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  1. American English and British English diverge on the meaning of the word fanny. In the US, it refers to bottom, like a fanny pack. In the UK, it's a vulgar word that refers to female anatomy. Fanny pack - Wikipedia Urban Dictionary: Fanny Fraser’s Phrases: Five Mild American Words The British Find Rude | Anglophenia | BBC America If ya ever set up a separate UK English version of the game, you may want to consider renaming the fanny pack to, say, a bum bag for them! Which is their inoffensive term for a fanny pack. In British English, fanny pack has a very different meaning.... Or to
  2. Having more ground aesthetics could be quite neat... especially if there was a passive chance of snake bites! Imagine the fun from snake bites If you walk around in the grass and don't keep it trimmed down, there's a very minor % chance a snake attacks!
  3. Howdy folks! Today's nomination for the map is... Louisville's Second Chances Wildlife Rehabilitation Center! Why, you ask? 1) This small building's earned itself a TV series on National Geographic & gone viral numerous times online. See http://secondchanceswildlife.org/about-us/video/ and https://www.natgeotv.com/asia/bandit-patrol/about 2) It's a small, cute building. 3) It also would make a decent base It has a pond in the back, ever since an aquascaper came in with 20 people and built a pond for Justin Beaver, a beaver at
  4. Devs, So with those "magical lunchboxes" that, no matter when you found them in the timeline, would have fresh sandwiches? This was a bug that was fixed, buuuuuut, maybe we could utilize that former bug to make dead mice & rats not always be rotten beyond day 7 or so? Pure food for thought. And food for my starving PZ character who is eyeing rats.... Perhaps it'd be plausible if we revived the magical lunchbox code for rats? Example: have rats spawn in garbage bags, and have garbage bags use the old Magical Lunchbox code. Or have a container found in cabinets called
  5. Perfect! Worked like a charm! Hilariously-enough, my problem was that I... didn't have a Tiles folder at -all-, which would explain a lot. Thanks for the hand! Now to futz around with some files I have on-hand and see who needs assistance....
  6. I'm a new modder - I'm attempting to get into mapmaking, or at least assisting with it. I loved building houses in the Sims, back in the day, so this seems up my alley. Hopefully this is a VERY simple thing to fix, fingers crossed. I've downloaded various map tiles from the worlds of the Internet, and what I think was the latest TileZed, but there are these red ??? where graphics are supposed to be. I picked up Any ideas? I'd greatly appreciate it!!
  7. Devs, 1. I noticed that the Kentucky History Museum is on Google Street View, so you can view all of the (public) interior sections online. It looks like there's tons of neat stuff you could add into the building! Perhaps it'd make good inspiration? https://www.google.com/maps/@38.1989497,-84.8746117,3a,75y,339.18h,88.59t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipMgEiUQVD2JdjX0D2P3EQhMGkukNcyBq_0XLAli!2e10!3e11!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipMgEiUQVD2JdjX0D2P3EQhMGkukNcyBq_0XLAli%3Dw203-h100-k-no-pi-0.21035251-ya62.306892-ro-0.6750908-fo100!7i7776!8i3888?hl=e
  8. Due to how jumping through windows onto surfaces works, the mannequins in the stonefront windows of the mall aren't accessible without sledgehammering their pedestals. The player jumps through the window and then automatically crouch-walks across the pedestal, glitching through the wall behind the mannequin and into the store behind it. Perhaps changing the pedestals from being coded like a table to being more like a sidewalk would work? I don't know how the code works. And it's a minor thing at the end of the day!
  9. Perhaps rephrasing this from "broken leg" to "NO leg" would be better? In other words, you hobble around on one leg and have to equip a cane just to move at a non-atrocious speed. Or a wheelchair.
  10. Jog as a Toggle, not a Hold-Down Please, please strongly consider making jog a toggle. Not just sprint, but also jog. If you're playing on a keyboard with mouse, it's nearly impossible to hold down a key while trying to move. Worse, due to the awkwardness of the fingers, it's hard to make tight movements - which is vital in the new build with the added zombie difficulty, and likely important if you're jogging! Are others experiencing this issue? I don't think I have fat fingers or any such, and I type quite quickly. But trying to find a key that I can hold while also using WA
  11. I disagree for the reasons @grammarsalad does. This seems like micro. I like PZ and I also like CDDA, but this seems farfetched for the layperson. I don't even like the micro of dirty clothes & turned it off. If this was a mod, though, having more reasons for high First Aid skill would be nice!
  12. Kentucky as a state is known for bourbon; Kentuckians claim bourbon as their own, usually citing Elijah Craig as their inspiration. Heaven Hills is based out of Louisville and has been since the 1910s, and they make many well-known brands of whisky (like Evan Williams, see others at https://www.heavenhill.com/history.php --- must be 21+ to view). So while Louisville might be a long ways' away, including the liquor manufacturing for the inevitable whisky companies in Louisville doesn't have to be! Perhaps for a longer-term feature, we could work on a distilling method for liquor, perha
  13. That makes sense @RingoD123! Perhaps putting the arrows a bit further back than 10 tiles? That seems somewhat soon... I suppose you guys will find out once you test out how quick you can react to the arrow based on how far it is! Or making it so the lane markers on the roads turn from a single dashed yellow (which in the US indicate "you can pass") to a double solid yellow earlier than the turn arrow? Double solid yellow lines prohibit passing, usually b/c you're approaching a sharp turn, an intersection, or a hill that'd block your vision of the other lane.
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