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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I did post about this bug and provided a 'fix' here: https://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/dvolm4/unofficial_fix_for_painting_walls_in_iwbums/ but I suppose I shouldn't expect you to see everything posted on reddit, or it's probably more likely that this isn't a priority at all. As said in the reddit post, painting walls is totally broken, painting symbols on walls does work however. It'll just error at you. Steps to reproduce: 1) Get Paint 2) Get Paint Brush 3) Try to paint either player constructed wall or standard house wall 4) Realize it's fucked
  2. I noticed that whenever you fish with a spear, once it breaks it remains in your off-hand until you equip something else in it. And so, to avoid this bug, I equipped a spear in ONE hand. Once I tried fishing that way, however, my character acted like he was holding an ordinary fishing rod. It was odd at first, until it opened up the error menu (or whatever F11 is in Debug Mode). Then once I closed it, my character was frozen in place, just holding his spear like it was a fishing rod. I couldn't move, couldn't even budge an inch. Only thing I COULD do was turn around. To fix this, I equipped my spear in BOTH hands and started fishing again. He was still stuck, but the bar over his head appeared, indicating he was still, technically, fishing. Once the bar filled, his animation reset, and he was good as new! console.txt
  3. hello, i was wondering if anyone else has their game crash when trying to sleep (dont know if it is related but i am playing the kingsmouth challenge map and my char has 2 sleep related traits Wakeful and Night Owl) logs_16-11.rar
  4. Project Zomboid Survivor Tales Chapter 2 Part 1 Tyler Daniels Tale Tyler Daniels is a city boy from New York who moved to Riverside KY to get away from the loud crowded city to the peaceful and quiet countryside of rural KY. Little did he know he would be moving to the place where the Sickness that would kill millions and end the world would be sprouting up out of nowhere making him and everyone else in the surrounding towns of rural KY quarantine subjects trapped within the exclusion zone with flesh eating monsters that used to be his neighbors and friends. If you guys enjoyed please leave a like and snipe that like button thank you! My FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Sniperman1109/ Link to the game:https://store.steampowered.com/app/108600/Project_Zomboid/
  5. Cheat Menu V2.8 As all of the other cheat menu mods that do this kind of thing are horribly outdated, I decided to have a shot at making my own. All of the features are toggleable and can be turned off/on at any time however many times you want. These are also compatible with any existing saves. It will also work on multiplayer, but it will only show up and function for server admins (meaning it is safe for multiplayer) I will try to help the best that I can with any issues you may have, and I am open to any suggestions with two exceptions explained later below. To use this mod, right click anywhere and hover over the "Cheat Menu" context menu. These are 100% safe, and do not make any permanent changes to your save. The enabled/disabled states of the following cheats persist between loads: God Mode, Ghost Mode. Like all cheats in this mod, they do not permanently alter your save and are safe to use. Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=499795221 Google Drive Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4TTdnrg9gSLNDNqLURLY0JkaXc Dropbox Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gre40duo1mkzbyu/AABeoOsePBsP2Ni0GCWNN9VTa?dl=0 Note: PZ-Mods page is now deprecated. Features: God mode - You are invincible. (Falls can still kill you) Vehicle Menu - Spawn vehicles, edit every part, travel at insane speeds, make your vehicle invincible and more. Creative mode - Build menu is always available, all things cost nothing to build and build instantly. Delete Mode - When toggled, press X to delete the object your mouse is over. Useful for building! Item Spawner - Integrates my CrucibleUI mod, a work in progress item spawner. It grabs its item definitions from the game's script manager, so it's automatically compatible with mods such as Hydrocraft! Lua Interpreter - Fully kitted with a UI, export/import, and safety features! Delete Mode (Terraform Mode) - When toggled, press X to replace the tile underneath your mouse with the one you specified. Supports most vanilla tiles for placing (feel free to reply/comment if there is one that's missing) Barricade Mode - When toggled, press Z to barricade the object below your mouse to a specific level. Also supports metal barricades. Infinite ammo - Your gun always has a full magazine. Refill Ammo - Refills your weapon. No Delay Between Shots - Makes your shotgun as fast as a pistol, and your pistol as fast as an assault rifle. Noclip - Allows you to walk through objects. Learn All Recipes - Teaches your character all recipes. Works for recipes added by mods as well! Set Skill Level - Levels up all or individual skills. Infinite stats - It allows you to separately toggle things like no thirst, no panic, etc. There's also an option to toggle all of them. Ghost mode - You run fast and you are invisible. Heal - Heals your character. Infinite carryweight - Gives you infinite carryweight. Fly Mode - Allows you to fly. Press the Up arrow to go up and the Down arrow to go down. Zombie brush - When toggled, click to create the selected number of zombies. Melee insta-kill - All melee weapons 1-hit zombies, doors, trees, things you built, etc. Repair weapon - Repairs the currently equipped weapon. Instant Crafting - Everything in the crafting menu can be crafted with no ingredients, and will be completed instantly. Infinite weapon durability - Your equipped weapon always has maximum durability and can't be damaged. Instant Actions - Every action, such as building, will now be completed instantly. Time warp - You can change the time. Supports years, months, days, and AM/PM. Fire Brush - When toggled, press N to ignite and F to extinguish. Teleport & GPS Menu - Set custom locations that save, and either mark or teleport to one of them or the many presets! Change Weather - You can change the weather. (Only works on Build 39 and below.) Known issues: No delay between shots isn't as fast as, say, a machine gun yet. According to player reports, it does not work for all players in splitscreen. It does not show up for non-server admins. This is intentional. To do: - Add a tree spawning brush - Add various brush-sizes How to install: For singleplayer, click here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1395-how-to-install-uninstall-mods/ For servers, there are a few steps. This works for all mods in general: Step 1: Install the mod normally, like you would for singleplayer. Step 2: In the mod of choice's mod folder (in this case, Cheat Menu) open up the file named "mod.info" with a notepad program. There should be a line that looks like "id=modIDhere." In this case, it would look like "id=cheatmenu." Remember the ID, as you're going to need it later. Step 3: Open up servertest.ini in your server's folder and in the "Mods=" line add the mod ID (Which, in Cheat Menu's case, is "cheatmenu") to make it look like this: Mods=cheatmenu Save it, and you're done. However, from what I've read every player on the server must have the mods you specified in the "Mods=" line installed, so I recommend this only for private servers. If you want two or more mods available on your server, you separate the mod ID's with a semicolon like this(in no particular order): Mods=cheatmenu;somemodID I believe they are also case sensitive, so be sure to type them in exactly as they appear in the mod.info file. Things this mod will not do: Compatibility with multiplayer, for non server admins. Cheating in singleplayer or a private server can be fun as hell, but most non-server admins who would want to use this on a public server are griefers who ruin peoples experiences. Keep in mind this DOES work for server admins on a server that has this mod installed. Changelog: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Anyways, with that out of the way, please report below if anything is broken. As I've said earlier, feel free to request any features or leave suggestions (with the exceptions above) and if you're having problems with this mod let me know in the comments and I'll do the best I can. And please, if you notice even the tiniest bug in this mod, please report it to me. I want to make this a very convenient, hassle free, and stable mod. Every bug report helps! Recommended mods: Mind Mod. Not only is this pretty useful (unlock doors/windows, repair windows, teleport, etc), but it was the core inspiration for this mod. Necro Forge. Incredibly useful item spawner, with some additional cheat functions thrown in. Credits: Acecool, for overhauling the Compass Menu (now known as Teleport & GPS Menu) Slok, for overhauling Prevent Death. Robomatt for his modding tutorials and wisdom. Mind Mod, for which I wouldn't have learned to mod Project Zomboid if it never existed. Ra1n1s from pz-mods, for taking the time to test my mod and report any bugs. Grazziani from TIS forums, for finding the solution to long distance teleportation issues. Blindcoder, for Tiny AVC. The Indie Stone Forums and PZ-Mods community, who have provided help, reported bugs, and gave suggestions. If it wasn't for you guys, this mod never would've happened.
  6. This might be already on the dev's to-do list, but I thought it would be good to put it here in-case it isn't yet. It'd be really great to actually have our characters to visibly use the furniture they sleep and rest with. What brought this idea on for me is that I noticed that I could sit on the floor and read my book at the same time, effectively resting and reading at the same time. I know that just sitting on the ground isn't as effective as resting with furniture, so it'd be great if we had sit/lay down options with them instead so we aren't just awkwardly standing next to our beds and chairs.
  7. Zombie groans and screams and also the sound of jogging/sprinting plays out at normal volume whilst everything else is subdued noise. Edited as I had put deaf instead of hard of hearing
  8. This is my feedback for build 41 so far. Character movement is super clunky and makes the game exponentially more difficult. It feels like I'm playing surgeon simulator while trying to survive the apocalypse. Having to actually rotate to make a move or fend off a zed has ruined the game for me now. I think having the old movement system with the new anims would be best. I understand it might look kinda weird but there needs to be a balance between realism and fun. It has turned any zed behind a door or corner in close quarters into a death sentence. I don't like how making a 180 degree turn can't be done on 1 square. I used to be able to engage a zombie and do a quick 360 to check my back and see if I was being flanked, this is now nearly impossible, and I don't like this. Having to target the head when zeds are down is also frustrating, but I think I can get used to this. However, I think there needs to be more leeway because aiming at that small of a target is pretty difficult and also makes zombie encounters just so much more difficult. I do like the balance of stepping on the head being more deadly, though. I understand you guys are probably trying to make it more difficult or realistic, but I've never experienced this level of frustration with a game that I've loved. It seems you've turned the gameplay from survival being probable to impossible. I'm going to continue to play for a few more hours to see if I can see where you're coming from, but I don't think I'll be able to get over the new character handling. Also, I've found a bug. If your character dies and you go back to the main menu then click continue, sometimes it spawns an invisible character in your last house that makes the game crash if you try to perform an action. I think clicking load has the same effect. I'm playing with a controller, I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I will attempt to recreate this and upload my console log. edit - Looting is also clunky. When there are multiple containers that can be looted and you try to grab something from one you're not standing directly in front of it forces your character to reposition to the front of that container, this makes all the containers in the UI get rearranged, and I lose the shit I had my eye on. It makes sense to me, in a game world, if you can see the shit inside a container that's a square away, you should be able to loot it from where you're standing. If you want to stick to this mad realism, you could make the character lean in the direction of the container, this would alleviate the character having to move directly in front of it, and would stop the UI from disappearing.
  9. Hi Indie Stone! Great work on pushing out a new update! I'll be playing it for the next while, hopefully have some more bugs to keep you all busy :). I really like how now I can replace my starting schoolbag with say a dufflebag I found, however when I do so I naturally assume the game is smart enough to know this also means I want to transfer all items. Can you please make the game smart enough to know? Thank you for reading.
  10. I think that was a hot fix?)) Now on Mac OS game works stably. Big tnx to Support Team. But there are still a lot of bugs in the game. Especially with clothing textures.
  11. Here I want to share my opinion why spears are too OP (at least for low levels) and how I think it could be fixed. Introduction. First of all I want to say THANK YOU DEVS! You managed to turn one of the best survival game to THE BEST survival game ever ! And it is not really about animations itself but about realism and difficulty. No more superhero style gameplay. My favorite part is a variety of weapons. Apart from openly “funny” weapons like violins and saxophone, I see how everybody finds their own favorite thing to kill with. Somebody uses a hand axe; the other one says a police baton is the best and so on. Long and short ranges, one weapon is damaging, another is fast, some of them stun zombies, some do everything but they are extremely rare and can’t be repaired (hi to katana ). In other words BALANCE and MEGA VIRIETY. Almost… Why I do think spears are OP. And my suggestions how it could be solved. 1) They are easy to get. As soon as u found a kitchen knife or a hunting knife making a spear is a question of couple minutes. Wooden planks are everywhere in cities, branches are everywhere in woods. And furthermore one can make them in a great amount! It’s basically like pre-41 build knives: with 10 butter knives in your inventory you can clear the whole neighborhood. How I think these issues could be solved. First method is to make them harder to get. For example you also need an axe to make it. It’s also closer to realism since I hardly can imagine how you make a spear from a whole plank only with a knife in adequate amount of time. The second way (or as additional to the first) is to lower the durability of a spear. Now one spear is enough to kill more than 10 zombies. In my opinion the number should be much lower (5-6). Another way is very straight forward. Just get rid of the “empty” spears (without knives/forks and so on on the end). It wouldn’t be so much against common sense as well, one can hardly use a self-sharpened end of a mere stick to kill with it in one hit. Additionally I would like to suggest regarding making spears with knives (and other things) is to use a rope but not duct tape (I am not sure how it’s called in the English version). And ropes should be quite rare. Or for example the player might still use a tape instead of a rope but the durability of the spear would be lower in this case (2/3 or 1/2 of the usual for instance). 2) The spears are very long range weapon. Because of this it’s also one of the safest type of a weapon in the game in my opinion. And you know… I’m fine with it! It should be spear’s feature. It’s main advantage among hundreds (ok maybe tens but I hope one day hundreds ) of other kinds of weapons! 3) Player with a spear killing zombies with one hit on the low spear skill levels. Maybe not every hit but definitely every third or fourth. It is already too OP. That is the main core problem. Already some PZ streamers that I watch begin to figure it out (after their audience in comments shouting about new spear “wunderwaffe”) and now instead of constant search for more effective weapon in countless wardrobes and warehouses (as I suppose is one of main game ideas), the first thing they do is making spears (already during the first game day). Because spears are basically new knives. Spears’ chance of one hit death should be drastically decreased. Again, I am not talking about high levels! I think it’s more than fair then “old and experienced” character with a high level spear skill destroys zombies with 70-85% (!) chance of one hit kill (that actually should apply to almost every type of weapon at the maximum skill, I suppose). But come on! A beginner with a hunting knife spear is pretty much a killing machine. I sure this is a main problem developers wanted to get rid of. That is all! Love new difficulty, new fear of zombie groups, new AWSOME weapons, new crazy variety of clothes, new realism and bond between player and the character. Please, do not think that I am against spears. They definitely should be one of the main weapons of the late game. They just should not push other awesome weapons out of the game! At the very end here my suggestion about adding to the game a very rare (!) zombie with a spear stuck in its body, I think it would be cool! What do you think?
  12. In game if you exit the game with your female characters hair untied and the join the game again you can untie the hair from her head rendering her bald
  13. i've come across 2 bugs so far. zombies disappear when killed and just now all sound, including music suddenly cut off. now all i hear is silence and its unnerving
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