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Found 15 results

  1. im currently planning on making a mod to add in military vehicles , and want to know , before i make models on anything , if there is a mod/way to make a tank act like a tank
  2. Hello everyone, So My wife bought me Project Zomboid a week ago and since I've been playing. Well Today I decided to try to mod in a feature which seams to be missing. What I want to do is be able to put dirty rags and bandages In a washer and dryer so you can wash them like you do dirty clothes. What I'm asking i guess is what files would be the ones to look out
  3. hello everyone, so my problem is that the game always crashes when i'm trying to start a new game but works when I launch the tutorial which made me discard the possibility of having drivers issues. I dont know what might be causing the crash, I hope someone can help me with this
  4. When you set the start time at "5 AM", you will start at 9 AM.
  5. When consolidating threads, it says "Pouring in". Also, threads weight the same no matter the weight, but it's still the case with some other items too, despite the recent changes
  6. Ever since the update that brought us this wereable stuff, all that was add by the update wont appear correctly in my menu, it all look like this...
  7. Hello again, I've compiled a short list of bugs, all of which persist since [41.37]. 1) When crafting food items, and add some components, then consume some of it and then add some more components, the values are added to the "pre-consumption" hunger values (same goes for the unhappiness value). Example: create a 40 hunger food item (i.e. fruit salad, etc) - consume half of it, results in 20 hunger food item - adding 10 more food component results in 50 hunger crafted item (instead of the "correct" 30 hunger value item) 2 ) Moving items between bags (i.e from the secondary bag to the backpack) makes you unable to move until the transfer is complete (if you were standing still). It works just fine if you were already moving when the transfer begun. 3) "Roasting pan" weighs more when it is empty (1.3) than when it is filled/cooked with food (1.2) 4) Trowel is not "belt-able" (like hand fork is) 5) Charcoal BBQ cannot be "turned-off" Vanilla GOG Galaxy, version 41.41
  8. In LINE 701: https://github.com/TheIndieStone/ProjectZomboidTranslations/commit/cf0d7ea2d8ad972c702edfe129799e62f52745f0 This will cause the context menu can't interact with the upper items. It's recommended that to use a different name or change how the context menu works.
  9. Something never rotten at raw won't be rotten even after cooked. That doesn't make sense.
  10. It will be no damage to anything if you turn off the engine but still can move on if your speed enough. This can be used to cross hordes at high speed without damage and stop your car immediately.
  11. The context menu works, but radial not.
  12. I remember suggesting it back before, probably in small suggestion thread, but with watches and jewlerries now wearable and bandages being visible on characters and zombies, would it be possible to make bandages be worn as a regular clothing, so they would have some weight and could be looted from dead bodies? This would ideally also allow to wear the bandages even if no wound is present – it could be handy for RP and multiplayer especially, but it would open options to wrapping parts of body for heat and/or protection later on or in mods.
  13. I would still like autodrinking to be disabled, as it takes fun from me micromanaging stuff, have no animation and breaks things from time to time and I also suggested that the amount of water being float sometimes causes trouble (I'd love if everything would be simple units, similar to farming when it comes to water), but currently, if you are thirsty and want to prepare dish from a container full of water that is in the container, character first drinks the water needed and then succeeds making dish, even if less than needed water is available afterwards.
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