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  1. when it comes to things getting boring, that's where Sandbox mode comes in to try new ways to challenge yourself. have you tried playing with a very high pop of sprinter zombies, all loot extremely rare and never staying in one house/base longer than a week using ALL and ONLY bad traits? that's a fun challenge. i good-naturedly dare you to survive even 3 months. if you accept, record yourself for proof that you can do it and share the link.
  2. what does " Sadist Movie Director aka The Governor" mean, exactly? it sounds like that means once NPCs are added, it can be like the Sims, where you watch how they live (or die) except in a zombie setting
  3. somewhere in west point, i think. forgotten exactly
  4. the bathroom door opens and a wall appears. can still walk through it. the first image shows the door OPENED, not closed
  5. too late, my character got hungry while i was waiting for a response. will check how the next ice cream does
  6. this is a bug, right? fresh ice cream should INCREASE happiness, not decrease it
  7. first i saw a zombie banging on a door while being away from the door. a bit later i see a zombie seeming to float in the air. a few minutes after that, the game made my entire computer freeze and i had to force-shut down and restart.
  8. when bandages get dirty, how about an option "replace dirty bandages with..." instead of having to remove them and then add fresh ones as 2 separate steps?
  9. I see a zombie trying to break down a door with its body through it. i kill the zombie and open the door. i then see this (see image)
  10. there's a way to alphabetize items in inventory and in order by category. can it be made so that weapons can be listed in order of most damage to least?
  11. you could edit the Lua file so they appear less often
  12. it always happens. just tried again and this time the buttons appeared but when i clicked "quit" they disappeared and the PZ logo stayed. this time i pressed escape and could resume gameplay but tried again and the buttons were still gone. i am using Necroforge, Cheat Menu mods
  13. i found a safe place in a building to read a skill book but i hear a zombie a few floors down. reading the book is taking so long
  14. first of all, i can't use both my hands and so i use a gaming mouse, which 7 customizable buttons. 4 are for movement, 1 for crouch, 1 for Interact and 1 for run now, i really dislike that i have to use spacebar to stomp, especially when i have to quickly go back to using the mouse. please let there be an option to let the "E/Interact" key stomp zombies below our feet. also, the aiming: i often miss because i have to get close to the head and when i have to react quick to other zombies, it's quite annoying. sure it's more realistic but i bet there are real people who could stomp lik
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