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  1. You know, I'm terrible at driving on roads too. I always feel the urge to drive at 70 MPH and forget that, just up ahead, there's a 90 degree turn. Maybe I'm a masochist by offering up this suggestion!
  2. tl;dr - weather effects currently present in the game also affect road quality, road safety, & the ability of a player to operate a vehicle safely; not only impaired vision from fog / thunderstorms, but also mucking up the operation of the vehicle itself (as tires/brakes can't handle mud/ice/snow well). Merging weather & vehicles / road safety would be awesome! Examples of hazards would be: Ice on concrete roads in late fall / early spring, when rainfall starts to freeze overnight & snow that's melted during the day freezes at night. Skidding on roads! I hope you're making your turns properly! Slip & slide all day every day, unless you're -really- careful and going -really- slow. Did you take speed demon? Oh boy, if your wheels spin out on you, you might be getting real close to Greene's. Heavy snowfall Limiting vehicles speeds, especially low-to-the-ground car speeds (like sedans). No snow plow service around town! Bonus points if snow also covers up cars' windshields & the like. Snow scraping time! Hopefully the zombies don't hear you de-icing the car.... Super-cold weather EDIT: per comments, winter tires to be able to move efficiently during the cold months? If it's notably cold for a few days (like in mid-winter in PZ) & a vehicle's low on gas, and the car hasn't been started for a few days, and the engine's old... you might have to find a friend to jump-start your car, because the gas lines (the route gas takes from the tank to your engine) froze from the cold & the engine won't start! Fun fact: while gas won't freeze itself, if your gas tank's pretty empty, water vapor builds up in it. That water vapor -can- freeze, and when it does, it makes your car unable to start. A week at a quarter-tank can screw you easy. Rain & mud on dirt roads / wilderness Did it rain recently, or is it raining right now? Time for some mud racing! All ideas are purely from living in suburban Chicago / rural Illinois for years & dealing with winter weather. What other ideas do you guys have for merging weather already in the game & vehicle operation together? Quick links: https://www.bellperformance.com/blog/how-to-thaw-frozen-gas-lines-in-a-car
  3. Darkmark8910

    More Traits/Perks/Professions?

    For more RP ideas... I do like this thread. Here's a few more ideas! Good Traits: Pyromaniac - gain a mood boost from setting things on fire, be it a cooking fire, building, or corpse pile. Bad Traits: Albino - when outdoors during the day, you burn heavily. You take damage over time, similar to how you take damage from having a generator on while indoors. You suffer blindness from bright sunlight without sunglasses or other eye protection. Less/no damage on dark, stormy days. Squeamish - when around zombie corpses, you become distracted and grossed out. Take a mood penalty when near too many corpses and/or bloodstains. Take a major mood hit from using melee weapons to hit zombies and from carrying corpses.
  4. Darkmark8910

    Community Vehicle Suggestions

    The Toyota Hilux. Why the Hilux, you ask? It's renowned as the #1 vehicle of rebels, militants, and other quasi-military units worldwide. They were more widely available in the US until the mid 90s, when import bans hit it hard (you used to be able to buy these without issue so long as they were an '89 model or older), but they're still a staple today worldwide in militias and guerilla forces. Image 1: A Toyota Hilux after Top Gear put it on the roof of a 20-story building about to be detonated by C4 (IT STILL DROVE) Image 2: Taliban Toyota Hilux Image 3: Old 1988 Toyota Hilux Image 4: a modified Hilux with treads instead of wheels in Iraq There's also the Toyota War, a war fought in Africa named after the Toyota pickup trucks from the late 80s (Wikipedia). It's beloved by many US army/marine veterans - to this day you can find them desperately seeking out Hiluxes in the US (SofRep). The Hilux was on Top Gear; the guys bought a Hilux with 190,000 miles on it for $1500 and did the following to it: crashed it into a tree submerged it entirely in the English Channel for 5 hours (it was on a pier, but the ropes snapped and it sank) dropped it from 10 feet dropped an RV on top of it from ~40 feet in the air drove it through a wooden shack hit it with a wrecking ball set it on fire for good measure; they threw a torch into the front driver seat and the cab put it on the roof of a ~20 story, 12,5000 ton concrete skyscraper, then detonated the building with C4 The Hilux STILL DROVE with NO SPARE PARTS - only a hammer, wrench, and WD-40 were required. Although admittedly, the RV dropping on the Toyota did jam the front left door. Image1: credit to Newsweek Image2: credit to Sgt Russell Gilchrest, US Army Image 3: random Google Image Image 4: credit to the Daily Mirror Links: Newsweek, Why Rebel Groups Love the Hilux: http://www.newsweek.com/why-rebel-groups-love-toyota-hilux-74195 SofRep, The Indestructible Toyota Hi-Lux is Finally Coming to America: https://sofrep.com/78215/indestructible-toyota-hi-lux-finally-coming-america/ The Toyota War: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_War Top Gear, Killing a Toyota Part 1 (8 minute video) -
  5. Darkmark8910

    Mod Request: Fireplace Mod

    Thanks Kim Jong Un! You're the best! ...I never thought I'd say that in my life. ANYWAY. Good post! Now to find something that lets players build them... or pick them up. HRM. EDIT FOR KIM: At the moment, moving isn't exactly an option; I'm playing the Opening Hours Mall challenge. I'm 2 months months in, and more-or-less confined to the second floor of the mall; I'm making progress on reclaiming the anchor store... it's slow-going. I'm definitely keeping the Country Club in mind for my next normal playthrough though!
  6. Darkmark8910

    Mod Request: Fireplace Mod

    Modders, I've spent an hour or so hunting for a building mod that includes the fireplace, but to no avail. I would love someone forever if a mod would include this texture and would retain its cooking ability! It's a beautiful model. The room it's lit in also warms up nice and cozy. You can find this fireplace at the Hunting Lodge (it's northwest of the movie theater, just north of a small cafe/restaurant). I'm not sure where, if anywhere, the fireplace appears in the game outside of here; it's rather unique I suppose! Edit: the fireplace doesn't include the stone walls behind it (those are separate).