Hope this is still in mind.
  4. Hicks

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Quick bug fix patch with armor and emptyacidbath plus bodybags would be good!
  5. @nolanri is the man who made it, maybe can help
  6. On Redboid I use this tool to manually backup each base, with the players submitting their cords to us http://undeniable.info/pz/MapAndCharacterBackupTool.php
  7. * hk91(7.62x51 version) - can't be modded (bugged) * glock20 - can't be repaired (bugged) * AI-AW.308 - can't be modded (bug) * H&K SL8 (5.56) - can't be modded, it's twin sister hk sl8 223 can be modded and works fine.
  8. Hicks


    This would be great for multiplayer.. perhaps interacting with the board brings up the cork board (like the new maps do) and it has the notes pinned to it.
  9. Also, we need a metal door frame and a metal door that can be crafted with a doorknob and key that is 3-4 times stronger than the carpentry one.
  10. A real quick and easy way to improve the metal work stuff would be to actually make it stronger than carpentry stuff. I did a load of tests, and in its current state its the same stats for a wooden walls/crate vs the metal ones. Currently the whole thing is very lacklustre, but I'm sure we will see it tweaked in future versions.
  11. There is one that works in conjunction with hydrocraft.
  12. There is a mod on the workshop that allows easy key/locking.
  13. Don't take any crepe from him.
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