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Found 7 results

  1. About us / О нас We're a well-known PvP server with a simple set of rules that's easy to follow. Server located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, so it's pretty comfortable to play from Russia and Eastern Europe. Мы - известный PvP-сервер с простыми правилами, их легко понять и им просто следовать. Сервер расположен в Санкт-Петербурге, играть из РФ и восточной европы будет комфортно. Discord: https://last-day.wargm.ru/discord (integrated with in-game 'all' chat channel) Website: https://last-day.wargm.ru/ How to connect / Как подключиться IP: Port: 16261 Or use this link: https://last-day.wargm.ru/connect Rules / Правила - EN - It is forbidden to: - Chat - Do not: 1. Troll or insult other players 2. Spam or advertise in any form 3. Abuse CAPS, smiles and emotes 4. Use provocative, insulting, indecent nicknames and profile pics 5. Inticing ethnic or religious hatred, IRL death threads 6. Post pornographic and other NSFW content 7. Abuse swearing 8. Political discussions 9. Impersonating another players or administration - General - Do not: Use, discuss or provoke to use bugs and cheats Restore your character from backups without administration agreement Infiltrate into other players claims, destroy objects inside other players claims (see rule 1) Steal cats from other players claims (see rule 1) - Non-PVP zone rules - Do not: Kill other players while have a claim inside Non-PVP zone Bring hordes of zombies to other players claims inside Non-PVP zone Steal, kill, vandalize other people's property inside Non-PVP zone or in nearby vicinity - RU - - Общение - Запрещено: Троллинг и оскорбления игроков в любой форме. Реклама и спам в любой форме. Злоупотребление использованием верхнего регистра, смайлов и реакций. Использование провокационных, оскорбительных, неприличных ников или аватаров. Разжигание межнациональной розни, угрозы расправой в реальной жизни, дискриминация по религиозному или другим признакам и пропаганда нацизма. Распространение порнографии и прочего NSFW контента. Злоупотребление нецензурной бранью запрещено (мат допустим в небольших количествах). Споры на политические темы. Выдавать себя за другого человека, в том числе за администрацию сервера. - Главное - Использование читов и багов игры. Обсуждение, распространение информации по их использованию, а также побуждение на это других. Использование бекапов без согласования с администрацией. Проникновение в чужие приваты, их повреждение кувалдой и прочим оружием. Угон транспорта из привата. - Правила PVE локаций - Запрещено: Активное PVP при имеющемся привате в PVE локации. Приводить зомби под приваты в PVE локации. Грабеж, убийства, порча имущества любым способом в PVE локациях. Кемперство на выходе из PVE локаций. FAQ / ЧаВо - EN - Last wipe: 26 Apr 2019 Next wipe: not scheduled. We generally don't like wipes and doing our best to not wipe the server more than required. Probably after the upcoming release of Project Zomboid. We don't know when it'll be exactly. NO zombification NO fire spreading Free PvP (except safezones, listed below) Safehouses You must survive for 5 in-game days to be able to claim a safehouse You can claim only pre-existing residential building You can't expand your claim's size Safehouse will fall if there are no members visit it for 10 consecutive IRL days 2 characters per steam account 1 day in-game = 1 IRL hour Loot respawns in 24 IRL hours, in empty containers only Abandoned locations will be reset in 21 IRL days if no one visits them Non-residential buildings (shops, warehouses, etc) could be reset without a warning Channel 'all' enabled and integrated with a discord Voice chat enabled - RU - Последний вайп: 26 Апр 2018 Следующий вайп: не запланирован. Скорее всего произойдет после выхода следующего обновления Project Zomboid, точная дата неизвестна. Зомбификации нет Распространения огня нет PvP свободный (кроме безопасных зон, список ниже) Приваты Чтобы занять дом нужно прожить 5 игровых дней Занять можно только уже существующее жилое здание Расширить размер привата нельзя (но можно надстроить этажи) Приват спадет если ни один из его членов не посетит его в течении 10 реальных дней 2 персонажа на 1 стим аккаунт Игровой день длится 1 час реального времени Лут обновляется каждые 24 часа в пустых контейнерах Заброшенные локации, которые никто не посещал в течении 21 реального дня, сбрасываются Нежилые здания (магазины, склады, итд) могут быть сброшены без предупреждения Глобальный чат включен и интегрирован с дискордом: сообщения из чата игры транслируются в дискорд и наоборот Голосовой чат также включен Safezones (where PvP disabled) / Безопасные (нейтральные) зоны March Ridge (10360x12620) Safezones inteded to be a place where you can set up a meeting with other players to trade and communicate safely. Нейтральные зоны задуманы как место, где можно встретиться с другими игроками, чтобы поторговать и пообщаться в безопасности.
  2. Hello, my charater has a problem to lose weight, its now 18 days with much of running, carrying, chopping, fighting and not eating much (of course only vegetables) and its still 105, not even 104.9. We are playing on a dedicted linux server, on the stable branch. Is there some entry in the console i have to watch if there is some progress at all? Or maybe any kind of debugging/inspection with the admin account? Just to get sure. If it only takes longer its fine, but i remember from a previous session that a change should be already visibile. Regards, Noctem
  3. Since RemouladeFull was given nutrition values in build 40.6, I noticed it's missing the "Packaged = TRUE" tag, which would make the nutritional values visible to anyone, as is the case with mayonnaise. Comparison of MayonnaiseFull (238) and RemouladeFull (280) in farming.txt, showing only the nutrition information.
  4. Full jars of mayo should remain fresh indefinitely. perishable at normal rate once opened and with effective refrigeration. Theres probably a few items like this. I think it would make mayo a high value early game hoarding item for lategame consumption with prepared sliced bread.
  5. seriously broccoli and cabbage, no onion, no salt, no pepper -10 boredom -10 happiness Salt should make it -2 boredom. pepper should make it +4. Onion should make it + 10. I don't care how expertly you slice those veggies its still bowl of raw vegetable matter. this suggestion is hard to apply globally but i think we can do it
  6. Heres one for you! One thing I despise is stir fry. Fill a pan with veggies and "cook" I can see that for roasted vegetables, but then theres no difference between stir fry and roasted veggies except for container. New concept: add Cooking Oil the same way as you use rice or pasta, except it goes into frying pans. This provides a small shot of calories for fat in a nonperishable way but still providing a reason to loot houses and stores ever further away for oil even after you have a farming community established. Personally, I'd go so far as to say cooking veggies in stir fry without oil should instantly burn, but thats just me. I think it would be cool!
  7. Just had an idea to bring the nutrition/hunger system one step closer from realism, as it would make it a "long-term" thing instead of the actual instant bonus/penalty. Right now it's like an invisible bar running down as time passes, and you fill it by eating stuff ; your "hungry" moodlet depends on your position on that bar, means if you're close to death and eat a huge meal you'll suddenly be all pumped up and fresh again. What about making it an average of the last X days (lets say 7 for the exemple) ? Lets say you have to eat 60 hunger points (arbitrary value, should probably be a bit less) each day, it's like the basis on which all the bonuses and penalties will be calculated. Then maths : If you eat 60 points each day for 7 days, you're at "100%", no penalty, no bonus, you're healthy. the day after, you have a food shortage, you only eat for 5 points. So that's 60*6+5= 365 ; 365/7 = 52.14 ; 52*(100/60) = 86.6 >You're at 86% of the ideal average nutrition level. You only find a bag of chips to eat for the whole next day, that's 15 points. 60*5+5+15=320 ; 320/7 = 45.7 ; 45*(100/60) = 75 >You're at 75% of the ideal average nutrition level. etc... Every time you pass under a 10% stage (90%, 80%, 70% etc...) your penalty gets worst. exemples : under 90%, exerted faster under 80%, exerted faster, strenght penalty under 70%, exerted faster+, strenght penalty under 60%, exerted faster+, strenght penalty+ under 50%, exerted faster++, strenght penalty++ under 40%, exerted faster+++, strenght penalty++ under 30% exerted faster +++, strenght penalty+++ under 20% exerted faster ++++, strenght penalty ++++ under 10% exerted faster +++++, strenght penalty+++++ 0% ...... dead (which means you'd have to eat nothing at all for 7 straight days to die of starvation, in that exemple) Maybe even a health penalty, since we're weaker to face injuries & sickness when we're starving. It could be actually cool if your health % was the same as your nutrition/hunger average %. On the other hand, if you're lucky enough to eat at your fill or even more : You get "mood" and health bonuses when you go above 110%, 120%, 130% etc... in that case, even a slight strenght bonus might actually make sense compared to the actual insta strenght boost you have for a few hours just after you ate. But very subtle, not above +2 "carry unit" & slight damage boost at the maximum bonus. But I think I'd still personally prefer no strenght bonus at all, I don't know... because that would be an actually well deserved bonus. Also, the lower your nutrition average is, the more depressed you are, also gets some moar sadness penalty if you eat under 50% of the daily amount of food you need (60 in the exemple)
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