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  1. Hey guys, been a crazy week of work. Got an interview with a major news source on Tuesday, so I've been pushed to overtime and working weekends. Anyhoot, tonight I have some time so I'll get a code base set up for both of your requests.
  2. Sure! I have a hefty deadline on a project at work currently, but I'll be sure to get some time within the next couple days to figure out what needs to be done and start on a code base for it. It actually seems straightforward. If anything gets done, I'll be sure to PM you with something.
  3. If anyone has tool requests, please post them in this thread. It'll at least give me (and anyone else who wants to make some tools) some push knowing a modder needs a tool.
  4. So, after a hectic work week, and now being on the bus back to NYC, I have gotten to a good point for releasing the tools. After much procrastination of actually getting better code, I decided to start up a repository for modding tools on Github. Look at the following post: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/12134-resource-modding-tools/ The mesh converter script is written in Python (works in Python2.7) I have only tested this in Ubuntu 14.04 so far, however it should work on all operating systems supporting Python2.7
  5. After some contemplation, I have decided to start up a Git repository for modding tools for Project Zomboid. These tools will serve to help expand modding (eventually), and give an organized repository for modders to start pursuing some more ambitious modding tasks. Right now, there's a rudimentary mesh converter in the repository. In the new year, there will at least be startings of other tools, as well as a more developed mesh converter (read notes in repo) https://github.com/cborsky/Project-Zomboid-Modding-Tools Eventually I'll get around to coding some of the tools in Java. Currently Python is the easiest to just get a flow going, and allow Windows, Mac, and Linux usage.
  6. I've been swamped with so much work these past 2 weeks. However, I have gotten back into writing some code. Wrote a simple Python parser, and have gotten to the point of converting the PZ Mesh data to .OBJ format. I will be working on converting OBJ to PZ Mesh and handling more advanced meshes along with creating material files for loading textures. Afterwards, I'll be making a Blender 3D import/export code, that way we can have a cross-system process for creating/editing PZ Models with free tools. Since most of my hours now are spent on free time, I'm going to dedicate a night to getting this code cleaned up and pushed out, then the Blender code written.
  7. Just wait for the pay-to-play servers to start coming out.
  8. I was leaning towards more of a "chance" shot, since PZ doesn't have much aiming other than XY (for the most part) For higher calibre bullets, it would damage a limb (which could be used for players rather than zombies) Ah, I see your point, and agree. Going forward in your post, it does seem to be a modding ideal, and not the actual vanilla PZ aim. Of course, but in Sandbox you can "advance" the game, i.e. 8 months after the apocalypse. In any case, it does seem like modding would be a better solution than having this in the official game. I see your point and agree with it. My view was more or less on when a rifle gets heated, it may prime and fire bullets after the trigger is released. Bayonets!
  9. Depends on the guns. Rifles are a heck of a lot easier to aim and have potential for serious damage. Pistols should be meant for close quarters within this game in any case, i.e. indoors. Yes, but they can also be shot in the legs (knee caps?) and become less effective. If bullets weren't only used for headshots, but for disabling zombies, it would make firearms more efficient at handling zombies (shoot at a horde, hit a couple in the legs with a high powered round, they become crawling zombies, or are slower) Well, there's more than just keeping them from jamming more often. Maintaining guns (adjusting sights, lubricating, etc) would give better accuracy, slightly quicker reload times, etc. It would provide more to firearms than just finding the ammo... One could assume after being unused, rotting away in a cabinet in the heat, firearms, weapons, and items would be subject to decay. Depends on the gun, depends on maintenance as well. Surely a bolt-action rifle or a shotgun will not overheat in this game, nor will most pistols, however if automatic rifles are implemented into the game, it would be a nice mechanic to have to limit players from spamming shots. If you're aiming for the head, undoubtedly it'll be hard. Again, disabling zombies... Addons were brought up for more variation to firearms, not necessarily for usefulness.
  10. What I see suppressors being used for in PZ: - Being able to have a different gunshot sound, for use in multiplayer it would change the sounds another player with a gun could make. In turn, it may be hard to figure out if it was a gunshot or just ambience. - Being cocky: "I got a silencer on my shotgun" - Adding variation, perhaps for role-play purposes (navy seal role play anyone?) All in all, this should be more or less an addon/mod for the game rather than being in the actual game.
  11. Muffled shots would do well for not attracting zombies from a longer distance. A pillow might help muffle a 9mm shot at most, which would alert zombies in a closer vicinity and at distances zombies would begin to wander in the direction. Silenced weapons, if added, should be special to suited areas (strict military grounds, perhaps with NPCs?), and should only be for weapons that make sense. In my opinion, varying firearms and ranged weapons should be added in before a silenced weapon could be added in. Perhaps a 9mm silenced pistol would be suitable enough later down the line? Edit: One use would be for multiplayer, where it would be harder to distinguish a muffled shot from ambience or a zombie at a distance?
  12. It is necessary to have "dinks" with bats. Instead of a thud, a dink would be a lot more satisfying.
  13. Throwing would be pretty neat. I have a couple ideas of how throwing could be accomplished. Pretty much just a dotted-line arch that would indicate where a thrown object is going (could be utilized with the charging animation?)
  14. Lol. so anyway they are in the game? Sorry, got a little bit carried off... Just turn your reloading difficulty to "Hardcore" in the options menu before starting/playing a game. Find/acquire a pistol, reload it, and look at your inventory. There should be a 9mm mag (no icon) right click on the mag to reload with bullets Reload the mag back into the gun when ready To rack guns (put a bullet into the chamber), hit "space" with the gun out Semi-automatic weapons need to only be racked once per clip (pistol, not sure about rifles) Shotguns need to be racked after each shot.
  15. Maybe to soothe aching legs...? Some people just like to watch the world burn...
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